Stopping Time: A 13 Moon Primer


This Book May Change Your Life Forever

It is about something you have undoubtedly never thought about, stopping time – and then getting on with the second creation!

Believe it or not, it is all in your power. But first you must understand. You must stretch your mind. You must let new knowledge enter into you, knowledge that will alter your perceptions about yourself, your society, and the kind of world we live in. And the kind of world we could create if we understood one fundamental point – the nature of time and its effect on our beliefs and the world we create.

Naturally you may wonder – what does it mean to stop time? How can you stop time? Isn’t time always just going on and on and on? Well yes, but there are different kinds of time. We are talking about old time and new time. About stopping the old time and starting a new time. We are talking about stopping time and changing the calendar. …

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