Day Out of Time 2017

The Day Out of Time: Kin 63 (July 25, 2017) A day to live Time as Art. A day for universal forgiveness. The World needs...
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Glastonbury Galactic Gathering

Wellhouse Lane, Tor, near Chalice Well, Glastonbury. July 19: Cosmic Moon 23, Kin 212: Yellow Self-Existing Human Stephanie South will hold a free galactic circle...
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Galactic Education in Brazil

Commencement of the construction of the Brazil Education Center is now underway with a targeted opening date of Yellow Electric Warrior, Kin 16 (21 September...
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A Poem for José by Ivan Argüelles

JOSÉ : THE LAST DAYS (an excerpt) “entre el ojo y el objeto, un mar: el mundo, deshaciendose”                                          David Huerta, Incurable  this is the month...
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