Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Yellow Crystal Seed Year - Issue #96

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Rhythmic Lizard Moon Edition of the Noos-letter


The mind, of course. If we really understood the nature of our mind, we wouldn’t do ninety per cent of what we do today. —Valum Votan

Welcome to the Rhythmic Lizard Moon! This is the 6th Moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell, holding the power of Rhythmic Equality.

The following words written in 2008 by Valum Votan have never been more relevant:

If there is any issue that plagues the modern global civilization it is the adherence to the belief of relativism - at the expense of a belief in the Absolute …

It is also an aspect of what we might call the democratization of consciousness which, like the doctrine of the progress of the machine, greater material comforts, and free market liberal capitalist economics, is seen as an inevitable and irreversible factor in the mental and cultural make up of the present day civilization of globalization.

The sum effect of these tendencies results in a totally secular society dominated by a culture of choice, on the one hand, and on the other hand, a remarkably anarchic diversity of forms of expression, epitomized by the Internet. The multiplicity of choices - just walk down a supermarket aisle in an industrialized shopping center and count how many choices in breakfast cereal you might find - and the equal multiplicity of forms of expression and voices expressing themselves together create a mass mental quagmire known as moral relativism.

In moral relativism, everybody is right so nobody is right. If you talk about the Absolute you are either a fascist or a fundamentalist ... In this way moral relativism is its own form of tyranny, just like modern science which adamantly refuses to accept any hypothesis that suggests that there is a higher principle, God, intelligent design, etc., much less that the paranormal is an actual field of study.

It is very possible that this moral relativism is responsible for the breakdown of modern society, for where moral relativism prevails there is a loss of discrimination, a degradation of taste, a loss of aesthetic perception, a bland mediocrity ... and an entertainment industry that is always flirting with pornography, while introducing you to ever more graphic violence...

The basic premises of globalization furthers this process of relativism and alienation. China is Wal-Mart's production base, while India is Microsoft’s software producer. As often as not the shoes you are wearing were made in some Southeast Asian country. The disconnect between means and production, laborer and producer has never been greater. This is because everyone is fundamentally disconnected from life and is living an abstract fiction dominated by the cellphone, internet and the automobile...

Perhaps the time has come to consider whether or not we are spiritually rich or spiritually poor …

In the pulsar geometry, the sixth tone is the second tone in the first-dimensional life pulsar where we command equality and administer challenge. This pulsar concludes in the 10th Moon (Planetary) when we manifest and meet the challenge. The key challenge is recognize who we really are and then act accordingly.

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Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Rhythmic Moon - Crystal Seed Year

You can click on the Kin of each of the Star Traveler's Synchronicities to find a list of all the people registered on whose signature is that Kin! If you feel so inspired, click the signature on that day and wish them a happy galactic birthday!

[Seal & Tone]Dali 1 - Kin 204, Yellow Solar Seed (13 Dec)

Welcome to the Rhythmic Moon! The Rhythmic Moon this year has four galactic activation portal days. Keep your eye out for them...

Current cycles recap:

Year (365-day cycle): Yellow Crystal Seed Year
Spin (260-day cycle): 42nd Spin since the beginning of the 13 Moon Dreamspell Count
Season (65-day cycle): Red Serpent Season of Life Force: Red Galactic Spectrum
Castle (52-day cycle): Yellow Southern Castle of Giving: Court of Intelligence - Ripen Sun
Moon (28-day cycle): Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Equality
Wavespell (13-day cycle): Yellow Warrior Wavespell of Fearlessness

[Seal & Tone]Limi 6 - Kin 209, Red Magnetic Moon (18 Dec)

New Moon.

[Image showing the 52 kin and 4 wavespells of the Green Central Castle of Enchantment][Image of Wavespell]Today also begins the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of the Matrix (which will end on Kin 260, Galactic Moon 1 / 7 Feb) as well as the 13-day Red Moon Wavespell of Universal Water, the 17th Wavespell of the tzolkin and the red/initiating Wavespell of the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of the Matrix: Moon tribe initiates enchantment through power of universal water. Truth of galactic Mercury remembered...

This wavespell will end on Kin 221, Red Cosmic Dragon (Day 18 of this Moon / 30 Dec).

[Seal & Tone]Silio 7 - Kin 210, White Lunar Dog (19 Dec)

Galactic activation portal!

[Seal & Tone]Dali 8 - Kin 211, Blue Electric Monkey (20 Dec)

Galactic activation portal, two in a row! Today is also a Pacal Votan clear sign ...

[Seal & Tone]Limi 13 - Kin 216, Yellow Galactic Warrior (25 Dec)

Christmas Day (Christian).

[Seal & Tone]Dali 15 - Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror (28 Nov)

Galactic activation portal! What is the planet reflecting back to you?

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 19 - Kin 222, White Magnetic Wind (31 Dec)

"New Year's Eve" on the Gregorian Calendar... Galactic activation portal! [Image showing the 52 kin and 4 wavespells of the Green Central Castle of Enchantment]

[Image of Wavespell]Today also begins the 13-day White Wind Wavespell of Spirit, the 18th Wavespell of the tzolkin and the white/refining Wavespell of the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of the Matrix: Wind tribe refines enchantment through power of spirit. Truth of galactic Uranus remembered...

This wavespell will end on Kin 234, White Cosmic Wizard (Resonant Moon 3 / 12 Jan 2018).

[Seal & Tone]Limi 20 - Kin 223, Blue Lunar Night (1 Jan 2018)

"New Year's Day 2018" on the Gregorian Calendar...

[Seal & Tone]Silio 21 - Kin 224, Yellow Electric Seed (2 Jan)

Full Moon.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 28 - Kin 231, Blue Planetary Monkey (9 Jan)

Galactic activation portal and fully amplified rainbow bridge meditation for universal peace!

Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Visualization

Heptad Path Codes for the Rhythmic Moon

In the 52-week journey through the 52 heptad paths of the Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Tree and Life and Knowledge, the following heptad paths are activated for the Rhythmic Moon:

[Chart showing Hunab Ku 21 grid with Heptad Paths for this Moon highlighted]Red Week 1 - Initiate
[Mirror Seal][Hand Seal]Heptad 21: Meditation evolves Knowledge (Rhythmic Moon 1-7 / Dec 13-19)

White Week 2 - Refine
[Storm Seal][Dog Seal]Heptad 22: Self-Generation evolves Love (Rhythmic Moon 8-14 / Dec 20-26)

Blue Week 3 - Transform
[Sun Seal][Skywalker Seal]Heptad 23: Enlightenment evolves Prophecy (Rhythmic Moon 15-21 / Dec 27-Jan 2)

Yellow Week 4 - Ripen
[Earth Seal][Warrior Seal]Heptad 24: Navigation evolves Intelligence (Rhythmic Moon 22-28 / Jan 3-9)

Being that this is the Rhythmic Moon (with the powers of "balance" and "equality") the very symmetrical form of the four heptad paths in the Hunab Ku 21, as well as the very harmonic color pattern it creates, are noteworthy. In the Galactic Superstructure/the Hunab Ku 21, the four heptads of the Rhythmic Moon - taken as a whole - are the place in time where the "Outer Matrix" resides. This is followed by the "Inner Matrix" in the Resonant Moon and "Core Matrix/Hunab Ku 21" in the Galactic Moon. Learn more in Book of the Timespace, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume V.

[Diagram showing basic structure of Vulom magnetic attraction force field meditation]

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