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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #51

Welcome to the 2014 Cosmic Turtle Moon Edition of the Noos-letter

[Rabbit]Welcome to the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence, the 13th Moon of the 13 Moon planetary service wavespell, holding the power of cosmic transcendence. 

As we make our way to the closing of the Yellow Galactic Seed year we are completing the first Light Gate in preparation for entry into the second. It is a time of synthesis and assessment as we prepare for the Red Solar Moon year: the year of emotional purification with the potential for supreme solar healing. Click here to order your Red Solar Moon Year Almanac Now!

The Sun is the key that breaks the "spell of the Moon (of artificial time)". The Solar age arrives when we emerge as a collective from the Dark Age. Tibetan master Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism from India to Tibet, predicted that the Dark Age would come with increasing cleverness.  We see now that enmeshed in an artificial matrix, our minds run rampant and away from the center/Source while we come up with more and more ways to distract ourselves. Distract ourselves from what? From our own core essence.  

Instead of looking inward to understand ourselves, we spend our free time in material pursuit and sensory pleasure. In the artificial world of the technosphere, we become desensitized by machines as compassion decreases and the meaning of our life evades us. 

As the pace of our lives accelerates to keep up with technology, we find it harder to rest into the present moment. This creates a society that views things like meditation or spiritual practice as a frivolous activity and escapism from the "real world". When in fact it is in the meditative space of God-contact where all the solutions lie and where true reality is generated. 

The Law of Time states that the biggest problem of the human race is alienation from nature: its own true nature which can be remedied by restoring the memory of  the 13 Moons.

Time shapes space. 13 is the power of time; it is the feminine cycle that allows the 12 to circulate. Correct understanding of Time and Space is key to transforming our world.

The Seed of the New Beam has now been planted, but it is up to each of us to water our garden. This first step is to purify our minds and hearts from conventional beliefs so that the new light codes can penetrate our being. 

The synchronic codes of the Law of Time help us to create more space in our minds so that our views and perceptions can become bigger and we can begin to see the patterns of our lives that underlie our conditioned behavior. 

In the pulsar geometry, the thirteenth tone represents the conclusion of the fourth-dimensional time pulsar: tones 1-5-9-13, that ready  us to take magic flight to open the Second Light Gate! This Moon is followed by the Day Out of Time, Kin 8, Yellow Galactic Star. Calling all Galactic Artists to harmonize, beautify and model art by organizing a Day Out of Time event or ceremony in your community.  Please send your fliers to

Collage with Turtle Totem animal from New Almanac

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Cosmic Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar]

Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Cosmic Moon, Yellow Galactic Seed Year

Click here to download this entire Moon from the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity

This Cosmic Moon begins with a New Moon. This demonstrates a synchronization of the fourth-dimensional galactic standard 28-day cycle with the third-dimensional synodic cycle. This synchronization does not occur every Moon, because the 3D synodic cycle is approximately 29.5 days long (and also varies slightly depending upon where you are observing from the Earth's surface).

Galactic Standard Time is not dependent on relative variables of different third-dimensional astronomical measures, which of course differ for every planet and celestial body. The relative measure of time on Earth in relation to the moon, sun, and other planet bodies is different than the measure of time on Mars, Jupiter or Uranus. The Galactic Standard Time utilizes a harmonic measure of the planetary orbit independent of any astronomical variables. The very nature of the harmonic measure 28 [a function of the formula 4:7::7:13] is a fractal which can be adopted anywhere in the galaxy and adapted to any orbit, hence Galactic Standard Time.
-Valum Votan, Rinri Newsletter III, Volume 2, No. 2

So this synchronization of the 28-day galactic standard cycle with the third-dimensional synodic lunar cycle can be seen as a symbol indicating the alignment or strengthening of the (re)integration of the third dimension with the fourth dimension on planet Earth, which is a major purpose of the 13 Moon calendar. 

Interplanetary Karmic Reverse - An Example of Higher Dimensional Adventure
A special synchronic report by Jacob Rhythmic Dragon, Director of Communications of the Foundation for the Law of Time

I would like to share a small example of how the 13 Moon calendar spontaneously offers a higher-dimensional perspective – oftentimes appearing as a call to adventure or magical instructions!

Just before beginning work on the synchronicities for this edition of the Noos-letter, the FLT inbox received an email from, announcing a peculiar crop circle that appeared on Crystal Moon 15 (June 13), Kin 226, White Overtone Worldbridger (Full Moon). 

Here is a diagram of the Crop Circle:

At first I found this crop circle formation kind of odd in its apparent simplicity and dissymmetry. But it was interesting to me that the larger circle moved in two directions and was 13.20m in diameter. What also stuck with me were numbers 39 and 2.6. Beyond that I just saved the link and began to work on the Cosmic Moon synchronicities.

I was soon amazed to see that this Cosmic Moon includes a Psi Chrono unit sequence similar to the sequence from this past Crystal Moon described in the previous Noos-letter.

To recap, last Moon included a sequence where the Daily Kin was 8 Kin behind the Psi Chrono unit, or where the Psi Chrono units anticipated the Daily Kin by 8 days. The whole sequence spanned exactly 21 days from Crystal Moon 7 to Crystal Moon 27.

This sequence was a fascinating type of synchronic deja vu where a signature would activate in the psi bank and become the Daily Kin 8 days later… 

During this Cosmic Moon a similar cycle happens, but which spans only 18 days, with the Kin and Psi Chrono units only 2 days apart - and this time it is the Daily Kin that anticipates or precedes the Psi Chrono unit. I perceived this as saying: Get ready, because the fourth-dimensional deja vu has expanded, changed direction, and accelerated four times!

When I saw that the Cosmic Moon PSI-Kin sequence moves in the opposite direction as the Crystal Moon sequence, I immediately remembered the peculiar crop circle with its largest central circle spinning one way and its outer rim spinning the other way.

From this point forward I couldn't think about these PSI-Kin sequences without thinking about the crop circle, and vice versa – and something interesting began to reveal itself!

Here is a graphic showing this Cosmic Moon PCU sequence:


Note that the whole sequence contains two overlapping 16-day cycles. (16 is the Bode number of Mars). First from Day 5-20 (Kin 244 to Kin 259), then from Days 7-22 (Kin 246 to Kin 1 - with Psi Chrono Units being Kin 244 to Kin 259). The whole process runs 18 days, from Day 5 to Day 22 of the Moon.

The Crystal Moon sequence was 21 days. So, taken as a whole the Crystal and Cosmic Moon PSI-Kin sequences span a total of 39 days.

At this point I remembered that the crop circle formation's full width was 39 meters. I was astounded to find that the very last day of this sequence - Kin 1, Red Magnetic Dragon - is the first day of the 39th spin of the Dreamspell Count which began in 1987!

Looking closer at both the Crystal and Cosmic Moon PSI-Kin sequences, I noticed that Mars is a governing factor. The two sequences in the Crystal Moon both begin on 5 Worldbridger/GK Mars, the Cosmic Moon's first sequence begins on Kin 244 - V.24.4 is the galactic code for Mars - its second sequence begins on 12 Worldbridger: GK Mars again!

Whatever the intention of the crop circle makers, there was undeniable synchronicity happening here:

  • This crop circle appeared on Crystal Moon 15 (June 13) - 5 Worldbridger/GK Mars - it was this Kin that began the PSI-Kin sequence!

  • Four circles, Mars is the fourth planet. All these sequences are coded by Mars. (First sequence starts on Psi Chrono 5 Worldbridger/GK Mars - Cosmic Moon sequence starts on Kin 244/V.24.4/Mars, which appears two days later as the Psi Chrono unit when it is Kin 246, White Crystal Worldbridger (GK Mars!).

  • The largest circle has a thin outer rim spinning one way, and its interior spinning another way (one PSI-Kin sequence has the Psi Chrono unit appearing first, followed by the Kin - the other sequence reverses this direction).

  • The width of this crop circle is 39m. The total duration the two PSI-Kin sequences is 39 days. The final sequence of which ends on the very first day of the 39th Spin!

  • The first sequence had an interval of 8 days, the second has an interval of 2 days. In other words the second sequence moves four times faster. 4 x 4 = 16 (16 is the Bode number for Mars and the number of days of the two overlapping cycles this Moon).  

All these synchronicities came as a downpour of ever-overlapping wonder and amazement. It felt like being shown how the codes of the synchronic order are working to reverse or rearrange the ancient Martian karma (as all of the Mars codes in these synchronicities were GK/Galactic-Karmic Mars!) – and that by simply being aware of this cycle we can then consciously and collectively participate!

This is a fascinating exercise in continuing consciousness and interaction with the psi bank! It is like a circuit coming from the "two-days-later psi bank", connecting "backwards" in time to the present moment. Simultaneously the present moment is making a circuit "forward" in time to the psi bank two days into the future!

To help you participate and interact in this process download the complete Cosmic Moon from the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity and take some time to study the days 5-20 and days 7-22 in the daily calendar.

There are undoubtedly many more treasures to find – let your heart's imagination be your guide!

Heptad Path Codes for the Cosmic Moon

If you look closely at the Hunab Ku 21 playing board, focusing on the 52 Heptad Paths, you see that this moon completes the lower Court of the Prophet and the right-hand Court of the Pathfinder (Intelligence) - therefore this Moon is coded thusly: "Power of Prophecy and Intelligence Cosmicized"

This Moon concludes the 52-Heptads and the final 12-week/12-heptad sequence of the year, called the "12 Paths of Transcendent Order". 

Week 1 - Initiate
Heptad 49: Enlightenment transmits Universal Fire of Magic
(Dali 1 - Silio 7 / June 27 – July 3)

Week 2 - Refine
Heptad 50: Enlightenment transmits Universal Fire of Wisdom
(Dali 8 - Silio 14 / July 4 – 10)

Week 3 - Transform
Heptad 51: Navigation transmits Synchronization of Timelessness
(Dali 15 - Silio 21 / July 11 – 17)

Week 4 - Ripen
Heptad 52: Navigation transmits Synchronization of Vision
(Dali 22 - Silio 28 / July 18 – 24)


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