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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #52

Welcome to the 2014 Magnetic Bat Moon Edition of the Noos-letter

[Bat]Welcome to the Red Solar Moon Year! 

I pulse in order to purify
Realizing flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the solar tone of intention
I am guided by the power of life force.

This year marks the second year of a 4-year process of holographic alignment (2013-2017) as we are crossing the bridge of the 3D model of duality into the 5D paradigm of unity consciousness and galactic perception.

This year we are offered the opportunity of supreme solar healing. It is time to heal the core of the earth story and enter fully into galactic culture. Galactic Culture is the culture of wholeness; the culture of light. It is based on the principles of Love, Art, Time and Synchronicity. It is a planetary revolution that begins within. 

Yellow Galactic Seed (26 July, 2013) marked Ground Zero commencing a new galactic beam and new 104,000-year galactic spiral density wave. This new beam is a high energy plasma frequency beam. It is telepathically loaded with a new knowledge base for our planet and has been synchronized to the psi field of the Earth and to Earth’s resonant frequency. This beam is focalized through our Sun like a holographic radio program that is pulsed through its sunspot cycles.

This Red Solar Moon year is our year to break the "prison of the moon". In the Regina prophecy of Mexico, as told by Antonio Velasco Piña,  Regina is given the knowledge of false time and the prison of the moon from her Tibetan lama teacher:

"You have progressed very much in the understanding of all kinds of beings, but until now you have treated human beings very little. When you know them, you will realize that the chars that impulse their actions are almost always illusory. Men and women suffer and rejoice, work and have fun, love and hate, imposed by a completely deformed vision of reality. Humankind is living as a prisoner in the jail of illusion/dream, and one of their favorite dreams is precisely to believe they are free. 

What originates this?" said the lama pointing with his index finger to the heavens as he empathically affirmed: "the Moon."

In the annual fifth force oracle, the Red Solar Moon corresponds with galactic/karmic Mercury and brings the supreme power of purification with the healing power of Universal Water of compassion. Purification is the source and healing power of love.To receive the full energy of this new beam we must Almanac CoverPURIFY AND RECONNECT WITH OUR ESSENCE, and then stabilize that connection. Purify your body. Purify your mind. Purify your emotions.

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Magnetic Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar]

Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Magnetic Moon - Red Solar Moon Year

Since it's the beginning of a New Year let's start with some 13:20 / 13:28 fundamentals!

The 365-day and 260-day cycles form the basis of the 13 Moon calendar. Remembering this helps familiarize you with the multiple rhythms and patterns that pace the year.

Furthermore, the new Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity is arranged in such a way that all of the codes that fall within or are governed by the 260-day cycle and 365-day cycle are in their own "zones" of the daily readout. So that every day you can glance and see what is happening within each cycle.

[Harmonics graphic]
Sample Almanac page showing 365-day and 260-day cycle codes highlighted.

260-day Cycle

This cycle is known as the galactic spin, or Tzolkin cycle. Two-hundred sixty days is a close average to the human gestation cycle of "9 months" and is also a fractal of the larger galactic 26,000-year cycle - which itself is a quarter of the 104,000-year Arcturus Great cycle. (More about these larger cycles can be read here: Galactic Spiral Density Wave).

The 260-day cycle consists of many sub-cycles, each of which follow the same color pattern: red, white, blue and yellow (+ green when there is a fifth element). 

4-day cycle: Harmonic. There are 65 Harmonics in total. (4 x 65 = 260). Each harmonic begins on a red solar seal day and ends on a yellow solar seal day. Each harmonic has a unique code and is also coded by one of 64 Codons and UR Runes (with the exception of the 33rd Harmonic, which is the Central Mystic "Void" harmonic). Learn more.

[Harmonics graphic]

5-day cycle: Chromatic. (52 Chromatics make one Tzolkin - 5 x 52 = 260) In the 260-day Tzolkin there are two primary types of Chromatics: The Wisdom Chromatics and the Clan Chromatics.

Wisdom Chromatics always begin on a Cardinal Family day (Red Dragon, White Worldbridger, Blue Monkey or Yellow Warrior) and end on a Polar Family day (Red Serpent, White Dog, Blue Eagle or Yellow Sun). They always start and end on the same color. So if one starts with Red Dragon it will end with Red Serpent, and so on.

Clan Chromatics are slightly different and follow the pattern of the 20 seals as they appear on your 20 fingers and toes. The beginning is always on a Polar Family day, and the fifth day is always on a Gateway Family day (Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm or Yellow Seed). Just like the Wisdom Chromatics, all Clan Chromatics start and end on the same color. So a yellow clan chromatic will begin on Yellow Sun and end on Yellow Seed.

[Chromatics graphic]

13-day cycle: Wavespell. 20 Wavespells in total (13 x 20 = 260). Similar to the Chromatics in that they always start and end on the same color and always follow the pattern of red, white, blue and yellow. That is, a red wavespell will always be followed by a white wavespell, which will be followed by a blue wavespell, followed by a yellow wavespell which will again be followed by a red wavespell - and so on.

[Wavespell graphic]

20-day cycle: Harmonic Run. This is called a Harmonic Run because it is a full vertical "run" of five Harmonics from top to bottom of the Tzolkin - always starting on a Red Dragon day (Solar Seal code number 1).

Harmonics run

52-day cycle: Castle. The Tzolkin is made up of five castles (52 x 5 = 260):

1. The Red Eastern Castle of Turning
2. The White Northern Castle of Crossing
3. The Blue Western Castle of Burning
4. The Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
5. The Green Central Castle of Enchantment

Whenever it is a red solar seal, with the Magnetic tone (tone 1)  it is the start of a new castle. Each castle consists of exactly 4 wavespells of each of the four colors: One red wavespell, white wavespell, blue wavespell and yellow wavespell (13 x 4 = 52).

[5 Castles graphic][5 Castles graphic]

65-day Galactic Seasons or Spectra. Just as there are four earhtly seasons there are also four galactic seasons, though fourth/fifth-dimensional in scope. (65 x 4 = 260).

Every galactic season starts when it is the Electric Tone on a Polar Kin day (i.e. Red Electric Serpent, White Electric Dog, Blue Electric Eagle and Yellow Electric Sun).

There are several other cycles within the Tzolkin that appear within the 520-day Wisdom Cycles. You can learn more about that in the free downloadable Master Synchronic Code Book.

[4 Seasons graphic]

365-day Cycle

The cycle of the solar year; the time it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun once. Of course every 4 years there is a leap day (observed in the 260-day cycle as no galactic signature but as the 0.0.Hunab Ku).

The 365-day Cycle has several coded cycles within it as well:

The 5-day Overtone Chromatic. 73 Overtone Chromatics every year (5 x 73 = 365). This type of Chromatic always begins on a Gateway Family day and ends on a Signal Family day. Learn more about this cycle in the Complete Guide to the Rinri Project. Every four Overtone Chromatics starts a new 20-day cycle called Vinal. See also "Vinal" below.

The 7-day Heptad (week). Always starts on Dali days and ends on Silio days. The heptad is how the 13 Moon calendar encodes the 7 chakras, the seven radial plasmas (Dali, Seli, Gamma, Kali, Alpha, Limi and Silio), the seven heptad gates of the holomind perceiver and the six (+1) mental spheres.

[7-day Heptad graphic]

(You might notice that each year the days of the Gregorian calendar shift with respect to the 13 Moon calendar. That is, last year Dali was always on a Gregorian Friday. But this year Dali is always on a Saturday. This is because 365 days is exactly 52 weeks PLUS 1 day. Since the 13 Moon calendar observes the +1 day as the Day out of Time, its week days don't shift. That is, Dali will always be days 1, 8, 15, and 22 of the Moon. Conversely the 12-month calendar does not observe a +1 day, so the weekdays are always shifting. For instance, July 26 of 2013 was a Friday but July 26 of 2014 is a Saturday…)

The 20-day Vinal Cycle. Each year begins on a Gateway Earth Family day: Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm or Yellow Seed. Every 20 days, the daily kin Seal will be the same as the Seal that started the year.

Of course this Red Solar Moon Year begins on a Red Moon day. This means that on each Red Moon day this year, a new Vinal Cycle begins. Each Vinal has a meditation. See the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity or page 17 in the Master Synchronic Code Book.

[Vinals graphic]

The 28-day Moon. Four weeks of exactly 7 days each: Red, white, blue and yellow week.

Within the 28-day Moon is the cycle of the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark. See the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac or page 29 of the free downloadable Master Synchronic Code Book.

The 48-day Hexameride of the Octave Cycle: This cycle is for activating the 48 UR Harmonic Runes of the Second Creation. Learn more.

[Hexameride of the Octave graphic]

The 364-day Psi Chrono Unit cycle. Each day of the year (except for the Day out of Time) has a Psi Chrono Unit coded by one of the 260-kin of the Tzolkin. Each galactic activation portal kin is assigned three days of the year to be activated. You can study how this sequence moves here.

Psi bank graphic

These are just the fundamental cycles which are shown in the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity - there are more that can be learned bit by bit as you explore the various articles, books and kits available on

Congratulations! You're well on your way to galactic graduation!

Heptad Path Codes for the Magnetic Moon

Week 1 - Initiate
Heptad 1: Being evolves Sex
(Dali 1 - Silio 7 / 26 July - 1 August)

Week 2 - Refine
Heptad 2: Being evolves Death
(Dali 8 - Silio 14 / 2-8 August)

Week 3 - Transform
Heptad 3: Being evolves Knowledge
(Dali 15 - Silio 21 / 9-15 August)

Week 4 - Ripen
Heptad 4: Sex awakens Knowledge
(Dali 22 - Silio 28 / 16-22 August)

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