Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #37

Welcome to the Crystal Rabbit Moon Edition of the Noos-letter

[Rabbit]Welcome to the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation! This is the twelfth moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell and the sixth of the Seven Mystic Moons.

The theme of this Moon is summed up by Morpheus in the Matrix: "Please, come. Sit. I imagine that right now you are feeling a bit like Alice. Tumbling down the rabbit hole? Hmm?" 

This Moon asks us to cooperate with the invisible forces that are beckoning us to follow the White Crystal Rabbit down the radial rabbit hole. This mystic moon corresponds to Blue Crystal Hand, Kin 207. This Moon is the fractal extension of the day 21-12-2012, Blue Crystal Hand. This Moon brings us the recollection of the sixth day of creation: the power of crystal accomplishment.  

The totem for this moon is the Rabbit, which traditionally represents fertility, new life and re-birth and is also associated with Resurrection. As the totem animal for Easter, the rabbit (bunny) is a most magical creature. Easter is also associated with Eastre (also referred to as Ostara), the Anglo-Saxon Teutonic Goddess of both springtime and fertility. She was usually seen escorted by a rabbit.

Some believe the Easter (cosmic) egg represents the tomb that when cracked imitates the resurrection of Christ. It is interesting to note that children color the eggs (decorating the tomb) in anticipation of the day of resurrection when the shell will be cracked. Let's see what kind of rabbits we can pull out of the multidimensional hat in this sixth mystic moon. 

In the pulsar cosmology of the wavespell, the twelfth position or tone, corresponding to the twelfth moon, completes the third dimension mind pulsar that began in the fourth moon, the Self-Existing Moon of Form. In this 12th position signifies the cooperation of form when we take stock of past actions and prepare future actions. 

When we reach the Galactic Seed (26 July 2013), a new synchronization beam will come into play. This beam will help to establish the noospheric systems of unity consciousness. For this new beam to be fully realized in the third dimension, it must be grounded in different types of activities.

In noospheric consciousness, human activity is organized as six (+1) types of activities (or work stations). The following are the six (+1) work activities that maintain the noosphere as a positive self-generating field of consciousness (see Book of the Initiation/Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol.4).

Anyone can work with one or more of these as your field of activity according to your inclination. 

1. Peace Workers – These are the ones who understand peace as a fundamental quality of being. They stabilize socio-mental fields with harmonic actions and activities to create programs of mental stabilization for the planet. The peace workers begin with communities and then expand out to help stabilize the social well-being, promoting equality and emotional balance through various programs and skills. They pass these teachings onto others, extending even to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

2. Educators – These are the ones who understand cycles of time and the new system of galactic order. They understand and are able to skillfully transmit the Law of Time, the synchronic order, Cosmic History and the nature of the noosphere. Educators are very important for setting in place the programs of new knowledge and new systems of measure that correspond with cosmic harmonic standards. Educators might work in their communities or travel to different bioregions to transmit knowledge. Their job is to ensure that everyone is operating with the highest single unifying cosmic information base in resonance with the one mind of the Earth, the noosphere.

3. Healers – These are the ones who know the art of self-healing; how to heal the body, how the body regenerates itself, etc. Their job is to transmit this knowledge to others, so that eventually, the human race enters the realm of deathlessness. The healers are those who are advanced in radiating cosmic light through their bodies to others and to the planet. They will teach others about the regenerative powers of the body, inclusive of knowledge about the plant kingdom. They will ensure that self-healing is restored to the human species and that everyone understands the system of the three bodies and techniques of healing – down to food intake, breath control, the attitude and perceptions of the body and how to maintain it at a level of self-generative radiance. In this way, they will assist in the collective realization of the one body of the noosphere.

4. Love Workers – These are the ones who are concerned with spreading the highest mental well-being throughout the species which is based on the cosmic force of love. They teach others, by example, how to spread love and compassion to all beings. They operate with a great range of techniques for arousing universal compassion as the basis of mental health and radiant well-being. The Love-workers also teach how to activate principles of self-love so that one learns how to generate his/her own love and light without taking energy from others. In this way, self-generating compassionate love becomes the normative value of relation in the universe; the bonding agent of the noosphere. 

5. Earth Workers – They are the gardeners growing the food and tending the orchards. They also regulate the commerce thereof. They liberate the animals, plant gardens and trees, beautify the earth, and in general, create increasing harmony between the biosphere and noosphere. Through their work, the biosphere and the noosphere become integrated. The Earth workers are the caretakers of our planet, they understand Earth as a living being and living mind. This knowledge not only elevates other humans, but elevates the Earth Herself. This defines the Psychozoic Era – it is not just the humans, it is everything that is spiritually alive. This is the knowledge that the Earth workers transmit. Every cell of the Earth must become enlightened. In this way, the new economy is a form of spiritual ecology.

6. Planet Art Workers – These beings help create the whole planet as a total work of art. They are the artists, musicians, poets, painters, etc. They form networks and weavings of artistic forms and harmonies that integrate the human social and perceptual systems with nature's systems. Through these art and nature weavings, new forms are created of living art, and forms of art as radiance. All senses are utilized and synthesized into even more inclusive forms of synaesthesia. The Planet Art Workers see to it that the whole of the Earth is transformed and realized as a galactic art whole, a medium for the artistic transformation of every range of cosmic energy and radiation. 

7. Tenders of the Sacred Flame – These are the wisdom holders, the practitioners, the yogi/yoginis, monks, nuns, the occultists, the serpent initiates. This is the rarest of the 7 and includes those whose life path is to be constantly engaged in the inner work. These beings often spend much time in solitude, meditating, studying and furthering cosmic knowledge on behalf of the whole. They prefer to work more on the inner planes and thus help to stabilize the planetary mental field. 

"Wake up, Neo.  The Matrix has you.  Follow the white rabbit." 

Crystal Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar] Link to Noospheric Kin Council Event Link to "7 Last Moons - 7 Mystic Moons" Link to Noospheric Kin Council Event Link to Description of 216-day Cycle Cubing the Earth Link to Rainbow Bridge Meditation Instructions Announcing: Fully-Coded interactive 13 Moon Calendar with All Codes of the Law of Time! Click here to see the current moon

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

Welcome once again to the 4-D 360-degree radial theater of the synchronic order! Today we'll be observing the Crystal Moon, the sixth of the Seven Mystic Moons, corresponding to none other than Kin 207, Blue Crystal Hand! Kin 207 was the kin for December 21, 2012, the much-anticipated closing of the great cycle!

This means that this Moon is like the fractal "unpacking" of the closing of the cycle gift! And, like a small wave that crashes only to become part of a larger swell, the day Kin 207, Blue Crystal Hand was only a precursor to the new beam, manifesting later as this entire Crystal Moon - so wax up your noo-surfboards!

[Seal & Tone]
I dedicate in order to know
Universalizing healing
I seal the store of accomplishment
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of self-generation

As the sixth of the Seven Mystic Moons, the Blue Crystal Hand Moon recapitulates the primal creation power of the sixth day of creation: The Power of Crystal Accomplishment.

So, to maintain our continuing consciousness of this process, we have: (1) Set the universe in motion with Resonant Spirit (OM…RANG!!!); (2) Set the myriad galaxies spinning with Galactic Abundance; (3) Lit up the galactic circuits with innumerable stars embodying Solar Awareness; (4) Awakened the life process with Planetary Life Force and (5) established life's perfect counterpoint with Spectral Death …

Now in the sixth day of creation we activate the power of Crystal Accomplishment. Book of the Avatar which describes the entire "7 days of creation" (13.7 Billion years) in terms of a 13-Tone Wavespell, says that days "3, 4 and 5 establish the prerequisite elements for the "evolutionary explosion" that occurs on the Sixth Day of Creation … exponential multiplication and propagation of evolution of the species - seaweed, shells, fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, first mammals, rodents, horses" etc."

The sixth day of creation "Transports Cosmic Life Intelligence into Cosmic Consciousness…"

All this as the power of Crystal Accomplishment provides yet another profound meditation for the Seven Mystic Moons. It seems that once life and death are established as essential parts of cosmic creation, then the power of the crystal lattice of fourth-dimensional time links it all up! The universe in its raw form, in the Hand of the One…

Click here to download the complete Crystal Moon from the Resonant Storm year Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity.

Heptad Path Codes for the Blue Crystal Hand Moon

"Power of Knowledge and Love Crystallized" within the Galactic Superstructure/Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Tree of Life and Knowledge.

  • Heptad 45: Meditation Transmits Reflection of Sex
    Codon 51, Thunder/Arousing Being. "Telepathy Arouses Energy of Space"

  • Heptad 46: Meditation Transmits Reflection of Death
    Codon 21, Arousing Vision. "Way of Wielding Power Conforms to Truth"

  • Heptad 47: Self-Generation Transmits Energy of Art
    Codon 35, Mind Enduring. "Cosmic Order Enlightens Space"

  • Heptad 48: Self-Generation Transmits Energy of Purification
    Codon 64, Prepared. "Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions"

[Seal & Tone]Dali 1 - Kin 107, Blue Electric Hand (30 May)

Galactic Activation Portal day. Welcome to the Crystal Rabbit Moon! This Moon starts off with a bang with nine days in a row of Galactic Activation Portals, followed by a five-day transit leading into the first 14 days of the Mystic Column!

Follow the White Rabbit … 

[Seal & Tone]Seli 2 - Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star (31 May)

Galactic Activation Portal day. Sign of Galactic Mayan Mind transmission GM108X - nonlocal source of the Cosmic History Chronicles...

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 3 - Kin 109, Red Overtone Moon (1 Jun)

Galactic Activation Portal day. Sign of the Seventh Year of the Mystery of the Stone. Today the Psi Chrono Unit is also Kin 109, Red Overtone Moon - time travel opportunity to go back to 2010-2011 - a profound year on both the inner and outer realms, containing both the ascension of Valum Votan and the Fukushima blast in Japan…

[Seal & Tone]Silio 7 - Kin 113, Red Solar Skywalker (5 Jun)

Galactic Activation Portal day. Fascinating day-night synchronicity, as today is both the Night Journey of Muhammad and the Sign of the Lord of the Dawn/Quetzalcoatl, avatar of Tollan …

[Seal & Tone]Seli 9 - Kin 115, Blue Spectral Eagle (7 Jun)

Last day of the "Alpha Run" of Galactic Activation Portals - 10 days GAP complete.

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 12 - Kin 118, White Magnetic Mirror (10 Jun)

Today begins the 13-day White Mirror Wavespell, power of Endlessness (Cycle completes on Crystal 24, White Cosmic Dog / 22 Jun)

"Then arrived Mirror casting its perfect wavespell of endlessness. …"Dreamspell Genesis

[Seal & Tone]Dali 15 - Kin 121, Red Self-Existing Dragon (13 Jun)

Today begins the 20-day Mystic Column, the 7th, central column of the Tzolkin. Today is also the galactic signature of the discovery of the Law of Time.

[Seal & Tone]Dali 22 - Kin 128, Yellow Spectral Star (20 Jun)

Today begins the sixth 36-day cycle, Cubing the Earth: project top of cube (Cycle ends on the Day out of Time 2013 / July 25)

[Seal & Tone]Seli 23 - Kin 129, Red Crystal Moon (21 Jun)

Magic Turtle Day, Solstice and also the beginning of the Mystic Harmonic 33 - the 33rd 4-day harmonic, appearing in the very center of the Tzolkin. Where all the other harmonics are coded by one of 64 Codons and UR Runes, the 33rd harmonic is the mystic void center within the center.

Click here to download the 64 Runes and Codons and Biphasic Codon reference charts from the Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity.

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 24 - Kin 130, White Cosmic Dog (22 Jun)

Today, halfway through the 260-kin galactic spin, completes the 13-day White Mirror Wavespell, power of Endlessness. Today also completes the Dragon Genesis.

"… And in the shimmering white gate of the Cosmic Dog, the thirteenth step of the Mirror wavespell, the Dragon Genesis fulfilled itself."Dreamspell Genesis

[Seal & Tone]Kali 25 - Kin 131, Blue Magnetic Monkey (23 Jun)

Full Moon and today begins the second half of the Tzolkin, also known as the Cycle of Return within the 260-kin Tzolkin. Every Tzolkin can be seen as one Cycle of Becoming and one Cycle of Return - each 130 days. This paired with the 520-day Wisdom Cycles (which consist of a 260-day cycle of Becoming and Return) creates a multilayered mosaic of synchronicity. To learn more see Book of the Avatar.

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 26 - Kin 132, Yellow Lunar Human (24 Jun)

Today is the one Pacal Votan clear sign in this highly charged Moon. The Lunar Human as a clear sign on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan was a Dreamspell prophecy of the lunar landing. The Lunar Human also signifies the fully liberated human operating by the 13 Moon frequency.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 28 - Kin 134, White Self-Existing Wizard (26 Jun)

Massive rainbow bridge meditation day. Use the power of love to fuel your visualization catapulting us into the magic flight of the Cosmic Moon! Galactic signature of Bob Marley ...

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