Noos-letter #96 Featured Artist

JOHN DARIO RODRIGUEZ GIL – Yellow Resonant Warrior

What is your artform/vision?

My art form is born form my experiences with more than (50) Native communities, indigenous or ancestral peoples or originating in several countries of the South, Center and North of our continent Abya-Yalá (América). I play basically a set of sounds of the nature which help the healing of the Soul, the Spirit, Body, Mind and Emotions in people, from children to the elderly. The musical notes become art to get to vibrate together in the Frequency 13:20 of Synchronization, listening, meditating, planting, healing and evolving

Who are your main artistic inspirations/influences?

My main inspirations are Valum Votan (José Arguelles) with the “Galactic Meditation & Arcturian Folk Songs“, William Palchukan from “Grupo Putumayo”, Colombia, and Mateo Campos with the Andean Music.

What does the phrase “Time is Art” mean to you?

Time is Art means to me that the energy transformed into natural beauty is a gift of Hunab Kú, Who makes the Universe a true and magical work of art. Then it is vibrating in that Universal Frequency to regenerate our planet, reformulating our mind to sing the song of the new dawn.

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