Book of the Initiation: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume IV

Book of the Initiation: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume IV

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The Book of the Initiation: Time and the Hidden Order is now available for purchase online or by calling the Foundation of the Law of Time. This book includes more than 70 color graphics.

“December 21, 2012 marks the grand planetary initiation—it is not an end unto itself—but a beginning for those who can make it past the threshold.” —Book of the Initiation

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“December 21, 2012 marks the grand planetary initiation—it is not an end unto itself—but a beginning for those who can make it past the threshold.”
—Book of the Initiation


Forward: The Making of Cosmic History Volume IV … v

Part I: Defining the Path

Gate 1: Entering the Labyrinth … 13

Gate 2: Cosmic History—Mind Gate to a New Reality … 23

Gate 3: Hermetic Life and the Hidden Rainbow … 35

Part II: Crafting the Vehicle

Gate 4: Esoteric Personality … 51

Gate 5: Creative Power—Taming the Forces … 87

Gate 6: Madame Blavatsky—an Initiatic Doorway … 103

Part III: Mapping the New Reality

Gate 7: Hermetic Stream GM108X—the Nature of Transmission … 123

Gate 8: Symbolic Systems: Traditions Beyond Words … 141

Gate 9: Synchronicity and the Living Template of Time … 163

Part IV: Exploring the Inner Dimensions

Gate 10: The Serpent Initiates … 179

Gate 11: Sex and the Coming Noogenesis … 193

Gate 12: Noospheric Initiation—Becoming a Cosmic Medium … 211

Gate 13: Seven Planetary Initiations … 227

Appendix: Synchronic Order as Symbolic Construct … 243


Excerpt from the Forward:
The Making of Book of the Initiation

We are living in a time of unprecedented planetary initiation as our world is shifting from one state to another. Living on this planet, at this time of the summation of history and evolution, is in itself an initiatic process. Each day we are faced, as individuals and as a collective, with a labyrinthian process of making the right decisions in an ever-shifting landscape of information bombardment.

As we saw in the previous volume, Book of the Mystery, human beings of the modern civilization have become a race totally disconnected from Source. This disconnect is inclusive of the emotional, mental and physical bodies. The situation is exacerbated as the information age reaches its final stage, the cybersphere with all of its outlets – Internet, iPhones, video games, etc.

The impact of the cybersphere causes a disconnect so intense that people actually die from sitting on their couches flipping through endless channels, shopping on the Internet, eating microwave dinners and fast food and, in general, just not moving.

However, this stage of the cybersphere must play out; it is the final phase of sensory overload. Yet, while everybody’s individual channels are being opened, these channels cannot be genuinely utilized through disconnected beings operating in artificial environments with mechanized sense modes.

To disentangle ourselves from the web of virtual reality and artificial lifestyles we must enter a new labyrinth—only one that leads to the cosmic self. The maze or labyrinth is the archetypal structure of the process of initiation. Book of the Initiation is constructed as a labyrinthine journey addressed to the planetary human – everyone alive today. In the labyrinth, there are unsuspected energies to be confronted, tamed and transcended.

The creation of Book of the Initiation was a labyrinthian journey unto itself, fraught with many experiences attesting to the truth of its purpose and meaning.

Any creative process is an initiatic one. To be true and exemplify what it is communicating, the creative act must be grounded in the experience of its message. If you have not eaten an apple, then you cannot tell anyone what an apple tastes like. Having eaten the apple, we will now explain, first by placing each volume into the context of the whole vision.

Every volume of this seven-part series, Cosmic History Chronicles, is unique, yet an integral strand in a tapestry unlike any woven on this Earth. This means that each volume calls upon us – the secretaries, the creators, the investigators – to take the shape and form, as it were, of the grand theme defined by its title. Knowing this, we submit and allow the divine will to seize and mould us by whatever experience is appropriate to the theme we are working with.

For each of these volumes we are given one year, one solar orbit, to complete the assignment – from studying and transcribing the original tutorials, to creative processing, to writing, re-writing editing and, finally, to artistic production and layout.

In this way, each volume is defined by a single solar orbit of the Earth, each solar orbit measured by one thirteen moon/28-day solar-galactic year. The Book of the Initiation was a function of the solar orbital cycle of the White Lunar Wizard.

The essence of the initiatic journey necessary to provide the authentic experience informing this volume was a sequence of experiences that were highly polarizing, characterized by great disruptions and dislocations. How did this occur?

Several years ago, we were called by inner guidance to relocate to a remote region of the Earth, the better to focus on the cosmic nature of our duties. What began as the answer to a summons, turned out to be a testing and initiation at a number of levels. We were entered into a labyrinth of programs that expressed in a microcosm of events the totality of the struggle of the human soul during the cycle of history…

Sample Excerpts

Excerpt from Gate 4:
Esoteric Personality

The journey through the labyrinth is a process of hermetic transmutation— transforming the inauthentic persona back into the true self. We are each responsible for the harmonious resolution of all tensions and polarities within our own being.  Such work is never easy, for it involves full confrontation of the lesser self, and the bringing to light of that which would otherwise shun the light. To exemplify the courage to change is already heroic. At the same time, it is a wise admonition that the best way to dispel evil is to make energetic progress in the good.

Hermetic transmutation is a mental art that requires the cultivation of will. Determine, to begin with, to be really good, says Eliphas Levi, and all that you do will be good. Will is the quality of the alignment of the third-dimensional self with the fourth-dimensional soul essence, as guided by the fifth-dimensional guardian or angel. The cultivation of will provides the direction or force of momentum that helps us to attain higher ends on behalf of the All.

In this process of hermetic transmutation, we must persevere with invincible patience. The first step is to take heed of our inner motives and make them pure. This means we must be honest with ourselves and see things clearly, fairly and objectively, so that we can judge rationally and not allow ourselves to be carried away by prejudice or passion. It is a sacred struggle to pass from the conditioned self to the self of the higher harmony; it is a sacred struggle to remain awake to conditioned social factors. For this reason, it is of comfort to hear stories of initiates who have tread the path before us working on behalf of the Higher Plan.

This Gate 4 focuses on the constellation of esoteric and hermetic personalities that arose in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Because these esotericists appeared in the industrial age, they are set apart from personalities of earlier times. Through their lives and teachings we can begin to feel a mini fractal of the cycle of transformation over the last 260 years…

During the course of this writing, the following personalities made their presences known the most strongly: Eliphas Levi, Madame Blavatsky, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, G.I. Gurdjieff, Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, Nicholas and Helena Roerich, Dane Rudhyar and Mevlana (Bulent Corak).

All of these adepts or initiates form aspects of a higher template of order that prepares the ground for the emergence of a new evolutionary type. This higher comprehension of order and harmony comprises all parts of one larger body, similar to the mystical body of Christ. Below is a brief biography of each of these pioneers of esoteric thought, who carved new paths into the future that still influence our world today…

Excerpt from Gate 11:
Sex and the Coming Noogenesis

Sexual energy as an evolutionary force has the power to unlock the plasmas, radion, prana and apana stored primarily in the root chakra. In Hindu tradition, the dynamic aspect of this energy is called shakti and is considered the foundation of consciousness. Release of this energy activates the chakras and psychoactive nerve centers that are aligned with the sushumna or the central channel of the body.

Universal regeneration is a function of the equalization of opposite forces in a self-created unified field. Any element always contains its opposite. If the right-hand side is the Shakti then the left-hand side is the Shiva; the upper part represents the dominant force and the lower part is the opposite force. It is these opposite forces that attract the like force in the other. If these opposite forces didn’t exist one within the other, then they would repel, since like attracts like.

Even though man and woman are opposite, they still have a like element in the other. This is a description of the law of sex. Man and woman create the infinity sign. The negative charge of the blue side that is dominant balances the positive red side and vice versa. This creates infinity. This is why it says infinite universal self-regeneration. It is always occuring. This is also the basis of self-androgyny that we are evolving into—this is a type of angelic realm, where we will become like hyper-enlightened self-excitable paramecium, but without the need to reproduce.

The nature of sexuality is such a powerful, intense energy that it must be harnessed and focused. This is the function of the sex organs. The sex organs can be likened to an electrical circuit: there is a plug and there is a socket. When we put the plug in the socket, then the light goes on. This is an obvious metaphor–but in the case of sex, the hookup creates a micro universe, a unified biocosmic totality.

When we divorce history from sexuality and sexuality from reproduction, then we create an opening. In this opening, we can unite the pure energy so that we become infinitely regenerating beings—regenerating both ourselves and the biosphere. Any unified force field has a powerful effect on the context in which it occurs. When there is a conscious unified force field that is created by two sexual partners who both understand the law of sex, then the consciousness in which they perform the sex act impacts the whole field with magnetic charges. This whole field can be extended into larger contexts from the social context to the planetary context and beyond.

If this kundalini, orgone or hidden stream of sexual energy, is the primary underlying circuit that creates cosmic universal life, then it must be an electromagnetically charged force. In this way, the Earth herself is an electromagnetically charged force of tremendous sexual potency…

When we understand the different ways that we have sex and the different ways we utilize the sex organs then we can begin to experience our sexuality in a more categorically scientific manner in order to release and realize different levels of energy. We know that we exchange energy with each other in many different ways, from a touch, to a word, to a smile. We exchange much magnetic energy through eye contact. When we gaze into they eyes of another, we experience dissolution of ego identity, and recognition of our unity and oneness. Depending on the level of awareness, we can use eye contact to synergize higher levels of cosmic consciousness through a mutually interactive flow of magnetic light beams…

Special thanks to Michel for the Cosmic History Chronicles video!

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