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Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time - Issue #9

Welcome to the Planetary Dog Moon of the Noos-letter

With this edition of the Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time, we enter the Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation. This is the tenth moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell. This is a special Noos-letter dedicated to the life work of cosmic messenger and founder of the Foundation, Valum Votan/José Argüelles. He has been and will continue to be a beacon of light for our planet, a guiding star. He entered another realm on the seventeenth day of the Solar Moon of Intention (23 March 2011). What was the intention that he wished to manifest in the Planetary Moon? What are we meant to know? What is life? What is death?

In The Arcturus Probe, he writes:

“As the Queen of Death, I made a survey of my realm, and this is what I discovered. Every individual unit of galactic being has an equal storehouse of death. Death is nothing more than the available truth that any individual unit of being has at its disposal when dealing with life. If an individual unit ignores truth or denies death, then this storehouse of death becomes concealed, and the individual will live on a current of self-generating illusions. But if the individual unit lives by truth, then death is revealed as the inexhaustible storehouse of truth.”

The message of his passage is meant to rouse each of us in manifesting our highest. Now is the time of accelerated psychic cleansing. The confusion in the world is rising. Earthquakes, cyclones, floods, blizzards, volcanoes, death and destruction continue to engulf our precious planet. At this time we must do all we can to stay calm and clear.

Planetary Dog Moon - Unconditional LoveWatch the movement of this moon’s totem animal, the dog: It manifests the perfection of unconditional love and loyalty. In the pulsar cosmology of the wavespell, the tenth position or tone, corresponding to the tenth moon, completes the first dimension life pulsar that began in the second moon, the Lunar Moon of Challenge. In this tenth position we meet the challenge through love and gratitude. Gratitude manifests blessings in abundance. The more grateful our heart, the more we receive.

Our task in this Planetary Moon of Manifestation is to put into action, without delay, every good intention and aspiration, leaving none only an intention. It us up to us to build the bridge to the future – it is here that we will be reunited as one galactic family. This is the meaning of the rainbow bridge.

Valum Votan has Ascended

Indigenous GrandmotherFlordemayo honors José Argüelles/Valum Votan

UPDATE - Foundation for the Law of Time/Galactic Research Institute

Planet Art Report

Moon at a Glance

Moon at a Glance - Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation

Synchronicity follows a set of universal principles based on a mathematical matrix. This matrix is the primary structure that connects all events, people and reality as we know it. The more we tune into this matrix, the more we experience the synchronic order. This is the purpose of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar. The following are some examples of how the synchronic order can be read on a day-to-day basis. If you are new to this please see the 13 Moon tutorial.

Star Traveler's Synchronicities

Red Overtone Moon Year

Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation (Moon 10 of the 13 Moons)
4 April - 1 May 2011

In the Planetary Moon we ask: How do I perfect what I do? Remember that the 13 Moon calendar is known as the annual planetary service wavespell. So when we ask "How can I perfect what I do?" we are talking about perfecting the work we do on behalf of the whole planet. This Moon is a good time to take honest inventory of your service to the greater whole and then see what areas need improvement. As each human strives to perfect his/her service on behalf of the whole, we will collectively trigger the higher mind or noosphere itself. As Sri Aurobindo puts it: "A perfect perfection comes only by living in the Supreme and the Whole Divine."

Dali 1. Kin 101, Red Planetary Dragon (4 Apr)

Magic Turtle Day - Planetary Moon of Manifestation begins with Red Planetary Dragon - this sets the next 28 days with double manifestation. Open to receive the manifestation of the abundance of the universe.

Kali 4. Kin 104, Yellow Cosmic Seed (7 Apr)

The Yellow Seed corresponds to the archetype of "The Innocent" in the Hunab Ku 21. Yellow Cosmic Seed brings transcendent innocence. Consider the words of this song, sung by 1,000,000 children in Thailand, on December 11, 2011 (which was also a cosmic tone day).

Alpha 5. Kin 105, Red Magnetic Serpent (8 Apr)

Enter the Blue Western Castle: Court of Magic - 52-day cycle of Transformation. Also begin the Serpent Wavespell of Life-force.

Limi 6. Kin 106, White Lunar Worldbridger (9 Apr)

Begin 10-day "Alpha" GAP run - ten days in a row of Galactic Activation Portal days - days of high activation of galactic consciousness. Tune in to the energy of these days and transcend your "circumstantial persona".

Dali 8. Kin 108, Yellow Self-existing Star (11 Apr)

Kin 108 corresponds to the GM108X Galactic Mayan mind transmission, cosmic stream of the Cosmic History Chronicles. Untying the knots meditation -

Seli 9. Kin 109, Red Overtone Moon (12 Apr)

Today marks one 260-day spin since the beginning of this 13 Moon calendar year (July 26, 2011).

Dali 15. Kin 115, Blue Spectral Eagle (18 Apr)

Last day of the 10-day GAP run. Full Moon.

Gamma 17. Kin 117. Red Cosmic Earth (20 Apr)

"I endure in order to evolve..." Consider how much the Earth has endured in order to evolve to its next stage of evolution. The following films illustrate greatly the effects of human civilization upon the Earth on its inhabitants (including humankind itself):

Tapped (
Bag It (

Organize a showing of these films in your area. How can we transcend consumerism, simplify our lives and become stewards of the Earth once again, helping to raise the Earth (including us humans) to our next stage of cosmic evolution?

Silio 21. Kin 121, Red Self-existing Dragon (24 Apr)

Easter Sunday. Noosphere Pause (end of third quarter of the 13 Moon year). Untying the knots ceremony.

Galactic signature of the discovery of the Law of Time: 12:60 (artificial) and 13:20 (natural) timing frequencies. Just as 1260 years elapsed between the dedication of Pacal Votan's tomb in AD 692 to its opening in AD 1952, so 1320 years will have elapsed from its dedication to the closing of the Great Cycle in AD 2012. The 1260 years in the tomb is the 12:60 frequency of the exile in false time, and the 1320 years to the closing of the cycle is the redemption of natural (13:20) time.

Silio 28, Kin 128, Yellow Spectral Star (1 May)

Rainbow Bridge Meditation Day. "May Day" 600 days to December 21, 2012 - Spectral Star asks us how we can liberate self-defeating "time is money" patterns and upgrade to living a life of "time is art". Spectral tone is the 11th Tone: Consider the film 11th Hour, by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The new 13 Moon year is coming very soon! Donate now if you wish to help us print the "Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity" for the upcoming White Rhythmic Wizard Year (2011-2012)

"Valum Votan Has Ascended" - CREST13 Yepomera, Mexico, report and tribute to Valum Votan/José Argüelles

José Argüelles: the Pythagoras of our Time - Tribute by John Kaminski (USA)

Coming Soon - Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of José Argüelles - by Stephanie South

Book of the Transcendence - Cosmic History Chronicles, Volume VI

Excerpt from "Manifesto for the Noosphere" the new book by José Argüelles, Read it now on

Galactic Meditation - Entering the Synchronic Order - by José Argüelles/Valum Votan - Now Available as Amazon Kindle eBook

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