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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #43

Welcome to the 2013 Overtone Peacock Moon Edition of the Noos-letter

[Peacock]Welcome to the Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance! This is the fifth Moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell, holding the power of Overtone Radiance.

Earth's ecology appears to be on the verge of collapse. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Radiation. Pollution of all kinds. Genetic manipulation. Overpopulation. Social unrest. Government shutdowns. What is going on?

"Though the present-day environmental and political chaos might look like an unmanageable aggregate of runaway forces and events, in actuality all that is occurring is the function of a larger program unfolding in a predictable evolutionary mutational sequence. This sequence is referred to as the biosphere-noosphere transition." —“It's not a Biospheric Crisis, but a Noospheric Emergency”, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

In the pulsar geometry, the fifth tone is the fourth-dimensional Command Tower, directing us to Empower Ourselves to a collective Return to Spirit this Moon!

We carry the blueprint of Paradise on Earth. The resurrection of our paranormal powers is at hand. The external world is dying. There is no time for doubts now. The illusory reality built on greed and acquisition must dissolve in the Light of Spirit. We are now experiencing the collective karmic results of our disobedience to nature’s laws.

The totem animal for this moon is the peacock, signifying beauty and resurrection. Peacocks are sometimes associated with the resurrection of Christ and the eyes in the peacock tails represent the all-seeing Eye of Horus. Christ said “if thine eye be made single then thy whole body will be filled with Light.”

In this Moon we are being called to summon the Supreme Forces of Light, Truth and Divine Knowledge to overcome the forces of darkness.

Every thought we think has an electrical charge and creates a ripple effect. Our mind is directly connected to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. The Earth’s electromagnetic field is directly connected to the Sun, with its system of sun spot cycles, solar flares and coronal mass ejections. The continuous bombardments of solar and cosmic radiation directly affect the biosphere and our mind.

This radiation sends forth a continuous stream of higher thoughtforms into our planet. These non-conceptual "thoughtforms" are called mentation waves. We want to open to receive these new mentation waves that are entering through a new Galactic Beam of consciousness. To do this requires a letting go of the old, taking responsibility for all of our thoughts and actions and making conscious effort to keep our mind saturated with the sacred, inspiring, HIGH thoughtforms.

The synchronic codes act as a bridge from our conditioned mind to noospheric mind. This Noospheric Mind is interactive and is knowable through self-reflective consciousness. It is the planet (Noosphere) that has the Mind, not us. To realize the noosphere is to enter Supreme Unity Consciousness.

"Considering Earth as a whole system, we must now take responsibility for the thoughts we create that charge the mental field or thinking layer of the Earth with the actual causes for everything that ails us and the planet today. Not only must we take responsibility for our own thoughts, we must also realize the relativity of our thinking and our assumptions in relation to everybody else’s thinking and assumptions - and perhaps rethink our whole program."
“It's not a Biospheric Crisis, but a Noospheric Emergency”, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

In this Overtone Moon we are called to Empower ourselves in the New Beam by keeping our thoughts exclusively on the Great Spirit and the Light of the New World Being Born.

Overtone Moon-At-A-Glance

[13 Moon calendar]

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Star Traveler's Synchronicities

[Wavespell Schematic]Welcome to the empowering Overtone Moon of radiance! In the 13-tone Wavespell cosmology, which can also be applied to the 13 Moons of the year, the fifth or Overtone position of the cycle is known as the time to take command and "gather resources." (See "Wavespells & Pulsars" in the Galactic Infobooth of

So let us review what we've studied in the last four Moons and gather it into a coherent multidimensional whole!

1. In the Magnetic Moon we inaugurated the New Beam through synchronized ceremony and intergalactic invocation.

2. In the Lunar Moon we explored the 52 Heptad Paths of the Cosmic Ring of V.24.3 (Earth). This further defined the cycle of the "year" or solar ring as being a cosmic function: the "Cosmic Ring". (This is because the 52 Heptad Paths of the Hunab Ku 21 grid is a universal cosmic structure - and is now fully encoded as well onto the annual solar orbit or solar ring cycle).

3. In the Electric Moon we touched upon the Four Time Lenses of Hunab Ku 21 (via Intergalactic Bulletin #9), that encode the 13 galactic tones, and therefore any 13-tone wavespell including the 13 Moons of the year…

4. In the Self-Existing Moon we returned to the 52 Heptad Paths again, to explore the fact that each heptad or week is also coded by two planetary influences.

Taken as a whole, we see that these four moons illustrate the unity of time, space, cosmos, astronomy, stars, planets, life and consciousness as a function of higher-dimensional structures. In other words these higher-dimensional structures are like the intelligence that form the latticework or "code" behind the reality that we perceive with our five + 1 senses.

Now that the New Galactic Beam has been activated (Galactic Seed/July 26, 2013), a high level of seventh ray ceremonial magic is unfolding on our planet, despite surface appearances.

This unfolding is quickened through conscious participation and self-reflective thought as enacted through synchronized ceremonies and meditations to align our will with Divine Will and to align our mind with the cosmos.

We invite everyone to join the galacticSpacebook Group: Universalizing Synchronicity through Ceremonial Magic. This group is intended to be a hub for globally synchronized meditations through the 13 Moon calendar.

Let's meditate upon the galactic signatures of the upcoming Moons and plan our own ceremonies and meditations, inviting each other to synchronization. These conscious acts are registered in and help precipitate the noosphere on behalf of Supreme Unity and the evolution of planetary consciousness!

[Hunab Ku 21 Galactic Superstructure]Heptad Path Codes of the Overtone Moon - Power of Intelligence

Heptad 17: Awareness evolves Vision (15-21 Nov)
Path connection and planetary influence:
Yellow Seed (GK Jupiter) & Blue Eagle (SP Jupiter) - Heptad highly influenced by Jupiter, the planet under the guardianship of the powers of Vision and Awareness...

Heptad 18: Awareness evolves Intelligence (22-28 Nov)
Path connection and planetary influence:
Yellow Seed (GK Jupiter) & Yellow Warrior (SP Saturn)

Heptad 19: Timelessness awakens Intelligence (29 Nov - 5 Dec)
Path connection and planetary influence:
White Wizard (SP Maldek/Asteroid Belt) & Yellow Warrior (SP Saturn)

Heptad 20: Vision transmits Intelligence (6-12 Dec)
Path connection and planetary influence:
Blue Eagle (SP Jupiter) & Yellow Warrior (SP Saturn)

Overtone Moon Synchronicities

[Seal & Tone]Dali 1 - Kin 16, Yellow Electric Warrior (15 Nov)

Welcome to the Overtone Moon!

Get your free 13 Moon synchronometer:

[Seal & Tone]Gamma 3 - Kin 18, White Overtone Mirror (17 Nov)

Magic Turtle Day and Full Moon. Today is also Guru Nanak Jayanthi, which is the celebration of the birth of Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh religion.

"As fragrance abides in the flower, as reflection is within the mirror, so does your Lord abide within you, why search for him without?"

[Seal & Tone]Limi 6 - Kin 21, Red Galactic Dragon (20 Nov)

Universal Children's Day & Revolution Day in Mexico. It's time for the revolution of fearless innocence!

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 12 - Kin 27, Blue Magnetic Hand (26 Nov)

Baha'i Day of the Covenant - 13 Moon/28-day Calendar synchronization with Bahai calendar:

[Seal & Tone]Limi 13 - Kin 28, Yellow Lunar Star (27 Nov)

Hanukkah begins today at sunset (ends on Overtone 21/Dec 5). Today is also Thanksgiving Day, also known as Day of National Mourning - due to the perpetuation of the false glorified myth obscuring the factually devastating European colonization of the Americas in the 15th century.

Today is a super 3D/4D conjunction: Astronomically (3D) it is a conjunction of planets Venus and Saturn. Synchronically (4D) - Yellow Star daily kin is the galactic-karmic in-breath of Venus, the psi chrono unit of the day is Blue Overtone Night, which is galactic-karmic inbreath of Saturn

[Seal & Tone]Silio 14 - Kin 29, Red Electric Moon (28 Nov)

Comet ISON closest approach to the Sun today. Viewing guide.

Today is also a globally synchronized rainbow bridge meditation…

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 19 - Kin 34, White Galactic Wizard (3 Dec)

New Moon and galactic signature of the start of the Dreamspell dispensation of time - a gift from the Galactic Federation and revelation opening the doors to the Time Shift and gateway into the time of the New Beam.

[Seal & Tone]Alpha 26 - Kin 41, Red Lunar Dragon (10 Dec)

23rd anniversary of the Discovery of the Law of Time (1989, Museum of Time, Geneva Switzerland): Definition of the 12:60 artificial, and 13:20 natural timing frequencies - the crux of the mission of the GM108X…

[Seal & Tone]Silio 28 - Kin 43, Blue Self-Existing Night (12 Dec)

Galactic activation portal and globally synchronized, fully amplified rainbow bridge meditation - activation of the 28-unit time molecule at the center of the Earth/"engine" of the rainbow bridge...

[Rainbow Bridge]

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