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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #6

Welcome to the Resonant Monkey Moon of the Noos-letter

Welcome to the Resonant Monkey Moon of Attunement of the Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time! This is the seventh moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell. “Resonant attunement” is the capacity of receiving information by being in harmony or in resonance with ourselves and with all that is. Easier said than done! In fact this is a fine art. In one sense it is the essence of the annual 13 Moon planetary service wavespell for determining how to live in accordance with the Earth in a way that brings about a greater state of peace. During this moon we learn that being in resonance with ourselves and all that is, is also the essence of peace.

In the wavespell, the seventh tone (and seventh moon) represents the mid-point between the first and the thirteenth tones. While all the other tones can be paired up - 1 and 13, 2 and 12, 3 and 11 etc. - such that each pair adds to 14, seven has no pair. It is the mirror-less mirror of the whole. It attains its purpose by resonating with any or all of the rest of the tones. It is the perfect center point to act as a cosmic channel. But to do this it must be free of all biases and attachments. It must be purely in resonance with itself, feeling its own cosmic attunement, and then it can come into resonance with everything else and perform a service of truth.

This moon’s totem animal is the monkey: The monkey imitates and plays; it reflects the illusion of our own existence. It is the artist, the ape of nature who imitates nature to create an imitation of life. So monkey is also the sign of the wisdom of how nature evolves and perfects itself. In this way monkey is the magician, the one who knows how to use the illusions of nature or of life to create a reflection of our own illusions. This is the method of Julian Assange the mind behind Wikileaks. Julian is Kin 151, Blue Galactic Monkey, the one who plays with our illusions, modeling and reflecting them back to us so we actually are looking into a mirror of truth. This is how he is performing his planetary service. In contemplating this we may ask ourselves again: what service are we performing?

So welcome again to the Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time! Our goal is to anticipate the noosphere by expanding our minds into the universal time of synchronization. It is now Gregorian year 2011, and we are well into the 11th hour, approaching midnight. It is now more important than ever to learn the practice of resonant attunement. Thank you for participating in this great cosmic adventure!

How to Save the World Interview - José Argüelles/Valum Votan - Preview, Full Interview coming in next Noos-letter

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Planetary Service Wavespell

Moon at a Glance

Moon at a Glance - Resonant Monkey Moon of Attunement

Synchronicity follows a set of universal principles based on a mathematical matrix. This matrix is the primary structure that connects all events, people and reality as we know it. The more we tune into this matrix, the more we experience the synchronic order. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar. The following are some examples of how the synchronic order can be read on a day-to-day basis. If you are new to this please see the 13 Moon tutorial.

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

Red Overtone Moon Year

Resonant Moon (Moon 7 of the 13 Moons)
10 January - 6 February 2011

Monkey is the totem animal for the Resonant Moon of attunement. In the Resonant Moon we ask ourselves "How can I attune my service to others?" and “How can I attune my service to the greater whole?” The Resonant Moon is the 7th tone, the exact center of the 13 Moon year; it offers the perfect opportunity to raise your attunement, your "at-one-ment" with the planetary reality we are all living in. Everything that happens in the Earth is also occurring inside of each of us. Therefore, through clear attunement to the Whole Earth, in all our words, thoughts and deeds, we can heal the Earth from the inside out. Let's restore the Earth's beauty and make it a safe place for all once again - dare to dream your highest dream!

(10 Jan 2011) Resonant 1, Kin 17, Red Self-existing Earth

The Resonant Moon begins with the Red Self-existing Earth, sign of navigation and synchronicity. The first day of the Resonant Moon always correlates with the 10th day of January. January is named after Janus (Ianuarius), the god of the doorway from Roman mythology, and from the Latin word for door (ianua). It was only in 1582 that January became the first month of the year. The original Roman calendar consisted of 10 months, totalling 304 days, winter being considered a monthless period.

(12 Jan 2011) Resonant 3, Kin 19, Blue Rhythmic Storm

19 is the mystic saturation of all number. 36-year Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Age of Enlightenment (1975, Kin 139) as declared by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, transcendental meditation master. Maharishi envisioned the dawning of a whole new age of the perfection of human life. "The full organizing power of nature can guide one's thinking and action." (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on YouTube)

(14 Jan 2011) Resonant 5, Kin 21, Red Galactic Dragon

21 is the basis of the 441 matrix (21 x 21). The 441 mathematical matrix represents the fractal template of any galaxy with life. The basic understanding of the Law of Time lies within this 441 matrix. To learn more about the 441 Matrix see Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume V & VI.

(24 Jan 2011) Resonant 15, Kin 31, Blue Overtone Monkey

Begin third quarter of the 13 Moon year. Solar Birthday of José Argüelles/Valum Votan: "We must continuously keep in mind that the world is a collective dream, and that we are engaged in dreaming a new world into being." Galactic signature of Ramana Maharshi, D.H. Lawrence (The Plumed Serpent), Grace Jones and Oprah Winfrey.

Today is the Mid-ring flip - On this day in the Mystery of the Stone practice of awakening the Nine Bolontiku, the nine-chakra circuit of the Single Wing Red Fire is flipped to attain noospheric crystal core balance - what was once crown becomes the root, what was the root becomes the crown. To order a free Mystery of the Stone kit go to

(26 Jan 2011) Resonant 17, Kin 33, Red Resonant Skywalker

Magic Turtle Day (Red Resonant Skywalker in the Resonant Moon). 33 is the mystic number of the initiate. Consider the following quote from Book of the Initiation (CHC Vol. IV):

“We as a species are undergoing an unprecedented process of initiation. Initiation is the act of making conscious the passage from one state or condition of being into another. Initiation brings about a change of focus of your mental vision so that a higher harmony can manifest. It is not just your initiation, but a planetary initiation. This has happened before. What do you remember? What is your part?”

To order this book go to

(27 Jan 2011) Resonant 18, Kin 34, White Galactic Wizard

Galactic signature of the beginning of the Dreamspell count, 1987. The term Dreamspell literally refers to the common dream a people is living. This dream is a spell because it only lasts for a spell of time. So the dream that the people of the Earth today are commonly living is called the Dreamspell of History. The biosphere-noosphere transition and time shift are the preparations for the Galactic Dreamspell. Dreamspell Genesis.

(29 Jan 2011) Resonant 20, Kin 36, Yellow Planetary Warrior

Planetary Fearlessness: Play the role of the planet, and fearlessly consider the films Coal Country (, Flow (, Food Inc. ( and Dirt! The Movie ( To solve the various factors of the degradation of life on Earth requires radical change that will uproot the entire structure of consumerism: Time is not money - Time is Art!

(30 Jan 2011) Resonant 21, Kin 37, Red Spectral Earth

37 is the key prime number in the recombinant series: 111 (37 x 3), 222 (37 x 6), 333 (37 x 9), 444 (37 x 12), 555 (37 x 15), 666 (37 x 18), 777 (37 x 21), 888 (37 x 24), 999 (37 x 27). Solar birthday of Zsuzsanna E. Budapest, feminist Wiccan. Galactic signature of Gugliemo Marconi, Joseph Campbell, Che Guevara and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Video: Basic Goodness and Harmony, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

(3 Feb 2011) Resonant 25, Red Lunar Dragon

New Moon. Chinese New Year 2011: Year of the White Metal Rabbit on the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese New Year is the second New Moon after winter solstice (northern hemisphere). It is the Xin-Mao year. Xin (Metal) is the eighth of the ten celestial stems and Mao (Rabbit) is the fourth of the twelve terrestrial branches and marks the year of the Rabbit or Hare. 2011 Xin-Mao year is the 28th cycle in the sixty-year cycle of the Chinese astrology's heavenly stems and earth branches cycle. Chinese New Year 2012 is the year of the Water Dragon.

(5 Feb 2011) Resonant 27, Kin 43, Blue Self-existing Night

"I define in order to dream..." Galactic activation portal, galactic signature of Charles Henry, Charlie Chaplin and Nikola Tesla. Each of them were pioneers in giving definition to their inner dream: Henry to psychomathematics and synesthesia, Chaplin to the art form of the silent movie and Tesla to alternating currents among many other significant inventions involving electricity and electromagnetism.

Video: 150th Tesla Anniversary, Belgrade (by Boris Petrovic)
Video: Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times

(6 Feb 2011) Resonant 28, Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed

"Waitangi Day (Maori, New Zealand). “Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.” (Maori proverb). Rainbow Bridge Meditation - May the Noosphere flower as the Radiant Noosphere of the New Time!

CREST13 - Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind - Urgaia, Uruguay

Instituto Terra

7:7::7:7 ANJA Gathering

CoSM - Visionary Culture

Planetary Fearlessness - Play the Role of the Planet and Fearlessly Consider these Films: (links below) - Get involved, Find events near you, and More!

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