Book of the Avatar: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume II

Book of the Avatar: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume II

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The Book of the Avatar: Time and Cosmos is now available for purchase online or by calling the Foundation of the Law of Time. This book includes more than 100 color graphics.

“The vision contained within Cosmic Science is above the whole Earth; this means it establishes a view of reality, galactic in nature, encompassing different galaxies, star systems and planets. This is an entirely new description of the universe from the point of view of extraterrestrial intelligence.” —Book of the Avatar

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“The vision contained within Cosmic Science is above the whole Earth; this means it establishes a view of reality, galactic in nature, encompassing different galaxies, star systems and planets. This is an entirely new description of the universe from the point of view of extraterrestrial intelligence.”  —Book of the Avatar

Table of Contents

Forward: Cosmic Science—Descent of the Divine and Evolutionary Necessity … v

Part I
Turning the Wheel of Time
Where Are We in Cosmic History: Wavespell of Cosmic Creation … 3
Avatar’s Wheel of Time & The Wisdom Cycles … 35
Intervention of the Absolute in History … 57

Part II
Sacred Science: Avatars and Supramental Descent
History of the Messengers of the Awakening … 73
Interplanetary History and the Galactic Maya … 104
Cosmology, Submission, and Supramental Descent … 120

Part III
Cosmic Science: Renewing the Sacred Order
Modern Physics & Cosmic (ET) Science … 140
Basic Structures and Elements of the Plasmatic Universe … 155
Cosmic Genetics, Atomic Physics & the 13 Dimensions … 181

Part IV
Cosmic Science: Modes and Methods of Higher Consciousness
Psychocybernetics, Parapsychology and Karma-Dharma … 205
The Dead and the Origin and Evolution of Spirit … 229
Astrophysics, Telepathy and Displacement … 242

Synthesis: Telepathic Reconstruction of Reality … 263

Appendix: Cosmic Science—Translation of the original text … 283


Cosmic History: Volume II Forward
Cosmic Science: Descent of the Divine and Evolutionary Necessity

“May religion and science, reunited in the future, give help and shew love to one another, like two sisters, for theirs has been one cradle.”

Eliphas Levi, p. 364 History of Magic

We who are overwhelmed by the “information age,” how much can we remember of the whole of universal history? We now find ourselves in a reality of profound exponential increase of information and complexification of artificial life. If we are, by analogy, living in the last half second of cosmic history, then are we nothing more than blips of the larger dream?

In this last moment, a surge of complexification encloses us as we undergo an unprecedented transmutation of third-dimensional matter. In this surge, human thought forms are conditioned by a science thoroughly immersed in the belief that reality is merely that which is perceptible by the five senses, or the physical plane reality. This third-dimensional science is locked into a perception of time that codes reality within a mechanistic framework, held in place by the irregular Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock. Within this artificial framework, life is rapidly accelerating. From a Cosmic History perspective, the humans are now lost in a planetary wasteland.

Cosmic History is a beacon of light descending into this wasteland of relativism, conflict of sects, ideologies and moral confusions. Cosmic History clears what is false and shows where we are in relation to the higher knowing of cosmic mind, far beyond this little world system. This higher, more evolved cosmic mind has within its capacity, and as a moral obligation of an even higher cause, to penetrate our mind from time to time with expedient means for salvation and enlightenment.

Cosmic History, and within it, Cosmic Science, is one such penetration. The penetration comes at the absolute, final nanosecond of a vast Cycle of Becoming. Within this penetration, Cosmic History manifests as an exalted prism; the unimaginable wholeness of a condition or dimension of reality made comprehensible to the still limited perceptions of the evolving superhuman.

By enmeshing the human sensibility in an accelerating mechanization of the biological functions, the overall effect of this machine process alienates humans, not only from external nature, but also from their own nature. This manifests as carefully defined ego boundaries and selfish individualism. As a consequence, the human emotional body locks into a feedback loop of alternating paralysis followed by irrationality and confusion, controlled by lower levels of psychic energy. This loop is further reinforced by constant media bombardment of violence and sensationalism.

The psychic and mental life of the human is equally crippled from immersion in artificial reality exacerbated by the overwhelming rate of information processing and media and marketing effects. Such effects short-circuit the possibility of prolonged cosmic mental engagement by reducing intellectual life to a large battlefield of competing slogans. Oftentimes, whatever is left of this intellectual life is mistaken for higher spiritual development. This misperception is further reinforced by a mainstream global society where spirituality and religion are marginalized and not considered contributing factors to the materialist analysis of human affairs.

In order to perceive clearly, the mind must be continuously examined and then cleared of lower impressions acquired since birth. Conditioned thoughtforms are established as an infinite variety of sequences of analphs, electrical charges in the brain. These analphs carry stores of information commonly referred to as memories, forms of identity, or other sensations that arouse various patterns of conditioned behavior. If the mind is left unexamined, then emotions are stirred at unexpected moments by the sequences of analphs. For this reason, we have to be continuously watchful of our mind as we enter the domain of Cosmic History.

Sample Excerpts

The Screen of the Ever-Present Now

According to Cosmic Science, the galaxy is the basic unit of evolutive data and information of the cosmos. There are billions of galaxies. Each galaxy is a basic unit containing all cycles of spiritual involution and evolution. Each galaxy is orchestrated into one vast universal symphony of divine self-revelation, an “island universe” unto itself. If this is true, then we must ask ourselves why, in this far-flung point of the Orion Arm of our “Milky Way” galaxy, is this little planet going around the sun with such enormous energy and seemingly having such tremendous problems?

The Earth is whizzing along at 19 miles a second with an orbit of 585 million miles to complete 365 turns on its axis. Our solar system is at the center of a 6,000 light year perimeter defined by the pulsar Vela (V), oscillating at an incredible rate of speed. A pulsar is an advanced, evolved late state of what was once a supernova. Keep in mind that Vela is only a small (but potent) “microbe” in the galaxy.

From the point of view of Cosmic Science, the human is a function of V 24.3. The planetary body is an essential element in the cosmology of Cosmic Science. By analogy, Cosmic Science can be viewed as a large movie screen with a finite number of screens radially displayed. This means that all of creation (past, present, future) is actually happening right now! The components of creation can be located synchronically on this always-existing, ever-present screen. All of the ever-present nows that ever existed are happening in this ever-present now. It might be a highly saturated present moment folded into a number of simultaneities, but nonetheless they are all happening simultaneously in the present moment now.

The screen of ever-present nows includes the details of creation, inclusive of the cosmological sorting out and components of creation. The planet body, V. 24.3 (Earth), has upon it a culmination of cosmic science, which is the human, V 24.33. V 24.3, which is in Star System V. 24, a function of V (Vela), which is a function of G (galaxy), which is a function of U (universe) and U is a function of C (cosmos), which is all the different dimensions the universe contains.

We should become familiar with the following terms before delving into the text of the Cosmic Science:

  • V. 24.333 – Internal system of the human (chakras)
  • V. 24.33 – The human
  • V. 24.3 – The planet (subsystem of the star)
  • V. 24 – The star (Sun)
  • V. – Vela (where the star V. 24 is located)
  • V. 0 – Vela Pulsar (located in the Orion Arm (G))
  • V. 00 – Hunab Ku (Galaxy (G)) emanated from its powerful center.

These seven functions are discreet perspectives on a screen of instantaneous simultaneity; everything that has ever happened is happening now and since there is only one now, a large matrix exists to accommodate those points. The V.24.3 and V. 24.33 are the summation and culmination of this process. The larger structure of the resonant fields of the cosmos: Universe, galaxy, Velatropa sector, star and planet are also located within the human along with the chakra generators (V.24.333).

Vela is a function of G, the local galaxy. This G is a function of GN, (or galactic neighborhoods), which is a function of the total whole system universe. In turn, the universe is a function of the seven universes—the septenary universe. Was everything created simultaneously, since it all exists simultaneously? The key to remember is that everything we consider has an instantaneously simultaneous codependent existence on the big matrix screen of our psychosensory input board.

Chapter 10
Psychocybernetics, Parapsychology and Karma-Dharma

The word “human” comes from the Sans(krit), ku man (hu manu), signifying “that which has mind.” From the cosmic perspective, mind is a universal medium of intelligence. Since intelligence is vast and distinguished by many levels, it must be stepped down accordingly. Mind is organized to capacitate the human in its universal transition. Psycho pertains to mind, and cyber pertains to the science of communication and control systems such as the human nervous system and brain, and also electronic communications such as the computer. From the point of view of Cosmic Science, the brain/mind function is considered as a mental computer, an extension of the brain, hence, psychocybernetics.

According to Cosmic Science, the mind is the characteristic faculty distinguishing the human from the animals. At the formation of the two fetuses in parallel dimensions (third and fourth), the necessary material for the communication between the two entities is formed through the mind. The “mind” is inserted between the first and fourth days of birth as the six mental spheres. This “insertion” is conducted by the entity’s own Superior I (Spirit Guide), which, after the fourth day, begins its activity. From the sixth to seventh moon after conception, consciousness gradually surges into existence. At this stage, consciousness is a quality of awareness and recognition, facilitated by mind.

Within the mind, the alphas are the primary electrical particles that function as virgin material or tabula rasa. Images stemming from the conscious, unconscious and sensory system are then engraved and stored on these alphas. When the alpha functions in this way it becomes an analph, a sensory-conceptual storage unit.

According to Cosmic Science, thought is an analphic engraving in a series. Therefore, the act of thinking is the correct or incorrect manipulation of a series of analphic engravings. These analphs are projected and registered in a conscious area of the mind, based on knowledge previously acquired. However, if there is no previously acquired knowledge, or no counterpart analphs within our experience, the human will try to establish correct thinking according to past engravings. This means that new impressions are generally ignored in favor of what is already known. The only way new impressions can be absorbed is if the thinking process is suspended so that fresh engravings can penetrate the mind.

Analpha = alpha whose form has been activated by solen, the electrical fluid created by the interaction of two partons. In animals, the thinking activity of sets of analphic series does not exist, except as a conditioning of the electro-conductive behavioral pattern (See Part 3/Genetics). That is, animals have innate coding, and instinctual thinking processes in conformity with their genetically coded forms of behavior, but do not engage in discursive trains of thought.

The following definitions are based on the foregoing description of analphas and their functionings:

Act of Imagination: To consciously manipulate known elements, logically or illogically, depending on how they are related to each other.
Memories: Engraved analphas stored (archived) in the cerebral fissures.
Intelligence: Analyses and correct application of knowledge, sensations, impressions, etc. already acquired. There exist two possibilities of intelligence:

1. Binary: Intelligence that operates uniquely under two possibilities of understanding—yes/no, right/wrong, do/don’t, etc. This is every day habitual intelligence.

2. Analogical: Intelligence that operates around the many affirmative or negative possibilities and gives the opportunity for profound analysis to whatever situation by taking into consideration the operation of mental ratios. Mental ratios are factors that link by imaginative constructs different mental spheres, thinking layers, or dimensions of reality. This is the intelligence of evolutionary potentiality.

Six Mental Spheres

The six mental spheres of consciousness are etherically congruent with the brain, and serve as the computer or hardware of the mind. From the mind, the brain is constructed. The seventh sphere, then, corresponds to the innermost cube of heptocubic consciousness.

The human is a facet of a texture or layer in the cosmos representing the particular transition from unconscious to conscious to superconscious. The human mind has six spheres that exist independent from the brain and body. Cosmos is filled with mind; mind is co-extensive with space.

The mind has different functions and in the thinking layers of the cosmos, the functions are correlated to different spheres located in the brain. Once these spheres existing in the imaginal realm are activated, the human brain can hook up to the cosmic Internet and access information to positively influence the different mental spheres to produce elevating results.

When we speak of the thinking layers of the cosmos, we are referring to strata in the ocean of consciousness that interpenetrate the different dimensions. The first strata of consciousness, the preconscious, corresponds to the first dimension; the second sphere, unconscious, corresponds to the second dimension; the third sphere, conscious, corresponds to the third dimension; the fourth sphere, continuing conscious, corresponds to the fourth dimension; the fifth sphere, superconscious, corresponds to the fifth dimension; the sixth sphere, subliminal conscious, corresponds to the sixth dimension.

So the thinking layers, the mental spheres and the dimensions are all interrelated. The seventh dimension, or the noospheric layer, leads us into the toroidal speaking tube of God where the records of the akashic records are kept and potentiated as radial plasmatic impulses of information densities. The seventh and sixth dimensional thinking layers are contained in the fifth-dimensional entity that has the seventh mental sphere. The third-dimensional being can capacitate the first, second, third, fourth and fifth dimensions to a certain degree, and is learning to activate the seventh.

What is the difference between the fifth-dimensional supermental thinking layer and the seventh thinking layer (contained in the fifth-dimensional or the higher self)? The supermental refers to the capacity of the third-dimensional entity to evolve with complete integration of the fourth-dimensional into its mode; the fourth-dimensional continuing consciousness has the capacity to integrate the modes of operation of the fifth-dimensional entity into its own evolving fourth and third-dimensional form. But the subliminal or sixth dimension is just beyond the range of the third-dimensional entity to capacitate, so it comes in telepathic blips at the periphery of consciousness. Depending on the spiritual development, the third-dimensional self can also be “awake” to impulses from the sixth mental sphere. These impulses can covey powerful impressions or information from previous lifetimes or parallel worlds that may affect the character or behavior.

The seventh mental sphere can only be accessed through the evolution of the third dimension entity into a planetoid type of being whose crown center is the noosphere itself. This occurs when the third-dimensional entity finally comes into phase with the cosmic thinking layers. At this point, the third-dimensional entity is no longer Earth-dependent, egocentric or geocentric. These thinking layers and spheres exist independent of the human. The human is capable of capacitating these spheres, but is not the locus of these spheres.

It may be asked: How can a human use the tools of its six mental spheres to hook up to the cosmic Internet? Everything depends upon the evolved integration of the third-dimensional “Self” into the fourth-dimensional “Other.” This essentially refers to entering a non-dualistic, non-egoic state of consciousness, where the fourth-dimensional continuing consciousness can function unobstructed essentially normalizing alpha states on behalf of the third-dimensional entity (body). The third-dimensional entity then normalizes its function into a doorway for accessing higher dimensions.

Presently, human thinking is no different from that of a computer. The average human is a composite of unconsciously orchestrated conditioned reflexes—chains of analphs set to shoot off on cue, according to primitive binary on/off intelligence. These analphs are imprisoned by the ego. To tune into the cosmic thinking layers, the human must first identify these conditioned thoughtforms through cultivation of a meditation practice. The meditation practice should then focus on disempowering and dissolving the ego (through clear seeing and submission); only then is it possible with conscious intentionality to activate and realize each of the different mental spheres.

Special thanks to Michel for the Cosmic History Chronicles video!

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