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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #4

Welcome to the Overtone Peacock Moon of the Noos-Letter

With this fourth edition of the Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time, we enter the Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance. This is the fifth moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell. As we are learning, the purpose of the annual 13 Moon wavespell is to determine how to live our lives in accordance with the Earth in a way that brings about a greater state of peace on behalf of our planet.

In the self-existing cosmology of the wavespell - the fourth dimensional form constant of cosmic time - there are four principle articulations: The two gates, the first and thirteenth tones, and the two towers, the fifth and the ninth tones. In the fifth moon we enter the first of these towers, the Tower of Overtone Radiance. What does this mean?

In music it is the fifth tone that brings the overtone of the higher harmonies. Also the primary musical scale is the pentatonic, which is an octave that consists of five tones. When we listen, for instance to Tibetan overtone chanting, we can hear the higher harmonies coming through when a particular frequency is toned. This brings about an etheric feeling that is not of this world.

This fifth Moon - the Overtone - is also qualified by the term radiance, which visually and metaphorically, like the overtone in music, speaks of a higher dimensional quality that has the ability of radiating an extra-special power and luminosity. The aura, for instance is the radiance of the inner being. The peacock is the totem animal for this Moon, because like the Quetzal bird of Guatemala, its feathers are colored by a radiant iridescence that seems unworldly in its beauty.

These reflections speak to the underlying formulation of the law of time: Energy factored by time equals art. The peacock is an obvious example of a living art form, as actually we all are. When we enter the noosphere - the next great era of terrestrial evolution, we will transform our weapons into artistic tools, and each one of us will have the opportunity to become overtone channels of the higher mind, making art in whatever we do. This will create a living peace on Earth.

So welcome again to the Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time! Our goal is to anticipate the noosphere by expanding our minds into the universal time of synchronization. Thank you for participating in this great cosmic process!

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Moon at a Glance

Moon at a Glance - Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance

Synchronicity follows a set of universal principles based on a mathematical matrix. This matrix is the primary structure that connects all events, people and reality as we know it. The more we tune into this matrix, the more we experience the synchronic order. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar. The following are some examples of how the synchronic order can be read on a day-to-day basis. If you are new to this please see the 13 Moon tutorial.

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

Red Overtone Moon Year

Overtone Moon (Moon 5 of the 13 Moons)
15 November 2010 - 12 December 2010

In the Overtone Moon of Radiance we take command and gather resources and determine how to best empower ourselves for the highest good of all. Peacock is the fifth totem animal of the 13 Moons, a royal bird whose ostentatious plumage denotes a command of beauty pride and elegance.

This is a great moon to confidently move forward and unite with others. In the northern hemisphere autumn cools the Earth in preparation for its winter slumber - align with this energy to cultivate your strong inner bonds in your community (and in yourself) through heart circles, and ceremonies for Earth healing. In the southern hemisphere spring is going strong - great energy to align with for outdoor peace demonstrations, celebrations, group gardening and art projects.

(16 Nov 2010) Overtone Moon 2, White Magnetic Wind

Begin Wind Wavespell of Spirit - the second wavespell in the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment. Power of breath and spirit - During this 13-day Wavespell (16-28 Nov) start each day with a pranayama exercise and notice your clarity of mind! Pranayama: http://www.yogapranayama.net/

(20 Nov 2010) Overtone Moon 6, White Overtone Worldbridger

Magic Turtle Day. Universal Children's Day. Bridge the worlds - reconnect with your inner child - open to the Dream and listen to them with an open heart and open mind. It may be asked of them: "How can we make the world a happy place for all once again?"

(23 Nov 2010) Overtone Moon 9, Red Galactic Moon

Kin 229, Galactic signature of Jim Morrison: "If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it's to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel." Break on Through (to the Other Side) (2:29)

(26 Nov 2010) Overtone Moon 12, Yellow Spectral Human

Free will and liberation. Day of the covenant, Bah'ai' Faith. Consider that the whole Earth is now encapsulated in a machine frequency brought about by human free will. On this day in 1789 the harvest of 1623 was first celebrated nationally in America. The day of the week was Thursday, and Thanksgiving Day has since been celebrated annually on the last Thursday in November.

Raw Vegan Gourmet Recipes for Thanksgiving.

(28 Nov 2010) Overtone Moon 14, White Cosmic Wizard

Solar birthday of William Blake (1757) and Turkish medium, Bulent Corak (Mevlana), who wrote The Knowledge Book.
Galactic signature of esotericist Manly Hall, Carl Jung and Bhagavan Das.

(29 Nov 2010) Overtone Moon 15, Blue Magnetic Eagle

Begin Eagle Wavespell of Vision. During this 13-day Wavespell (29 Nov - 11 Dec) take time each day to leverage your mind and envision a group or community project you can do on behalf of the Earth. You can then use the 13-day Star Wavespell of Art (beginning 12 Dec) to create the project! Solar birthday of C.S. Lewis: "You and I have need of the strongest spell that can be found to wake us from the evil enchantment of worldliness."

(1 Dec 2010) Overtone Moon 17, Red Electric Earth

Hanukkah begins. Based on the Jewish lunar calendar, the first day of Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of the Jewish month Kislev. Each Jewish lunar month starts with a new moon. This means that the date for Hanukkah can fall anywhere between Nov. 28 and Dec. 26 on the civil calendar. The Jewish calendar is a lunisolar calendar based on twelve lunar months of twenty-nine or thirty days. Another month is added seven times every nineteen years (once every two to three years) to synchronize the twelve lunar cycles with the slightly longer solar year. This means there are 13 months every two to three years.

(3 Dec 2010) Overtone Moon 19, Blue Overtone Storm

Magic Turtle Day. Blue Overtone Storm empowers in order catalyze self-generation. This is the overtone tower of the Blue Eagle Wavespell - gather your spiritual resources to fully empower your 13-day group/community project envisioning. Consider that the command to create comes from within - and it is only unexamined programs in our minds that get between our essential will to create and the creation process!

(4 Dec 2010) Overtone Moon 20, Yellow Rhythmic Sun

Galactic signature Buckminster Fuller: "How can we convince those in power the world around that we can live handsomely as supplied only by our daily income of cosmic energy?”

(5 Dec 2010) Overtone Moon 21, Red Resonant Dragon

New Moon, and Galactic Activation Portal day.

(7 Dec 2010) Overtone Moon 23, Blue Solar Night

Al-Hijra (Islamic New Year). celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram, the month in which Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina (622). The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 synodic (lunar) months, each of 29.5 days, giving a year of 354 days. Each month starts with the first naked eye sighting of the crescent Moon (Hilal).

(12 Dec 2010) Overtone Moon 28, Yellow Magnetic Star

Note that the last day of the Overtone Moon is Gregorian 12/12. Yellow Magnetic Star says "I unify in order to beautify..." Enter Star Wavespell of beauty and art. Use this 13-day Wavespell (12 - 24 Dec) to create your group/community project that you envisioned during the Eagle wavespell! Global rainbow bridge meditation day: Raise the Rainbow Bridge!

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