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The Psi Bank

The psi bank is the 13:20 frequency, fourth-dimensional program that informs the DNA of its timing cycles. Until the discovery of the Law of Time (1989), the psi bank functioned unconsciously.

The psi bank is a resonant structure operating in tandem with the electromagnetic fields of resonance, or Van Allen Radiation Belts, which circle the globe at 2,000 and 11,000 miles altitude. For ourselves as a species, changes in evolution are inevitably changes in consciousness.

According to the theory of the noosphere, changes in the evolution of the biosphere (life on Earth) are programmed into the DNA and registered as frequency structures held in place by the psi bank, the fourth-dimensional planetary memory field.

The psi bank also reflects the bipolar magnetism of the Earth and the fourfold shifting of the Earth in one rotation around the sun.

Graphic Showing Sheathes of the Earth - Including the Noosphere

It is the reflection of the bipolar magnetism that creates a double tzolkin plate, stretching from North to South pole. The fourfold shift (two equinoxes and two solstices) of the earth in its rotation around  the sun creates four different  plates. The four large psi plates are each divided into a northern and southern psi plate; each one is a mirror that reflects a seasonal quality. This means that the four shifts in the earth's axis that occur during one orbit are what accounts for winter, spring, summer and fall in the areas north and south of the tropical zones 23 ½ degrees North and South of the equator.

The designation of the psi bank makes the conceptualization of the noosphere easier. Contemplate that the entirety of the systems of thought and knowledge are all contained within the psi bank regulator of the noosphere. This psi bank regulator, located between these two electromagnetic fields, is not only a storage unit for all thought, but also contains all knowledge of the evolutionary timing programs.

Activating the Psi Bank in the 13 Moon Calendar as Daily Psi Chrono Units (PSI/PCU)

[Psi Bank]
Click for full-sized Psi Bank

Each day on the 13 Moon calendar includes a Psi Chrono Unit, which is activated day-by-day through the entire 364(+1)-day year. Refer to your Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity or this online Moon-at-a-glance to see the daily Psi Chrono Unit.

1 260 Unit Tzolkin = 1/2 of one Psi Plate (as shown above)
1 Psi Plate = 520-units (one 260-unit Tzolkin above, with an inversed 260-unit Tzolkin below - as shown above)
4 Psi Plates = Complete 2080-unit Psi Bank

Visualize the psi bank, with the Psi Chrono Unit of the day pulsating on all eight psi bank plates. You can visualize it glowing and pulsating in its corresponding color. (i.e. Red for Red Dragon units, White for White Wind units, etc.).

Description of how the 260 Psi Chrono Units fit into the cycle of 13 Moons can be found in the Complete Guide to the Rinri Project.

Following is a Tzolkin showing the 13 Moon dates for all of the Psi Chrono Units (For example, 1.1 = Magnetic Moon 1, 2.10 = Lunar Moon 10, 13.13 = Cosmic Moon 13, etc.):

[Tzolkin Showing 13 Moon Dates for Psi Chrono Units]
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