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The purpose of the study groups is to collectively tune into the noosphere, the higher planetary mind that is thinking us.

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Where Time is a Frequency,
and Space is a Holographic Unity

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As an evolving network, galacticSpacebook was created to help us Unify in Time on the Return Journey to our Greater Universal Nature – a New Mind, a New Consciousness, a New Way of Life in universal attunement with the Earth and the Cosmos.

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Suggestions for Self Study or Group Study

Choose a theme to study, reflect and discuss. You may wish to have the group think of questions to put in a hat. i.e. How do we activate our sixth sense? How does time effect consciousness? How do we clear our emotional body?

You may wish to begin the group with an intention or short prayer. Perhaps you want invite in ancestors and/or star people to join your meeting.  Allow time for all members to come into deep relaxation through breathing and silence. When the group has reached a place of stillness then have the leader read chosen quotes or passages to set the tone of the theme. Once read open for group discussion, pass a talking crystal to allow members to speak their thoughts. Have respect and try not to dominate the group.

Each week a different member of the group may choose a reflection to be studied and lead the group in the following suggested ways.

It is most effective to form the theme as a question. For example:

What is Time?
What is the Noosphere?
What are our Cosmic Origins?
What is our Mission on this Planet?
What are we here to remember?
How can we accelerate our learning?
What is the history of the Solar System?

When a strong intention is set, amazing things can happen.

The best group interactions occur when there is a space of mutual love and respect and sensitivity to all participants. You may wish to choose a facilitator to keep things on track and to help maintain a sense of equality of sharing among the participants.

Suggested Order of Practice for Study Groups

Your group might want to come up with a group prayer or incantation that you read each time you come together.

  1. Prayer and or setting intention. You may wish to begin with Prayer to 7 galactic directions.
  2. Daily code readings and/or meditation on galactic signature, affirmation and oracle.
  3. Tone together. You may wish to use the daily solar mantra and daily chakra.
  4. Synchronicity sharing. Sharing our synchronicities opens the group to more synchronicty as we begin to see how our stories and occurrences are interwoven.
  5. Daily theme for contemplation and group discussion. Grounding the material into our daily lives. Suggestion. Group writes on paper a theme that they are interested pertaining to the galactic teachings. Put these in a hat and let someone in daily earth family draw.
  6. Closing ceremony/dedication. Dedicate the love, knowledge and insight that you have received to the upliftment and enlightenment of all beings.

Focussing Attention Suggestion for Self-Study

  1. Sit quietly and calm your mind.
  2. Focus on what you want to know or explore. Begin by focusing on a spe- cific facet of the synchronic order, i.e. the rainbow bridge. Think about it and fill your mind with it.
  3. Now relax your mind and allow it to sum up what you know about your given subject. Allow natural questions to arise. What is the rainbow bridge? What is a rainbow and what does it represent? How is my mind connected to the Earth’s electromagnetic field? And what does this have to do with a rainbow bridge?
  4. Feel how it has its own vibration. Allow yourself to feel the essence and deeper meaning of the given subject.
  5. Now perceive yourself as a radio station – by contemplating a thing you tune into its resonance and therefore attract to your mind knowledge about it.
  6. Now withdraw your conditioned thoughts and wait – watch and listen. If other thoughts enter, ignore them and keep your mind focused on the specific subject matter. You are now drawing on the Universal Mind – be open and allow it to teach you.

Remember that our attention and ways of thinking are a result of the quality of our mind and the particular frequency at which it is functioning.


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