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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #12

Welcome to the Cosmic Turtle Moon of the Noos-letter

Welcome to the Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence of the Noos-Letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time! This is the thirteenth and final moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell. This Red Overtone Moon year began with a Full Moon (26 July, 2010) indicating a year of powerful initiations.

The Moon signifies the power of universal water and purification, both personally and planetarily. This year opened in the midst of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis and the Pakistan Flood, followed later in the year by devastating floods in other areas of the world, most notably Australia and Rio de Janeiro. And now Japan is faced with disposing of more than 100,000 tonnes of highly radioactive water.

We are all feeling the quickening of events and unprecedented earth changes as the momentum to 2012 increases each day. As the pace quickens the pressure of the diminishing time space cube increases and we hasten toward the dimensional shift into the noosphere. (See Rinri Newsletter III, Vol. 4. No 1).

We soon approach another Day out of Time on July 25, the cube ratio will diminish once again. (Note that Dr. Emoto’s World Water Day purposefully coincides with the Day out of Time). Below is the diminishing scale of the cube ratios for the years beginning with the Lunar Wizard Year (2007 – 2008) when the analogical cube ratio was a perfect 6 cubed or 216 (54 x 4)

NOW AVAILABLE - Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of José Argüelles - by Stephanie South - Read Excerpts online!Annual Scale:
2007 – 2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 - 2013 = 0
6³ + 5³ + 4³ + 3³ + 2³ + 1³ = 21²
216 + 125 + 64+ 27+ 8+1 = 441 Original Matrix

Since noosphere represents a psychic compression (toward oneness) this means we are now in the noospheric subduction zone. Subduction refers to the strong undercurrent of energy that is sent out from a major event horizon – such as 2012 represents – dragging everything into it. We are dealing with a psychic subduction with immense social and even environmental consequences. There is nothing that can escape the pull of the undercurrent drawing us into the 2012 vortex.

During the 5 Moon year this subduction effect was powerfully felt with the floodings, earthquakes, birds falling from the sky, fish dying en masse, volcanoes shutting down airports, landslides, tornadoes, avalanches, hurricanes, etc. Then there was the Japanese tsunami and earthquake that occurred around the time of the Supermoon which coincided with the passing of José Argüelles/Valum Votan, who believed this external reality had reached its limit and the only way to heal the planet is collectively from the inside out:

"... whatever kind of adjustment occurs by 2012, whatever it might be, know that Earth is prepared, for it is inevitable. For this reason the supremely effective way to keep astride of this great change is to go within and transform the consciousness of the planet. A hundred thousand humans meditating in a sequence of synchronized moments focused on the single point of realizing Earth as a continuity, an instantaneous simultaneity of unified wholeness, would be able to effect a change.

"The power of the mind created the machine and the artificial time that governs our lives. Returned to itself, the power of the mind can ultimately heal all things. The power of the collective human mind synchronized as a single planetary consciousness focused on a single point could alter the evolution of our mind and spirit irrevocably while providing us with the knowledge, insight and telepathic skills to turn our crisis into the Second Creation."

Such a supermental event of consciousness by 2012 is possible. There is enough time and there are enough people capable of this. It is the solution augured by the message of the time. We would then also know that we are not alone. Cosmic civilization throughout the universe, we will find out, had been waiting for us to come upon this solution. We will hear the cry resounding across the Earth: “Welcome Home!” And we will know: Yes, we are home. A new time and a new day will dawn. Yes, Welcome to the Noosphere!

NEW! 2011-2012 Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity - NOW AVAILABLE!

Day out of Time 2011: Peace through Culture Festival (25 July 2011)

NOW AVAILABLE - Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of José Argüelles - by Stephanie South - Read Excerpts online!

Manifesto for the Noosphere - by José Argüelles - Now Available as an eBook!

José Argüelles radio interview with Lois Hunt on "Women Talk"

NEW REPORT from the CREST13 Garden Community Resource Center - Eastern Australia

Moon at a Glance

Moon-at-a-glance - Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence

Synchronicity follows a set of universal principles based on a mathematical matrix. This matrix is the primary structure that connects all events, people and reality as we know it. The more we tune into this matrix, the more we experience the synchronic order. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar. The following are some examples of how the synchronic order can be read on a day-to-day basis. If you are new to this please see the 13 Moon tutorial.

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

Red Overtone Moon Year

Cosmic Turtle Moon of Presence (Moon 13 of the 13 Moons)
27 June - 24 July

Welcome to the Cosmic Moon, the 13th Moon of the 13 Moon Planetary Service Wavespell! The totem animal for this moon is the turtle, which has 13 scales on its back. In the Cosmic Moon we ask ourselves: "How can I expand my joy and love?" Hold this question in your heart as we navigate our way through the final 28-day Moon of the Red Overtone Moon year of purification.

In this Moon we arrange the final preparations for the Day out of Time Peace through Culture Festival! Celebrate together the philosophy time is art and peace through culture! Let’s complete the year with a collective ceremony of universal forgiveness, blessing everyone (including yourself) so that we may enter the White Rhythmic Wizard year on a clean slate.

Dali 1, Kin 185, Red Electric Serpent (27 Jun)

Begin 65-day galactic season of Life Force - Red Electric Serpent establishes the Red Galactic Spectrum. This season will complete on Lunar Moon Dali 8 of next year (30 Aug, 2011). Tune-in to this season - feel the initiatory red fill your being with vital life force.

Seli 2, Kin 186, White Self-Existing Worldbridger (28 Jun)

Untying the knots ceremony - 13-day synchronized meditation (

Galactic Signature of Yoko Ono. Sign the petition to proclaim October 9 as international "John Lennon Day" in remembrance of his vision for peace: (

Alpha 5, Kin 189, Red Resonant Moon (1 Jul)

New Moon - partial solar eclipse. Visible across much of the South Pacific and southeastern South America.

July is named after Julius Caesar, who instituted the famous "calendar reform" that created the 446-day "year of confusion" in 45-44 BC and established a calendar that was patently confused.

Dali 8, Kin 192, Yellow Planetary Human (4 Jul)

Fourth of July - Independence Day (USA). Commemorates formal adoption of Declaration of Independence (1776, Kin 217) in the United States. Declared legal holiday, 1941. Two U.S. presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on this day in 1826, the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the American Declaration of Independence. A third president James Monroe died on this day in 1831.

Gamma 10, Kin 194, White Crystal Wizard (6 Jul)

Crystal Wizard is the seal of the first lost generation of the first year of the Telektonon prophecy, 1993-94. On this day, Kin 194, of the first year of prophecy the tomb of the Red Queen was discovered (6/1/1994). One spin (260 days) from today's date will mark the 1 year anniversary of Valum Votan’s physical departure from this planet.

Silio 14, Kin 198, White Electric Mirror (10 Jul)

Solar birthday of Nikola Tesla. Consider this clip from a film about Tesla's life, and consider again our options as members of planet Earth.

Dali 15, Kin 199, Blue Self-Existing Storm (11 Jul)

Solar birthday of E.B.White (1899, 7 Storm): "Computing machines can do the work of a dozen ordinary men, there is no machine that can do the work of one extraordinary man." In light of this reflection, consider the sheer written output of the following people who share today's galactic signature (Blue Self-Existing Storm): Sri Aurobindo, Alice Bailey and Bulent Corak Mevlana.

Untying the knots ceremony - 13-day synchronized meditation (

Alpha 19, Kin 203, Blue Galactic Night (15 Jul)

Full Moon and Galactic Activation Portal day. Galactic signature of George Harrison: "The planetary spheres, with their countless forms of life, are naught but figures in a cosmic motion picture. One's values are profoundly changed when we are finally convinced that creation is only a vast motion picture and that not in, but beyond, lies our ultimate reality."

"My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison

Silio 21, Kin 205, Red Planetary Serpent (17 Jul)

Serpent corresponds to planet Maldek. If a solar system and its planets represent a unified harmony and a note (or planet) is removed or distorted, then what happens to the evolution of life and consciousness? Is it not affected?

Kali 25, Kin 209, Red Magnetic Moon (21 Jul)

Enter the 52-day Green Central Castle of Enchantment, Court of the Matrix. The Green Central Castle is connected to Merlin's tower - place of pure enchantment and magical flight. Five days into this castle will be Red Overtone Skywalker, Day out of Time 2011! Today also begins the five-day Uayeb - a five-day cycle for purification in preparation for the new year.

Silio 28, Kin 212, Yellow Self-Existing Human (24 Jul)

Last day of the 13 Moon year! Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit - consider that paradigm shifts come from the cumulative effect of various factors which bring about a fundamental, sudden change. Today is the synchronization of both the 13-day Untying the Knots ceremonies and the 7-day Rainbow Bridge Meditations (happens every 91 days, barring the Day out of Time). Untie the knots - Breath the rainbow of peace and become anew!

(Untying the knots ceremony:
(Rainbow Bridge Meditation:

Kin 213, Red Overtone Skywalker (25 Jul)

Day out of Time Peace Through Culture Festivals.
Click here to see José Argüelles/Valum Votan at the Day out of Time 2008.

"Return to Reality" - Reports from the 3.7.21 Synchronotron World Encounter, Mexico

Message from the Amazonian Chiefs: Who is Caring for the Earth? - The Four Keys to the Design of Sustainable Communities - Get involved, Find events near you, and More!

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