Founded in 2000, the Foundation for the Law of Time is dedicated to the promotion of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar and dissemination of educational information regarding the Law of Time. We are committed to creating a vibrant and sustainable future based on a NEW TIME through education and self-empowerment.

Our services include:
  • Creation of the annual 13 Moon almanac, free 13 Moon pocket calendars, books and ebooks, newsletters and blogs.
  • Creation of an educational curriculum based on the New Time which will ultimately form the basis of an online university and galactic education centers in the northern and southern hemispheres.
  • Creation of workshops, conferences and events, as well as promoting the Day Out of Time peace through culture festivals every July 25. These events generate positive social and environmental change while promoting Time is Art.
  • Promotion of the Banner of Peace as a tool for unifying art, science and spirituality. 
  • Support of all Planetary Artists and art in every form. Time is Art.
  • The cultivation of strategic alliances with other scientific, spiritual, artistic, peace, and educational organizations.
  • Synchronized meditations and telepathic experiments based on new time sciences.

Self-reform automatically brings about social reform.
—Ramana Maharshi

You are what you think. Your mental projection is the highest projection in existence in the human body. Nothing comes from outside.
—Yogi Bhajan

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.
—Peace Pilgrim

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
—Mohandas K. Gandhi

About Galactic Culture

Galactic Culture is the culture of wholeness. It is based on the principles of Love, Art, Time and Synchronicity. It is a planetary revolution that begins within. Only by shifting our internal perceptions will we see a New World. This requires a collective Return to Essence. Only by a return to essence can we realize the true nature of Time. Only by understanding the true nature of time can a new world reveal itself.

Galactic is derived from “galaxy”. A galaxy is a universal module. The universe consists of numberless galaxies. These galaxies are holographic building blocks of the ongoing process of creation. The Maya describe the galaxy and its center as “Hunab Ku”, one Giver of Movement and Measure, because of its capacity to holographically reproduce itself.

Just like the galaxy, the human body is equipped with the regenerative capacity to  transmute energy and ultimately heal itself and heal the planet.  To reach galactic consciousness requires total healing of every facet of our existence, from our physical body to the planetary body and beyond.

Hunab Ku is the soul of galactic culture; Hunab Ku, One Giver of Movement and Measure, is the reality of unification, the cosmic unity of all spiritual life everywhere.
—Valum Votan

What We Believe

Humans are the intermediary between heaven and Earth. The cosmos is an ever-evolving unified whole that is designed in levels or stages ultimately leading to Source. Within this system are numerous grades of teachings and initiations that correspond to different levels of energy, dimensions and intelligence.

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