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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #8

Welcome to the Solar Jaguar Moon of the Noos-letter

Welcome to the Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention of the Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time! This is the ninth moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell, holding the power of Solar Intention: the capacity to focus our mind on one specific goal and, without hesitation, to realize that goal – like the sun launching a solar flare. Nothing impedes this direct transmission of solar energy. When it reaches an electromagnetic field, such as that of our Earth, its impact creates a magnetic shock wave releasing its plasmic load in Earth’s radiation belts, charging the auroras, finally to be conducted through the tail of the magnetosphere to dissipate into interplanetary space. This is a general picture of great importance to us now.

This image of the solar flare is amplified by understanding the wavespell cosmology. In the pulsar geometry, the ninth tone represents the second or Solar Tower of the fourth-dimensional time pulsar: tones 1-5-9-13. While tones one and thirteen represent the gates of the Wavespell, the fifth and the ninth tone represent the towers. These are the two major articulations of the Wavespell. The Solar Tower takes the energy of the eighth Galactic Tone, compresses it into the Solar Tower and then directs it upward through the next three chambers: Planetary, Spectral and Crystal. Note: the solar energy first reaches the Planetary chamber, just like the solar flare reaching Earth’s electromagnetic field.

On Galactic Moon 11, Kin 55 (February 17) worldwide news stories reported a major solar flare (generated by sun spot 1158) about to hit the Earth. Based on the news release from NASA, the reports all warned of the potential danger to the electromagnetic grid and the effects on world civilization. Since this is just the beginning of solar sunspot cycle 24, which will not peak until late 2012/early 2013, the reports spoke of the “unprecedented havoc” that would result from a truly major flare that could hit, most likely sometime next year – 2012 – in which civilization could be rendered helpless for up to three months, with satellites and the electrical grid totally knocked out. No more cybersphere, no more elevator service to your 40th floor apartment. Prepare now. Set your intention. Be ready.

However, as the flares become stronger the auroras extend closer toward the equator – and that is the exact recipe for the circumpolar rainbow bridge. Staying tuned to the solar flares is now of the greatest importance. In our rainbow bridge meditation we should visualize the auroras extending from both poles and when they connect, then flash that they become the circumpolar rainbow bridge.

This Moon’s totem animal is the jaguar, the nagual (spirit animal) of the ancient seers, shamans and prophets of the Olmec and Maya. May their hidden wisdom reveal to us the solar knowledge of the coming age. Thank you for synchronizing with us in the great cosmic adventure of the coming of the Noosphere!

How to Save the World video - José Argüelles/Valum Votan

Book of the Transcendence - Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume VI

SYNCHRONOTRON World Encounter 3.7.21 - Tulan Garden of Peace, Mexico (Spectral Moon 22-28)

Moon at a Glance

Moon at a Glance - Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention

Synchronicity follows a set of universal principles based on a mathematical matrix. This matrix is the primary structure that connects all events, people and reality as we know it. The more we tune into this matrix, the more we experience the synchronic order. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar. The following are some examples of how the synchronic order can be read on a day-to-day basis. If you are new to this please see the 13 Moon tutorial.

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

Red Overtone Moon Year

Solar Moon of Intention (Moon 9 of the 13 Moons)
7 March – 3 April 2011

In the solar moon we ask: How do I attain my purpose? We are of the Sun. Evolution of life (and consciousness) on Earth is but a part of the evolution of the Sun. Everything we are experiencing now - including our aspirations to create a peaceful, harmonious world - are integral in the Sun and the Earth reaching their next stage of spiritual/mental evolution. So we must ask, how do we attain this grand purpose?

The totem animal for this moon is the Jaguar, the nagual of the shamans. The mystical jaguar is a master shapeshifter and reminds us of the possibility to reshape our perceptions to view our life from different dimensions. This perceptual shift comes about through focused intention, which is the power of the Solar Moon.

(7 Mar 2011) Kin 73, Red Galactic Skywalker

73 is the number of the biomass constant. The biomass constant is the frequency by which the amount of living matter on Earth remains equalized. Consider the effects of the “doctrine of progress” underlying industrial civilization. This doctrine is mandated through unceasing technological growth.

"Nature will not bend beyond its limits to fulfill corporate growth" —from "Our Choice: Creativity or Destruction"
by Jonathan Granoff, WS-20 member

(8 Mar 2011) Kin 74, White Solar Wizard

Magic Turtle Day. The White Wizard is intimately connected to the Jaguar. Today is White Solar Wizard in the Solar Moon. To view solar magic, see the polar auroras after the recent solar flare generated by sunspot 1158.

(12 Mar 2011) Kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror

78 is a fractal of the 780-day Mars synodic cycle. Today is the 9th anniversary of the first Cosmic History transmission. It is also radial plasma, Limi, which corresponds to the Transcendence. Book of the Transcendence is the sixth volume of seven of the Cosmic History Chronicles. The practices in the book are geared toward a conscious response toward a potential solar flare disrupting the electromagnetic grid. Click here to read the Introduction.

(13 Mar 2011) Kin 79, Blue Magnetic Storm

Today begins the 13-day wavespell of self-generation. Storm catalyzes energy. The strange planetary weather patterns can be seen everywhere.

(14 Mar 2011) Kin 80, Yellow Lunar Sun

One of two Yellow Sun days in this "Solar" moon (Lunar Sun, and Solar Sun). "I polarize in order to enlighten. Stabilizing life..." The Earth, Moon and Sun have a dynamic relationship whose perfect balance makes life on Earth possible. All life then evolves toward enlightenment...
For up-to-date news on the Sun-Earth environment, go to:

(16 Mar 2011) Kin 82, White Self-existing Wind

Untying the knots ceremony:

(19 Mar 2011) Kin 85, Red Resonant Serpent

Full Moon. Galactic signature of Upton Sinclair, who was one of the first people to write about telepathy in his book Mental Radio (1930); with the preface written by his friend, Albert Einstein.

(20 Mar 2011) Kin 86, White Galactic Worldbridger

Equinox (Spring/North, Autumn/South) - the time of balance between the light and the dark. Worldbridger bridges the worlds in order to equalize. Mongolian World Unity Day for invocation of the "world protection belt" before 21/12/2012.

(21 Mar 2011) Kin 87, Blue Solar Hand

Magic Turtle Day. Kin 87 is the fifth clear sign on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. It was eight weeks ago today (25 Jan, Resonant Moon 16) that the National Institute of Anthropology and History (Mexico) announced that the lid had been sealed again on the sarcophagus, restoring the tomb to the state it was in before it was discovered in 1952. Blue Solar Hand represents knowledge: Increase your knowledge about the sunspot cycles.

(29 Mar 2011) Kin 95, Blue Self-existing Eagle

Untying the knots ceremony:

(3 Apr 2011) Kin 100, Yellow Solar Sun

Magic Turtle Day and New Moon. Rainbow Bridge Meditation day. Yellow Solar Sun - completion of the Solar Jaguar Moon of intention: we revisit again the question "How do I attain my purpose?" As children of the sun we should consider this quote by Rumi (Yellow Solar Sun): "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Intimately related to the rainbow bridge and solar sunspot cycle are the auroras, learn more about the auroras.

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