Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #37

Welcome to the 2013 Cosmic Turtle Moon Edition of the Noos-letter

The 13th Moon for the Wizards alone
Is buried with the Secret of the Sword in the Stone.

[Turtle]Welcome to the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence! This is the 13th Moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell, holding the power of Cosmic Presence. 

1987 - 2013
For in the end date the numbers are seen
the Seven that lies between the 20 and thirteen.  

We have now entered the seventh and final Mystic Moon. The velocity of our universe is changing as are our psychic structures as we reach the conclusion of the 26-year cycle of Harmonic Convergence. At this time a great uncertainty is gripping the masses, it is up to those who hear the call to remain in a state of alert emptiness so we can hear the messages now being communicated to us as a New Beam of consciousness phases in. (And it helps to be wearing your Galactic Jumpsuit, created by our own Yellow Crystal Star to call the Occupants of the Interplanetary Timeship Craft!).

This moon we see the third and final SuperMoon of 2013 on Kin 160: Yellow Self-Existing Sun (also known as 4 Ahau, the opening and closing of the cycle of history on the Mayan Long Count). This is leading up to a Grand Sextile Alignment on Kin 167: Blue Spectral Hand.

The Cosmic Moon reminds us that time is actually a fourth/fifth-dimensional phenomena. In the pulsar geometry, the thirteenth tone (and 13th moon) represents the final stage of the 1-5-9-13 fourth-dimensional TIME pulsar. Now we are preparing to take Magic Flight into the Green Central Castle of Enchantment: the Court of Synchronization. 

The totem animal for this moon is the turtle; the turtle is the most ancient symbol for planet Earth and has thirteen divisions in its shell. It is also most closely connected with the energy of the Eternal Mother. The turtle speaks for the voice of Mother Earth reminding us that She needs our silent contemplation and love. 

During this Moon She is calling upon us to release all preconceptions, conditionings and judgements so that we may transcend the game of duality and open to receive the imprint of the Loving beam of Unity beginning at Galactic Synchronization.

We receive according to our willingness. We are being called to open to a new script without preconceptions: the 13:20 Love Revolution! Plan your Day out of Time and Ceremonies for Planetary Resurrection now on Yellow Galactic Seed! See Synchronized Star Being Invocation for the Day out of Time by Randy Bruner/Cosmic Hand.

The seed mind entranced, by flickering flame
casts a sound into the night, forgetting origin or name
Who knows the number of the stone
knows the marrow of the bone 
the Sun a portal of fiery light
undoes the dimness of the night
the moon more ancient than your sight
is time's information satellite
Think not that what you see is dead or without life
You are but a sunbeam, a riddle sounding in a pipe
Seers dropping from the stars
emerge from Earth remembering Mars
A sound called Xymox, a stairway wound around the spheres
holds all our dreams, our hopes and fears … 
an arrowhead drawn from mind sublime
point to heaven where something shines
planet Earth your four-seasoned course
broods like a dragon, rears like a horse
from forest cave and jungle beach 
the human skyward turns his gaze
his soul within goes out of phase
twelve moons he thinks makes perfect sense
an iron sword relieves his fear, sounds his lament
the thirteenth moon for wizards alone
is buried with the secret of the Sword in the Stone!
–Valum Votan

Cosmic Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar] World Noosphere Day! Link to "7 Last Moons - 7 Mystic Moons" Link to Rainbow Bridge Meditation Instructions Announcing: Fully-Coded interactive 13 Moon Calendar with All Codes of the Law of Time! Click here to see the current moon

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

Here we go!!! Just 28 days until the new galactic beam.

Welcome back to the 4-D fully spherical, radial theatre of the galactic matrix of synchronicity. This Moon we'll be exploring the chamber specifically relating to the 7th day of creation, fractally accessed through the 7th Mystic Moon, the power of Cosmic Elegance - coded by Kin 208, Yellow Cosmic Star:

[Seal & Tone]
I endure in order to beautify
Transcending art
I seal the store of elegance
With the cosmic tone of presence
I am guided by the power of free will

To reiterate, this seventh Mystic Moon fractally contains what is referred to as the Seventh Day of Creation: The Power of Cosmic Elegance.

Once again, let us access our continuing consciousness to recap how we got here:

Beginning six moons ago on Resonant Moon 1 (10 January) we: (1) Set the universe in motion with Resonant Spirit (OM…RANG!!!); (2) Set the myriad galaxies spinning with Galactic Abundance; (3) Lit up the galactic circuits with innumerable stars embodying Solar Awareness; (4) Awakened the life process with Planetary Life Force; (5) established life's perfect counterpoint with Spectral Death; and (6) formalized the entire creation cycle into crystalline perfection with the power of Crystal Accomplishment.

Now here we are entering the Seventh Day of Creation where we   activate the power of Cosmic Elegance. How can there be elegance without a perceiver? This points to the mysterious final stages of creation when the power of self-realized self-reflective thought emerges from within the already-perfected universe. This means we are entering the Space of Grace!

"I once was blind, but now I see"

Book of the Avatar describes the entire "Seven Days of Creation" (13.7 billion years) in terms of a 13-Tone Wavespell (where each tone is just over 1 billion years!). It describes the seventh day of creation as inaugurating the Second Creation, "the resurrection of soul and its evolution back to source."

This is the beginning of the 13.7 Billion year Cycle of Return where cosmos becomes medium of expansion of cosmic consciousness.

The closing of the Great Cycle of History in December 2012 was but a preparatory stage in the process culminating the entire 13.7 Billion year Cycle of Becoming. Like a ball tossed into the air reaching that brief moment of zero velocity, the cycle closed and left us floating in "no gravity" - the Seven Mystic Moons, a mere blip in the full sweep of cosmic time - only to begin the Cycle of Return - back to source through spiritual/mental evolution.

Book of the Cube details the first stages of the coming epoch:

First there is the 7-Year Cycle of the New Solar Human, Cycle of Sirian Surveillance of the New Earth. Launching of the Telepathic Command and Unification program of Timeship Earth 2013, securing the New Dawn).

This is followed by the 13-year cycle where Earth Wizards establish Noocracy of Timeship Earth 2013.

But this is just the very tip of the unimaginably vast Cycle of Return ahead of us in our journey back to Source!

These 20 years are just the beginning of the Seven Baktun Dynasties of the Seven Generations of Timeship Earth 2013: The Sixth Sun of Solar Conciousness - each baktun 144,000 kin/days - the seventh ending in 4772 AD, the date mysteriously marked on the Tablet of Inscriptions, Palenque… (See David Douglas, “José Argüelles,” The Mayan Prophecy 2012. Octopus Books, London, 2009, p. 133).  "The return of Pacal Votan"…

The Seven Baktun Dynasties are then followed by the Six Baktuns of Earth as Self-Evolving Art Spore - each baktun 144,000 days/kin.

For full details of the cycle see Book of the Cube, Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. VII

Heptad Path Codes for the Yellow Cosmic Star Moon

"Power of Prophecy and Intelligence Cosmicized" within the Galactic Superstructure/Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Tree of Life and Knowledge.

  • Heptad 49: Enlightenment Transmits Universal Fire of Magic
    Codon 50: Transformation of Time, Telepathy Transforms

  • Heptad 50: Enlightenment Transmits Universal Fire of Wisdom
    Codon 18: Taming Mind, Way of Wielding Power Informs Mind

  • Heptad 51: Navigation Transmits Synchronization of Timelessness
    Codon 57: Mind of Breath, Penetration of the Galactic Octave

  • Heptad 52: Navigation Transmits Synchronization of Vision
    Codon 48: Reaching the Source, Architectonics Releases Order of Whole

Click here to download the full Cosmic Moon of the 2012-2013 Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity.

[Seal & Tone]Dali 1 - Kin 135, Blue Overtone Eagle (27 Jun)

Welcome to the Cosmic Turtle Moon!

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 5 - Kin 139, Blue Solar Storm (1 Jul)

Today begins the 20-day Vinal cycle called Cumhu, with the solar meditation: "Located in the correct place, where the food of divination is obtained" (See page 17 of the Master Synchronic Code Book)

[Seal & Tone]Silio 7 - Kin 141, Red Spectral Dragon (3 Jul)

Today begins a 16-day synchronization of the daily solar seal with the daily Cube position. In other words, today is not only Red Dragon (guided by Dragon!) but is also the Dragon Cube position - activating the power of memory.

For full details on the Warrior's Cube Journey (and more!) see the Master Synchronic Code Book - a free download!

[Seal & Tone]Seli 9 - Kin 143, Blue Cosmic Night (5 Jul)

Magic Turtle Day and galactic signature of Michael Jackson, make a change and enter the Cosmic Dream!

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 10 - Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed (6 Jul)

Today begins the 13-day Seed wavespell, power of flowering (ends Cosmic Moon 22, Kin 156 / July 18)

Then through the fourth gate of the Blue Castle of Burning arrived the Seed wavespell casting the power of flowering. The magic brilliance of the thirteen moons wove its Monkey Genesis spell across the human garden.Dreamspell Genesis

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 12 - Kin 146, White Electric Worldbridger (8 Jul)

Today is both New Moon and start of the second 10-day run of Galactic Activation Portals in the Tzolkin - known as the Omega GAP Run.

This GAP Run is super synchronized, as it continues the synchronization of the daily solar seal with the Cube position!

[Seal & Tone]Dali 22 - Kin 156, Yellow Cosmic Warrior (18 Jul)

Today completes the 13-day Seed Wavespell - power of flowering - As well as the 52-day Blue Western Castle of Burning: Court of Transformation:

Complete now were the fifty-two steps of the Blue Western Castle of Burning. The power of magic fulfilled itself in transforming the Dragon Genesis into the Monkey Genesis. Three castles, one hundred fifty-six steps, one hundred fifty-six Dreamspell centuries completed, the journey of Timeship Earth now turned toward galactic south for the continuation of the fourth castle, the radiant Yellow Castle of Giving. Dreamspell Genesis

Final week of the Seventh Mystic Moon!

[Seal & Tone]Seli 23 - Kin 157, Red Magnetic Earth (19 Jul)

Today begins both the 13-day Red Earth Wavespell of Navigation/Synchronicity as well as the 52-day Yellow Southern Castle of Giving: Court of Intelligence.

[Seal & Tone]Just as the planetary kin received the powers of birth, death and magic from passage through the first three castles, so the fourth would bestow on them the Warrior power of intelligence.

Now came the first magnetic gate of the Castle of Giving, the thirteenth wavespell, the Earth wavespell casting the power of navigation. Mighty were the kin on entering this gate, powerful were they in navigating the magic of the thirteen. Dreamspell Genesis

The Red Earth Wavespell of Synchronicity will take us right through Galactic Synchronization and into the New Beam! (ends Magnetic Moon 6, Kin 169 / July 31)

The Yellow Southern Castle of Giving – a perfect start to the New Time of Peace on Earth! – will take us two moons into the New Beam, ending Lunar Moon Gamma 17, Kin 208 / Sept 8

[Seal & Tone]Kali 25 - Kin 159, Blue Electric Storm (21 Jul)

Today begins the 5-day Uayeb with the meditation: "All that is needed in order to obtain the precious stone…"
5-day count down to Day Out of Time 2013!

Join the 13:20 Love Revolution!!!

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 26 - Kin 160, Yellow Self-Existing Sun (22 Jul)

Full Moon and Supermoon!  World Noosphere Day and Full Moon! Today also begins the 3-day Meditation Retreat: Becoming Your Galactic Archetype - at the base of Mt.Shasta - catalyzing battery of the New Beam!

This Supermoon is the 3rd in a row in 2013 and leads up to a Grand Sextile on Kin 167, Magnetic Moon Kali 4.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 28 - Kin 162, White Rhythmic Wizard (24 Jul)

Final fully-amplified Rainbow Bridge Meditation of the Blue Resonant Storm year! Catalyze the energy of the New Beam through the instrument of your body - ground the New Time and launch the rainbow!

[Seal & Tone]Day Out of Time - Kin 163, Blue Resonant Night (25 Jul)

Final day of the Seven Cycles of the Return of Sacred Power - Completion of the Galactic Spiral Density Wave 1008-day cycle to the Noosphere!

The Earth and Myself are One Mind

Send your Day out of Time event flyers to - spark the 13:20 Love, Art and Synchronicity Revolution!!

Special Day Out of Time Message from Japan
Special Day out of Time message from Japan

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