Galactic Education in Brazil

Commencement of the construction of the Brazil Education Center is now underway with a targeted opening date of Yellow Electric Warrior, Kin 16 (21 September 2016).

Work has been underway for over 4 weeks now and the frame for the first dome is nearing completion. The plan is for three 11 meter domes; one for presentations; one for facilities that include kitchen, dining room, bathrooms and showers; and one for dormitories to sleep 40 people.

The presentation dome is the first one to be constructed and is shown here at its first stages of foundations and timber dome frame. This will then be covered with timber and membrane and finally cemented over.

Assistance is necessary in many forms such as materials and tools; donations; sponsorship for major elements such as the water tower, fencing, fruit trees, food and furniture.

Sponsorship is sought for:

#1 Ten-thousand liter water tower R$ 12,000 (US$ 4,000)

#2 Kitchen fittings …stove, fridge, tables, chairs R$ 20,000 (US$ 5,000)

#3 Bunks for accommodation for 40 people R$ 10,000 (US$ 2,500)

If you would like more information or can assist, please contact Gabi or Andre at Instituto Lei Do Tempo:

Phone: +55 (51) 3282 7187 email :
Caixa Postal 146 | CEP 95680 | Canela/RS

In Lak’ech
Ishram Kin 187

CREST13 Coordinator

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