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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - White Planetary Wizard Year 2015-2016 - Issue #68

Welcome to the 2015 Self-Existing Owl Moon Edition of the Noos-letter


In the Self-Existing Moon, we define the form of our service and ask ourself: What form will my service take?

Last moon we completed the final lunar eclipse of the tetrad that concluded in the third year of the new beam cycle. As this new beam vibration quickens on our planet, the unconscious is brought to the surface. This unconscious, polarized energy on our planet is largely due to the "time wars."

The time war on Earth is due to a low frequency (12:60) beam directed toward our planet that inseminates our electromagnetic mind field with artificial time. This low frequency time beam hits Earth's ionosphere releasing a shower of time release projections meant to consign us to the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension. Everything outside of this artificial perceptual matrix is deemed a "conspiracy theory."

Consider that the daily life and thoughts of the masses is governed by this artificial beam also known as the theft of time.

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country ... We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of ... In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by this relatively small number of persons ... who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.
-Edward Bernays, Propaganda

In this Moon we are called to bring new consciousness into physical form, knowing that we are the biosphere's most evolved agent of self-reflective intelligence, and the one most greatly affecting its future evolutionary condition.

Denying the innate cyclic regenerative power of time, exploiting the resources of the biosphere only for the creation of a massive slave population controlled by the profit-making interests of a few, whose net biosphere result is the creation of greater amounts of non-consumable waste every day, while trapped in sectarian dilemmas, conflicts and wars of every kind, the consequence and error of the crime in time are all pervasive.
–Jose Arguelles, Manifesto for the Noosphere

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Self-Existing Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar]

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

[Seal & Tone]Continuing our One Moon = One Kin count which began in the Magnetic Moon of the Yellow Overtone Seed Year (1997), this Moon corresponds to Kin 238, White Self-Existing Mirror:

I define in order to reflect
Measuring order
I seal the matrix of endlessness
With the self-existing tone of form
I am guided by the power of timelessness

(Click here to see all the White Self-Existing Mirrors on galacticSpacebook!)

Just as each daily kin has a fifth force oracle, so does the entire moon have a fifth force oracle. For this moon, the oracle is based on the Kin 238, White Self-Existing Mirror:

[Fifth Force Oracle graphic for Kin 236]Kin 238, White Self-Existing Mirror (SP Neptune) is supported by Kin 121, Red Self-Existing Dragon (GK Neptune); Guided by Kin 134, White Self-Existing Wizard (SP Maldek); Challenged by Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star (GK Venus); and receives hidden/occult power from Kin 23, Blue Planetary Night (GK Saturn).

This Moon, the fourth-dimensional planetary influences are Venus, Maldek, Saturn and Neptune. In the Telektonon board, the orbits of Venus and Neptune together hold Circuit 2: the allied memory/instinct circuit; the orbits of Mars and Saturn together hold Circuit 4: the externalizing intelligence circuit; and the orbits of Maldek and Jupiter together hold Circuit 5: the internalizing intelligence circuit.

Book of the Transcendence describes these circuits as the following:

Allied memory/instinct circuit (2nd Circuit - Neptune & Venus):

[Dragon Seal][Star Seal]GK (Galactic-Karmic in-breath) - Cosmic memory/akashic access codes/power of total recall (Neptune/Red Dragon); Instinctual + innate aesthetic structures and skills (Venus/Yellow Star)

[Mirror Seal][Monkey Seal]SP (Solar-Prophetic out-breath) - Supreme powers of cosmic samadhi (Neptune/White Mirror); Instinctual powers of innate cosmic magnetism (Venus/Blue Monkey).

Externalizing intelligence circuit (4th Circuit):

[Night Seal][Worldbridger Seal]GK - Externalizing telepathic spiritual abundance potential (Saturn/Blue Night); Externalizing instrinctual programs of order and dominance (Mars/White Worldbridger) [*Needs repair].

[Warrior Seal][Skywalker Seal]SP - Externalizing perceptual structures of intelligence (Saturn/Yellow Warrior); Externalizing innate prophetic perceptual structures (Mars/Red Skywalker) [*Needs cultivating]

Internalizing intelligence circuit (5th Circuit - Jupiter & Maldek):

[Seed Seal][Serpent Seal]GK - Telepathic powers of authority (Jupiter/Yellow Seed); Internalizing instinctual life force programs (Maldek/Red Serpent).

[Eagle Seal][Wizard Seal]SP - Visionary perceptual structures (Jupiter/Blue Eagle); Transcendent internalizing perceptual structures (Maldek/White Wizard).

*Note: The disrupted circuits represent the focalization of the karmic debris of all of the lost worlds as they are contained in the orbits of planets Maldek (the Asteroid Belt) and Mars. The repair of these circuits  is a major purpose of the codes of the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar. The repair/activation of these circuits represents the Sun's attainment of its next stage of evolution, and entry into cosmic civilization.

Note the four powers of the four solar seals that hold these circuits:

Red Serpent - Sex/Life Force [Disrupted, needs repair]
White Worldbridger - Death [Disrupted, needs repair]
Red Skywalker - Prophecy/Space [Disrupted, needs cultivating]
White Wizard - Timelessness [Disrupted, needs to be activated]

See also the opening chapters to Accessing Your Multidimensional Self.

Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Self-Existing Moon - White Planetary Wizard Yr.

NOTE: Numbers in magenta indicate count of days in the 812 days to Solar Consciousness.

You can click on the Kin of each of the Star Traveler's Synchronicities to find a list of all the people registered on whose signature is that Kin! If you feel so inspired, click the signature on that day and wish them a happy galactic birthday!

[Seal & Tone]Dali 1 - Kin 198, White Electric Mirror (18 Oct) Day 430 of 812

Welcome to the Self-Existing Moon! This 28-day Moon has five galactic activation portals days. This Moon is also comprised of Days 430-457 of the 812-days to Solar Consciousness.

[Seal & Tone]Seli 2 - Kin 199, Blue Self-Existing Storm (19 Oct) Day 431 of 812

Magic Turtle Day (A day when the TONE of the daily kin matches the TONE of the Moon - i.e. Blue SELF-EXISTING Storm day in the SELF-EXISTING moon.

[Seal & Tone]Kali 4 - Kin 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon (21 Oct) Day 433 of 812

Today begins an interesting 9-day cycle which corresponds with days 433-441 of the 812-days to Solar Consciousness. Note that in the 441 Cube Matrix, the units numbered 433-441 are known as the Nine Stations of the Ark - each station representing a divine archetype. Below is an index of those nine stations, with these nine days noted (Note that even the Gregorian dates synchronize with the Kin numbers, i.e. Kin 201 occurs on Oct 21, Kin 202 = Oct 22, etc.:

  • 433: Buddha - Archetype of the Enlightened One.
    (Day 1/Self-Existing Moon Kali 4, Kin 201 - 21 Oct).

  • 434: Primal Eve/Mary/Red Queen - Archetype of the divinely created feminine (Shakti).
    (Day 2/Self-Existing Moon Alpha 5, Kin 202 - 22 Oct).

  • 435: Padmasambhava/St. John of Patmos - Archetype of the revealer of hidden knowledge (terma).
    (Day 3/Self-Existing Moon Limi 6, Kin 203 - 23 Oct).

  • 436: Muhammad/Quetzalcoatl - Archetype of the divinely inspired prophet.
    (Day 4/Self-Existing Moon Silio 7, Kin 204 - 24 Oct).

  • 437: Abraham - Archetype of the progenitor of UR.
    (Day 5/Self-Existing Moon Dali 8, Kin 205 - 25 Oct).

  • 438: Primal Adam - Archetype of the first created human type.
    (Day 6/Self-Existing Moon Seli 9, Kin 206 - 26 Oct).

  • 439: Krishna/Avatars - Archetype of the avatar as the embodiment of the descent of divine knowledge.
    (Day 7/Self-Existing Moon Gamma 10, Kin 207 - 27 Oct).

  • 440: Jesus - Archetype of the resurrection.
    (Day 8/Self-Existing Moon Kali 11, Kin 208 - 28 Oct).

  • 441: Noah/Votan - Archetype of the messengers of time and the system of the Cube.
    (Day 9/Self-Existing Moon Alpha 12, Kin 209 - 29 Oct).

It is incredible to note that this whole process concludes on Kin 209, which is the entrance into the Green Central Castle of Enchantment - fourth-dimensionally representing the time in which the planet Earth takes magic flight into galactic synchronization...

Movie fans may also find it interesting to note that the date the whole process begins, 21 October 2015, was the date "in the future" that Marty McFly traveled to in "Back To The Future"...

[Seal & Tone]Limi 6 - Kin 203, Blue Galactic Night (23 Oct) Day 435 of 812

Galactic activation portal day.

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 10 - Kin 207, Blue Crystal Hand (27 Oct) Day 439 of 812

Full Moon.

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 12 - Kin 209, Red Magnetic Moon (29 Oct) Day 441 of 812

[Image of Moon Wavespell][Image of Green Central Castle of Enchantment]Today begins the 13-day Red Moon Wavespell of Purfying/Universal Water, the first/initiating Wavespell of the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment, Court of Synchronization: Moon tribe initiates enchantment through power of universal water, truth of galactic Mercury remembered...

This wavespell will end on Gamma 24 of this Moon, Kin 221 (10 November, 2015).

Also note that today is both the 441st day of the 812-days to Solar Consciousness and the first day of the Green Central Castle of Enchantment/Merlin's Tower...

[Seal & Tone]Limi 13 - Kin 210, White Lunar Dog (30 Oct) Day 442 of 812

Galactic activation portal day.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 14 - Kin 211, Blue Electric Monkey (31 Oct) Day 443 of 812

Galactic activation portal day. Pacal Votan clear sign day - Blue Electric Monkey is one of thirteen "clear signs" that is carved on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan... Today also begins the Day of the Dead celebration...

[Seal & Tone]Dali 15 - Kin 212, Yellow Self-Existing Human (1 Nov = 11-1) Day 444 of 812

Magic Turtle Day. Today also begins the 7-day Vision Counsil event in Sebastopol, Russia:

[Seal & Tone]Silio 21 - Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror (7 Nov) Day 450 of 812

Galactic activation portal day.

[Seal & Tone]Kali 25 - Kin 222, White Magnetic Wind (11 Nov = 11-11) Day 454 of 812

[Image of Wind Wavespell][Image of Green Central Castle of Enchantment]Today is a galactic activation portal day and begins the 13-day White Wind Wavespell of Spirit, the second/refining Wavespell of the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment, Court of Synchronization: Wind tribe refines enchantment through power of spirit, truth of galactic Uranus remembered...

This wavespell will end on Seli 9 of the Overtone Moon, Kin 234, White Cosmic Wizard (23 November, 2015).

Check out the "Dreamspell Wavetracks" videos by Martin Kuipers.

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 26 - Kin 223, Blue Lunar Night (12 Nov) Day 455 of 812

New Moon.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 28 - Kin 225, Red Self-Existing Serpent (14 Nov) Day 457 of 812

Magic Turtle Day and day for the full-on 28-day Rainbow Bridge Meditation.

Heptad Path Codes for the Self-Existing Moon

In the 52-week journey through the 52 heptad paths of the Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Tree and Life and Knowledge, the following heptad paths are activated for the Self-Existing Moon:

[Chart showing Hunab Ku 21 grid with Heptad Paths for this Moon highlighted]Red Week 1 - Initiate
[Wind Seal][Skywalker Seal]Heptad 13: Spirit evolves Prophecy (Self-Existing Moon 1-7 / Oct 18-24)

White Week 2 - Refine
[Monkey Seal][Skywalker Seal]Heptad 14: Magic awakens Prophecy (Self-Existing Moon 8-14 / Oct 25-31)

Blue Week 3 - Transform
[Human Seal][Skywalker Seal]Heptad 15: Wisdom transmits Prophecy (Self-Existing Moon 15-21 / Nov 1-7)

Yellow Week 4 - Ripen
[Seed Seal][Wizard Seal]Heptad 16: Awareness evolves Timelessness (Self-Existing Moon 22-28 / Nov 8-14)

In the Galactic Superstructure/the Hunab Ku 21, the four heptads of the Self-Existing Moon - taken as a whole - are the place in time where the "Power of Prophecy evolves Power of Intelligence" Learn more in Book of the Timespace, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume V.

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