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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Blue Spectral Storm Year 2016-2017 - Issue #78

Welcome to the 2016 Magnetic Bat Moon Edition of the Noos-letter

[Serpent]Welcome to the Magnetic Moon of Purpose, the first moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell. We have now entered the powerful year of the Blue Spectral Storm. The affirmation of this year is:

I dissolve in order to catalyze
Releasing energy
I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled.

This year we open the fourth light gate and complete the first Seed-Storm bundle of the new cycle (2013 - 2017). This year also completes the 4-year process of holographic alignment that began July 26, 2013.

Storm energy corresponds to solar/prophetic Pluto with the qualities of self-generation and enlightenment. As we liberate the energy of the New Beam to reveal the Unseen, the contents of the underworld (unconscious) surfaces into the conscious realm of mainstream awareness to create unprecedented transformation.

Contemplate the archetypal significance that Pluto was officially reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006. There is much to be revealed this year in regard to the Kuiper Belt, the area or space surrounding the outer portion of our solar system of which Pluto is one of the largest objects.

In order to accelerate positive transformation, the Foundation for the Law of Time has launched the TimeSpace One app, a globally synchronized meditation program. Download this app now. By utilizing the cybersphere as a vehicle of the noosphere (planetary sphere of mind) we can organize and synchronize ourselves to transmit Regeneration, Liberation and Healing to the Earth and all beings.

Spectral Storm is also known as the Worldchanger. A message from the Storm:

I am the Worldchanger, also known as the Storm, Transformer, Master Alchemist, Catalyser,
“Thunder Voice” by name.
My number is 19, the power of all numbers.
Skilled at the arts of transmutation
I am the catalyst transformer.
To know me is to know your own power of self-generation.

Shopping at Amazon? Please support the Foundation for the Law of Time by clicking this banner ... and Amazon will donate a percentage of all your purchase to the Foundation for the Law of Time.
The Worldchanger, from Book of the Timespace

Support the Foundation for the Law of Time

Shopping at Amazon? Please support the Foundation for the Law of Time by clicking this banner ... and Amazon will donate a percentage of all your purchase to the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Magnetic Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar]

Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Magnetic Moon - Blue Spectral Storm Year

NOTE: Numbers in magenta indicate count of days in the 812 days to Solar Consciousness.

You can click on the Kin of each of the Star Traveler's Synchronicities to find a list of all the people registered on whose signature is that Kin! If you feel so inspired, click the signature on that day and wish them a happy galactic birthday!

[Seal & Tone]Dali 1 - Kin 219, Blue Spectral Storm (26 Jul) Day 711 of 812

Welcome to the Blue Spectral Storm Year! It is the first day of the Magnetic Moon, the first Moon of the year. Since this is the BLUE Storm year, every Moon will start on a Blue day. Blue is the color of transformation, so we have continuous transformation through the whole year! This Moon has 3 galactic activation portals!

[Seal & Tone]Kali 4 - Kin 222, White Magnetic Wind (29 Jul) Day 714 of 812

[Image of Green Central Castle of Enchantment]

[Image of Wind Wavespell]Galactic activation portal day. Today also begins the 13-day White Wind Wavespell of Spirit, the second (refining) Wavespell of the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of the Matrix - Wind tribe refines enchantment through power of spirit. Truth of galactic Uranus remembered.

This wavespell will end on Kin 234, Magnetic Moon Seli 16 (10 Aug).


Special thanks to Martin Kuipers for these wonderful wavespell tracks.

[Seal & Tone]Dali 8 - Kin 226, White Overtone Worldbridger (2 Aug) Day 718 of 812

New Moon.

[Seal & Tone]Seli 16 - Kin 234, White Cosmic Wizard (10 Aug) Day 726 of 812

Galactic signature of Carl Jung, who first introduced the idea of synchronicity to the masses in 1952 with his famous exposition on the topic. This was the same year as the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan in Chiapas, Mexico. Carl Jung's birthday is 7/26, New year's Day on the 13 Moon calendar. NOTE: That today is day 726 of the 812-day cycle!

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 17 - Kin 235, Blue Magnetic Eagle (11 Aug) Day 727 of 812

[Image of Eagle Wavespell][Image of Green Central Castle of Enchantment]

Today begins the 13-day Blue Eagle Wavespell of Vision, the third (transforming) Wavespell of the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment: Court of the Matrix - Eagle tribe transforms enchantment through power of vision. Truth of solar Jupiter remembered.

This wavespell will end on Kin 247, Lunar Moon Dali 1 (23 Aug).

Special thanks to Martin Kuipers for these wonderful wavespell tracks.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 21 - Kin 239, Blue Overtone Storm (15 Aug) Day 731 of 812

Galactic activation portal day.

[Seal & Tone]Dali 22 - Kin 240, Yellow Rhythmic Sun (16 Aug) Day 732 of 812

29th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 initiated by José Argüelles/Valum Votan.

Noosphere is the incipient planetary mind.

It is born of crisis in which the normal paranormality of the mind seeks to break out of its technospheric straitjacket.

Noosphere is the akashic medium precipitated by the interaction of the collective mental field of the human species and the electromagnetic field of the planet.

Since the electromagnetic field activated by solar emissions, paranormal activity is also solar activated, hence biosolar telepath …

Biosolar activation would be furthered by the establishment of a virtual noosphere: a cyberspheric network setting up countless points of noospheric convergence.
—José Argüelles/Valum Votan

The TimeSpace One App is dedicated to the late visionary José Argüelles/Valum Votan, inspired by his vision of the potential positive impact of the human mind through globally synchronized meditation.

[Seal & Tone]Seli 23 - Kin 241, Red Resonant Dragon (17 Aug) Day 733 of 812

Galactic activation portal day.

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 24 - Kin 242, White Galactic Wind (18 Aug) Day 734 of 812

Full Moon.

[Seal & Tone]Limi 27 - Kin 245, Red Spectral Serpent (21 Aug) Day 737 of 812

Pacal Votan clear sign.

[Seal & Tone]Silio 28 - Kin 246, White Crystal Worldbridger (22 Aug) Day 738 of 812

Fully amplified rainbow bridge meditation.

Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Visualization

Star Traveler's Synchronicities - Moon Codes

Special thanks to Marjon Planetary Serpent of PAN Holland for the Moon Codes

[Seal & Tone]Continuing our One Moon = One Kin count which began in the Magnetic Moon of the Yellow Overtone Seed Year (1997), this Moon corresponds to Kin 248, Yellow Magnetic Star:

I unify in order to beautify
Attracting art
I seal the store of elegance
With the magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

(Click here to see all the Yellow Magnetic Stars on galacticSpacebook!)

Just as each daily kin has a fifth force oracle, so does the entire moon have a fifth force oracle. For this moon, the oracle is based on the Kin 248, Yellow Magnetic Star:

[Fifth Force Oracle graphic for Kin 248]Kin 248, Yellow Magnetic Star (GK Venus) is supported by Kin 131, Blue Magnetic Monkey (SP Venus); guided by Kin 248, Yellow Magnetic Star (GK Venus); challenged by Kin 118, White Magnetic Mirror (SP Neptune); and receives hidden/unexpected power from Kin 13, Red Cosmic Skywalker (SP Mars).

This Moon, the fourth-dimensional planetary influences are Venus, Mars and Neptune. In the Telektonon board, Venus and Neptune together hold Circuit 2: allied memory-instinct; and Mars is on Circuit 4: externalizing intelligence.

Book of the Transcendence describes these circuits as the following:

Allied memory/instinct circuit (2nd Circuit):

[Dragon Seal][Star Seal]GK (Galactic-Karmic in-breath) - Cosmic memory/akashic access codes/power of total recall (Neptune/Red Dragon); Instinctual + innate aesthetic structures and skills (Venus/Yellow Star)

[Mirror Seal][Monkey Seal]SP (Solar-Prophetic out-breath) - Supreme powers of cosmic samadhi (Neptune/White Mirror); Instinctual powers of innate cosmic magnetism (Venus/Blue Monkey).

Externalizing intelligence circuit (4th Circuit):

[Night Seal][Worldbridger Seal]GK - Externalizing telepathic spiritual abundance potential (Saturn/Blue Night); Externalizing instrinctual programs of order and dominance (Mars/White Worldbridger) [*Needs repair].

[Warrior Seal][Skywalker Seal]SP - Externalizing perceptual structures of intelligence (Saturn/Yellow Warrior); Externalizing innate prophetic perceptual structures (Mars/Red Skywalker) [*Needs cultivating]

*Note: The disrupted circuits represent the focalization of the karmic debris of all of the lost worlds as they are contained in the orbits of planets Maldek (the Asteroid Belt) and Mars. The repair of these circuits  is a major purpose of the codes of the Law of Time and 13 Moon calendar. The repair/activation of these circuits represents the Sun's attainment of its next stage of evolution, and entry into cosmic civilization.

Note the four powers of the four solar seals that hold these circuits:

Red Serpent - Sex/Life Force [Disrupted, needs repair]
White Worldbridger - Death [Disrupted, needs repair]
Red Skywalker - Prophecy/Space [Disrupted, needs cultivating]
White Wizard - Timelessness [Disrupted, needs to be activated]

Learn more by reading Arcturus Remembered from the Arcturus Probe as well as the Dreamspell Genesis.

See also: 13:20 Planetary Geomancy, as well as the opening chapters to Accessing Your Multidimensional Self.

Graphic from "Book of the Transcendence" titled "Noosphere Organization"

Heptad Path Codes for the Magnetic Moon

In the 52-week journey through the 52 heptad paths of the Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Tree and Life and Knowledge, the following heptad paths are activated for the Magnetic Moon:

[Chart showing Hunab Ku 21 grid with Heptad Paths for this Moon highlighted]Red Week 1 - Initiate
[Dragon Seal][Serpent Seal]Heptad 1: Being evolves Sex
(Magnetic Moon 1-7 / July 26-August 1)

White Week 2 - Refine
[Dragon Seal][Worldbridger Seal]Heptad 2: Being evolves Death
(Magnetic Moon 8-14 / August 2-8)

Blue Week 3 - Transform
[Dragon Seal][Hand Seal]Heptad 3: Being evolves Knowledge
(Magnetic Moon 15-21 / August 9-15)

Yellow Week 4 - Ripen
[Serpent Seal][Hand Seal]Heptad 4: Sex awakens Knowledge
(Magnetic Moon 22-28 / August 15-22)

The Magnetic Moon holds the power of Knowledge, completing its Heptad Path movement in the Court of the Avatar, coded by the Blue Hand (Knowledge). Learn more in Book of the Timespace, Cosmic History Chronicles Volume V. Meditate upon the codes of the Heptad Paths and see what comes to you...

[Diagram showing basic structure of Vulom magnetic attraction force field meditation]

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