The Galactic Tree of Life 23-27 July: Dev Aura, England

This event is over. Check out the report and photos at 13:20:Frequency:Shift by Stephanie South: “Shire Farm, Earth Geomancy and Day out of Time

The Galactic Tree of Life
A 52 step Archetypal Journey made available to Everyone
Dev Aura, Shire Farm

Presented by Mike Booth, Avani Paola Sani and, as special guest,
Stephanie South, “Red Queen”

Cosmic Moon 27 – Magnetic Moon 2 (Kin 61-65)
23-27 July 2017
(July 23 especially recommended for beginners in the Law of Time)

Come and enjoy a unique experience in Shire Farm. Here, you will have the possibility to Embody and Ground your own personal oracle and the energy of the Galactic Mayan New Year- Yellow Crystal Seed kin 64. This is the Year that our Awareness will Flower and ripen into wholeness. Together we will walk the paths of the Galactic Tree of Life in a journey of collective and individual self-discovery.

We will make our way through the magical Chakra Path and activate the remembrance of our Earth Family. We will continue our Journey in a wave of colors and codes until we reach the 8th chakra and Hunab Ku 21, with  the Galactic Tree of Life imprinted there.  Through this structure we will receive the Fifth-Dimensional galactic imprint that has been anchored into physical reality at this sacred and destined location.

The 52 paths that code each of the 52 weeks of the 13 Moon Year are the threads that connect the 21 Archetypes in a vast cosmic web of relationships. The 21 archetypes break down into 5 different “Courts” each with a keyword: Knowledge, Love, Prophecy, Intelligence and Galactic Consciousness.  We will discover the hidden power and memory contained within our archetype and assigned Court.

Last Year Stephanie activated Hunab Ku 21 with the crystal that had belonged to Valum Votan and had been buried near the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico. All of the codes downloaded into the crystal were then transferred to Shire Farm, linking the power points of Palenque and Tetford with the codices of light, sent to the Earth by the Galactic Maya through Pacal Votan, decoded by Valum Votan and now implanted on Shire Farm by the Red Queen. This is thanks to the path of the Synchronic Order that brought together The Law of Time and Aura-Soma, Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South with Mike Booth and Avani.

We will celebrate the Day Out of Time – July 25, Blue Spectral Night, kin 63–with rituals connected to the elements of fire and water, purifying and letting go of the old year and releasing our power of spiritual abundance so that a New Dream may arise. The following day we will celebrate the Galactic New Year (July 26) by planting seeds of Universal Cooperation on Planet Earth in preparation for the Return of the People of OMA: Original Matrix Attained.

July 23 is a day reserved to the people that are new to the Law of Time and want to join the course. They will be introduced to the 13 Moon Year Cycle, the 20 Solar Tribes and 13 Galactic Tones, the 20 Archetypes and how the Equilibrium of Aura-Soma interface with the Codes of Light.

For all others attending, the course will run from the 24th – 27th July. All are welcome, beginners and advanced.

Space is limited. To reserve your place on this very special course, please contact: or download booking form here.

In love and light

The Academy Team

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