Book of the Timespace: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume V

Book of the Timespace: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume V

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The Book of the Timespace: Time and Society is now available for purchase online or by calling the Foundation of the Law of Time. This book includes more than 100 color graphics.

“We are entering a new timespace. We will no longer be the same human. We are being changed into something new. A radical shift and evolution of the human species is about to occur. We shall become something we cannot imagine now.” –Book of the Timespace

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“We are entering a new timespace. We will no longer be the same human. We are being changed into something new. A radical shift and evolution of the human species is about to occur. We shall become something we cannot imagine now.” –Book of the Timespace


Forward: Dreaming the Timespace … v

Part I: Mapping the Timespace

Channel 1: Timespace Earth … 11

Channel 2: Noosphere, Timespace and Memory … 17

Channel 3: Timespace in Metamorphosis … 31

Part II: Timespace and the New Cosmos

Channel 4: Templates of Order and Disorder … 51

Channel 5: Solar Ring and the Coming Sixth World … 65

Channel 6: Galactic Beam … 77

Part III: Archetypes and the Coming Timespace

Channel 7: The Mythic Self … 91

Channel 8: Transformation of the Archetypes … 101

Channel 9: Meet the Galactic Archetypes … 117

Part IV: Telepathic Transformation of Reality

Channel 10: Visions of Utopia … 163

Channel 11: Wizard’s Garden … 175

Channel 12: The Return of Telepathic Civilization … 191

Channel 13: Alphabets of the New Timespace … 209

Appendix: Origins of the Timespace of Cosmic History … 219


Excerpt from the Forward:
Dreaming the Timespace

“…Throughout the world at this moment, without distinction of country, class, calling or creed, men (and women) are appearing who have begun to reason, to act and to pray in terms of the limitless and organic dimensions of Space-Time. To the outside observer such men (and women) may still seem isolated. But they are aware of one another among themselves, they recognize each other whenever their paths cross. They know that tomorrow, rejecting old concepts, divisions and forms, the whole world will see what they see and think as they do.”

Pierre de Chardin, Psyche, Feb. 13, 1942

We are now slipping out of the historical framework that contains characters of the past—we are entering a new time where we are all being made into a new cast. We have been foretold in another time. …

In the Book of the Timespace, chapters have turned into channels, thirteen in all. At any moment, we can tune into any of these channels and receive specific information anywhere from the Galactic Beam to Telepathic Civilization. This is an interactive process.

The Book of the Timespace is the fifth of a seven volume series. After completing the first four volumes, a cumulative impact of a perspective of Cosmic History was perceived—vaster than anything envisioned when we first began the process nearly seven years ago. This process has burgeoned and ballooned into a broad, kaleidoscopic, somewhat encyclopedic perspective, but from another dimension.

Book of the Timespace and all of the volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles, are in preparation for the time when our lives will be immersed in the nature of telepathy and the creation of a new galactic cosmology according to the unified conscious cosmic field. With this fifth volume we are transitioning from the sensory quantum into the telepathic quantum in preparation of the noospheric consciousness in 2013 and beyond.

Cosmic History does not have a single author, but is rather the result of or production of a universal thought brought forth by a transmitting and receiving agent. In the process of creating this volume, the transmitting and receiving agents made a trip to Uluru, sacred site of the Australian aboriginal timespace. Soon after, on 5.13 (Electric Storm year), Kin 16, the Receiver had the following experience:

In the early morning of working on this text, the Receiver became very heavy and so closed her eyes. Immediately she began astral traveling through the cord of her solar plexus—Kuxan Suum. First she found herself floating through endless suburban neighborhoods taking note of the mental colorations along the way. Then she entered one of the homes, which at first appeared mundane, with a huge television monitor in the living room and dusty knickknacks scattered about the three-bedroom home. Continuing into what appeared to be an ordinary dining room, something caught her eye. Spread out over a large oak dining room table was a huge interplanetary “Telektonon” board with crystals set upon specific days and circuits. She heard a voice that said: Pay attention to those circuits!

Then, she received a telepathic message from the Transmitter indicating her to place her attention on it. She touched the crystal located on the externalizing circuit of Saturn and began to levitate, flying into a room in the back of the house. She entered through the door without opening it. The room was bathed in a soft, blue etheric light. In the corner sat the Transmitter at a large desk or drafting table working diligently on what appeared to be some type of codes.

On one wall she noticed a life-size star map and on another wall there was a terrestrial chart—a very detailed map of the Earth. As she studied the latter map she saw the Appalachian Mountains snow-capped in full view as if peering into a crystal ball projecting a hologram. The temperature in the room dropped dramatically.

The Transmitter then showed her a series of mathematical codes, subtle changes in the room began to occur; first sublime sensory effects, like the lighting began to soften and brighten, then the room’s dimensions began to change; the ceiling got higher and the walls pulsed and then expanded. Different objects began to appear in the room while others disappeared. Every object in the room seemed to be shifting, altering, and morphing into ever greater creations, shapes and forms. Geometries began to appear. “These are the codes of the Timespace!” …

Sample Excerpts

Excerpt from Channel 6:
Galactic Beam

Entry into the new timespace has everything to do with a galactic beam—a higher frequency time wave that is emanated from the galactic core. All of history is condensed within a galactic beam that we are now passing out of. This particular type is a 5,125-year beam; its purpose is to accelerate human activity around the planet. This acceleration is called recorded history. This 5,125-year beam is nested within a 26,000 year beam, which is nested in a 104,000-year beam. These all climax in the Harmonic Convergence of 2012.

Beams are resonant frequency waves. Like radio waves, these beams are not like plasma, photons or meson waves or gamma or alpha or beta waves.  The beams are actual radio waves generated from the galactic core, and mediated through the Sun. These very high frequency radio waves are coded with holographic information of an epoch of a whole cosmic era or cosmic aeons of evolution.

Our solar system is actually a star system within a constellation of other star systems, one of many within a single galaxy system. We are operating in a larger galactic field that contains many energy beams that influence the different constellations. Physicists call these beams “density waves” that continuously sweep through the cosmos affecting the stages of evolution with life programs coded as different frequency configurations.

The Mayan Factor states that the time beams are emitted from the Hunab Ku, the galactic core, and even more specifically, from the black hole which is close to the galactic center. A black hole is the point at which the gravitational field of a star or galaxy becomes so intense that it draws into it everything in its immediate range. Then everything caves in, sucking in all the light.

On the other side of the black hole is another universe. Inside the black hole is a dense core. This dense core, a collapsed gravity field of imploded light, is a synthesized information unit of everything that the particular star system or universal order represented. This synthesized information unit is then condensed into a force that is emitted as a higher frequency wave—a time wave. This is similar to what astrophysist Kozyrev spoke of as “time beams”, where time is emitted from stellar cores of different celestial bodies. This is where the time beams, including the 5,125-year acceleration synchronization beam, originate.

The beam that we are passing through contains the entire hologram of all that has ever occurred and that will still occur in human history. As a wave harmonic of an event-continuum, all information and patterns of events that have unfolded since 3113 BC are encoded in a hologram contained within that time beam. This is why it is called a synchronization beam. The program of the total hologram of the time beam synchronizes with the actuality of events playing out within third- dimensional matter as it is or has unfolded to create the wave harmonic of history.

The galactic beam information forms the basic premise of The Mayan Factor, particularly the 5,125-year/13 baktun cycle or the wave harmonic of history. According to The Mayan Factor, the (long count) measure of 1,872,000 days, 13 baktuns, 260 katuns, 5,125 years 5200 tuns, is actually the measure of a particular synchronization beam. This Great cycle is the measurement of this planetary passage through a time beam that is 5,125 years wide.

… When the Earth phases out of the beam at the end of 2012, humans have the opportunity to create a unified global civilization living in harmony with nature in anticipation of the next evolutionary cycle: Timeship Earth.

Excerpt from Channel 7:
Extracting the Mythic Self

As the Earth changes so does the human. As we enter into a new timespace we will no longer be the same human. We are being changed into something new. Our perceptions are rapidly shifting. We shall become something we cannot imagine now.

We are undergoing a fundamental shift from the third-dimensional personality to the fourth-dimensional archetypal or mythic realm. In the latter every thought and action is based on the betterment of the whole rather than personal satisfaction. Archetypes are universal and commonly shared, rather than individualist and ego-centered like the personality as it has generally been evolved.

Any timespace is a mind-based reality. Our collective self-perception creates the look and tone of the timespace we project, live and move in.  What we call “reality” is merely a collectively held belief system that organizes the timespace in a specific way and then deems it “normal.”  In this perception, anything that does not conform to this timespace is considered a “deviation” in need of rehabilitation. Of course, as the social structures become more dissipative at the closing of the cycle, there are more “deviants.” This only tells us it is time for an archetypal renewal.

In order to consider our mythic self and the new archetypes, let us first review the nature of timespace and the human function therein.

  1. The Timespace is a coded set of patterns that organize in a systematic manner different levels of reality.
  2. Within this system of a timespace, the human is the organizing component instrumented by cosmic intelligence.
  3. Specific timespaces appear according to the requirements of different stages of evolution.
  4. Society is a human organization of timespace.
  5. We are a timespace within a timespace; each of us lives our life and exerts our influence within the sphere of a greater being.

What kind of timespace are we moving into? What type of beings are required for this timespace? What is the future of identity for the human? How do we enter from personality into archetype?

Excerpt from Channel 9:
Meet the Galactic Archetypes


I am the Dreamer
Coded by the Blue Night
I enter your Universe
Through the Third Gate of Light
My number is three
Activating and bonding the dream
The infinite reaches
Of the starry night is my dwelling place
Abundance is my nature
Intuition is my guide
I serve all dreamers with
Divine remembrance and inspiration of cosmic truth
There is no one who can live without me
For there is no one who does not dream
My dream is truth within the dream
When I come to you, do not doubt me
For I bring the memory of the Great Dreaming of Earth
When the tribes of time dreamed themselves human
And the humans dreamed the dream of free will
There is always a message that I bring
Just for you, that only you can unlock
Listen to me and know for yourself
The endless Rainbow Dreaming World of majestical splendor!

Excerpt from Channel 11:
Wizard’s Garden

Everything is alive. Everything is infused with soul, or with a vital element that we call life. In the Quran it says that by the power with which “We construct the firmament, We create the vastness of space”—this is the timespace. Timespace is the medium for the accommodation of matter. Timespace has meaning insofar as it is occupied by living matter or elementals. From the point of view of an open mind, there is no distinction between organic and inorganic matter.

The regeneration of the timespace is the regeneration of the elementals. As the new timespace emerges as a field of reorganized perception, a shift in the energy patterns takes place. The elementals are calling on us to return to the wonder of nature, to be aware of the powers of nature – this is where they live – they can only manifest themselves to those attuned to nature.

Every living entity represents a particular stage in the process of cosmic evolution. Fairies and other mythic creatures associated with elements are often grouped as belonging to a particular element. Each of these classes has different functions or categories and different purposes of evolution. If we begin to tune into the spirits of nature, it is possible to receive messages from them. The world of elementals is filled with wonder.

Fairies are nature spirits or elemental entities. Elementals are often spoken of in alchemy as the creatures evolved in and from the four kingdoms of the Earth, air, fire, and water. There are also crystal elementals, plant, fire, water, wood spirits dryads or Earth spirits, even wind spirits or zephyrs. The whole of the atmosphere is a function of spirit beings and energies.

Our consciousness itself is vitalized by different etheric beings. All of the creatures live in the in-between world just on the astral periphery. Most people dismiss these entities as myth, fable, or legends. But why do these entities appear in all traditions and in the poetry of all nations, both ancient and modern? These beings make themselves accessible according to situation and belief system. …

Special thanks to Michel for the Cosmic History Chronicles video!

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