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How do we make sense of it all as we enter further into the techno-dimensional realm where genetics, robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and transhumanism migrate from the realm of science fiction to present day reality?

What is going on? How do we fit all the puzzle pieces of our rapidly transforming world together and keep ourselves balanced in the process?

The knowledge of the Law of Time offers us a new lens through which to perceive reality. It offers us keys to tap our dormant mind capacities that activates our remembrance that We are more powerful than any material technology.

The Law of Time and codes of the synchronic order put the power back into the hands of the people by equipping us with inner technologies to activate memory, expand the heart and reclaim our autonomous sovereignty.

Key Precepts

Precepts of the Law of Time

– Time is the universal factor of synchronization.
– The velocity of time is instantaneously infinite.
– T(E) = ART [Energy factored by Time equals Art]

Precepts of Cosmic History

– Love, love above everything.
– You only advance according to your own effort.
– In order to evolve you must learn something new.

Make a Change

Here are some practical steps we can take to enter into a new time frequency:

  1. Simplify. Get rid of everything that you do not need. Clear your space. Let go of old things. Move the energy. Purify body. Eat clean, organic. Make way for the new.
  2. Know thyself. Learn to understand how your mind works. Trace your thoughts back to their source. Notice how many of your thoughts are conditioned by “Time.” Are you living in the past?  Are your thoughts shaped around weekends and holidays and tax time and vacations? In what ways are your thoughts shaped by technology? Are your thoughts yours or are they your parents or families? Where do your thoughts come from?
  3. Educate yourself on the nature of Time. What is the history of the Gregorian calendar? What do the names of the months and days of the weeks mean? What is the history of clocks? Why was time standardized and what does that mean? How does technology affect our minds? What is the difference between artificial time and natural time? What is the Law of Time?
  4. Change your calendar. A 13 Moon/28-day synchronometer gives us a harmonic lens through which to view the world and enters us into the synchronic order. Thirteen perfect moons with 28 days each (and a day out of time), is  convenient, logical and easy to use. Adjusting our timing is like learning a new language.
  5. Get your Galactic Signature. By learning our galactic signature, we start thinking archetypally of our role within the collective, rather than individually of the personal. Our galactic signature is our password to higher dimensions; it helps us to identify with the larger story playing out in an objective way where our role is magical and creative.
  6. Cultivate cosmic thinking. We are a microcosm of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the cosmos and all the multiverses, ad infinitum. Everything is fractal. Personal evolution is connected to the collective evolution. Everything  is connected to everything else within a radial matrix of simultaneity.
  7. Share Your Knowledge. What is your part in educating others on the nature of TIME? You don’t have to know everything. Share what you know and what you know will grow. For those who know all of this already, please share your knowledge and experiences of the new Time. Start where you art!

13 Moons of Peace

The 13 Moon calendar is a solar-galactic cycle that meshes the 365-day third-dimensional solar cycle with the 260-day fourth-dimensional galactic cycle (Tzolkin) every 52 years.

The 365-day orbit of Earth around the Sun naturally divides into thirteen 28-day sequences (13×28=364) which correspond to the thirteen lunations occurring during one solar year, plus one extra day, July 25, the Day Out of Time, a day to practice time is art and peace through culture. Its daily use helps entrain the mind into the threshold of galactic consciousness.

The 13 Moon/28-day calendar embraces and synchronizes all true calendrical and mathematical systems, from lunar calendars, to the Mayan long count, to the Elder Futhark runes, to the I Ching hexagrams. In other words this system reveals a master matrix, which contains all other systems.

In the Gregorian calendar there is little cyclic or periodic order. Months are uneven; the length of months does not correlate with number of seven-day weeks, and the numbers change every month.

See also Stopping Time: A 13 Moon Primer.

No one owns the biosphere. No one owns time.

True time does not produce money. Time is of the biosphere.

13 Moons/28 days is the biosphere’s measure

of the annual human biological rhythm. 28 days, thirteen times a year, is the median human female menstruation cycle. Everything is born of woman.

The 12 month Gregorian calendar

has nothing to do with the annual biological rhythm of the human species in harmony with the biosphere.

A clock does not measure time.

A clock measures increments of space which, projected as increments of time, are valorized? into monetary units.

Law of Time

The Law of Time states that the galaxy and everything in it is held together by one common timing frequency, a 13:20 ratio constant, which maintains everything in a unified condition through synchronization. This 13:20 ratio can be found in the human body with its 13 main articulations and twenty fingers and toes.

By contrast, modern civilization operates by an artificial, irregular mechanistic timing frequency or 12:60ratio (12-month calendar, 60-minute clock) this is the artificial frequency, which is an actual paradigm or belief system that the human race lives in. This belief system is held in place by the Vatican’s Gregorian calendar that creates the world paradigm of time is money.

These numbers 1260 and 1320 are keys to the discovery of the Law of Time and prophecy of Pacal Votan. Pacal’s tomb was sealed for precisely 1260 years before it was opened (from 692 AD to 1952). And in 2012, 1320 years had passed since its opening. (1320 is also an anagram for 2013, which was the year of Galactic Synchronization).

The whole Earth is now encapsulated in this artificial machine frequency that is destroying our planet by disrupting the homeostasis which keeps everything in balance. When the homeostasis is sufficiently disturbed then a shift is inevitable.

The apparent crisis the world is now undergoing is the effect of the biosphere-noosphere transition, the chaotic and dissipative shift into the new order of planetary reality.

The Law of Time also takes the form of the equation T(E) = Art.


(E)nergy factored by T(ime) (13:20 frequency) = Art, where Art is the form, quality and process distinguishing any third-dimensional phenomenon, (E)nergy, be it a rock, a flower, a star, or a human being. The Law of Time affirms that the quality of beauty in nature is supreme; it is a scientific and mathematical function of fourth-dimensional time.


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