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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #5
Synchronotron: A path back to the stars

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Dedicated in eternal gratitude to Valum Votan

In the medium of the cube beyond the physical and spiritual universes, telepathy is universal unification. Space is unified by telepathy and time is the unification of telepathy. In the dense medium of physical incarnation and its inherently limiting conditioned conceptualizations called beliefs it is virtually impossible to experience time and space as the fields of universal telepathic unification. For this reason, we practice synchronotron. – Valum Votan

For the last four and a half years of his life Valum Votan was immersed in the 441 Cube Matrix that was first revealed to him in 2007 – Magnetic Moon year – in a dream when he heard a voice say: “441 is your telepathic frequency index.” At first it appeared to be an anomalous number remembered from a dream that occurred in the depths of sleep. Then he began mapping out various 21 x 21 matrices with different numerical arrangements. He soon discovered that within these matrices was contained a profound concentration of information: a superior overlay of a comprehensive understanding of the interplanetary structures of knowledge.

The first thing he studied was the time matrix as overlayed onto the space matrix.  He perceived that these matrices together formed a telepathic index of the supreme field of universal unification of time and space that is generated through the medium of the cube.

After several moons of working with these different overlays of the 441 cube grids, including  the squares, square intervals and time frequency ratios, he discovered that they revealed timespace in its cosmic totality to be a universal unified field of interlocking telepathic frequencies and frequency patterns. Synchronotron is the name he gave to this entire 441 cube matrix system

Some people wonder what working with these seemingly obscure number matrices has to do with their day-to-day life. So this Intergalactic Bulletin attempts to elucidate this by weaving in real time events and life experiences to give new inspiration, ideas and ways of “reading” how these code frequencies show up in our everyday life. “Personal” examples are included merely to illustrate how this system can be worked with in decoding your own life. . If you are new to this, you can learn the basics of the system by going to or obtaining a Book of the Cube (

Back to the Dream

Valum Votan experienced the 441 dream initiation early in the morning of Cosmic Earth, Kin 117 – the first day of the Resonant Moon, the perfect 7 days of the star sign Sirius B. As the 13th sign of the Serpent (Maldekian) wavespell, Cosmic Earth, power of cosmic navigation, is the ark that sails from Maldek to Earth by the Uranian code (196). Uranus is the planet associated with Earth, guided by the Cosmic Dragon signifying Neptunian memory birth. Kin 117 (9 x 13) signifies the mathematical code of the prophetic sign of the prophecy of Pacal Votan, long count date  So on this day the ark of Maldek was revealed and restored as the template of knowledge of timespace regenerated.

Kin 117 shows up in the center (V.11, H.11) of the time matrix overlay in the ninth time dimension, inner time of the universal cosmic core. From this center are all the time codes of the 13 Moon calendar emanated. The ninth time dimension is also the central holomind perceiver radio tuning, transmitter and receiver station – the streaming source of all the 441 codes. This is also known as the master storage space of the Akashic Book of Clear Records, the omnigalactic core of the GM108X frequency. This number 117 is also the sum total of the three center points in the time matrix that are the three lattices of the fourth-dimensional etheric body (13 + 65 + 39 = 117).

This is to illustrate the perfection of the 441 codes transmitted specifically on Kin 117.

Also if we add the five kin numbers of the fifth force oracle of Kin 117, the sum is 911! The Base Matrix Unit (BMU) of 911 is 29 and the kin equivalent is Kin 131 – Blue Magnetic Monkey, the psi chrono unit of Valum Votan’s birthdate, Resonant 15 (January 24).

If we add the BMU 29 + 131 = 160 = 4 Ahau, long count date that codes 12-21-2012! In the holomind perceiver BMU 29 (V.1, H.13) is one of the four hyperplasma generators located in the seventh time dimension of the GM108X forcefield.

9-11 Synchronicities

 VV departed this planet on Spectral Moon, solar seal 9, tone 11. His book Time and the Technosphere (2001) was written as a response to 9-11, 2001 which he declared as the beginning of the end of artificial 12:60 time.

If we run 9-11, 2001 (2.20) through the synchronotron system, we see the Telepathic Frequency Index (TFI) is 1513. The BMU is 190. And the Kin equivalent is 213 – Red Overtone Skywalker coded by S/P Mars. Kin 213 coded this past Day out of Time 2011! And this year 9-11-11 landed on Kin 1 of which the long count date was 5 Ben, Kin 213! Kin 213 signifies the Martian Command Tower.  

A few weeks before the Day out of Time there was a newspaper article stating that Barack Obama (4 Skywalker/Martian) plans to explore deep into space with an eye to Mars. He asked NASA and other space agencies to:  “scout Mars, probe the sun’s atmosphere, build a better telescope than Hubble, visit asteroids and find new methods of propulsion to get people into deep space.” He said he expected by the mid 2030s that we will be able to send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to Earth.

Continuing with the 9-11 theme, the 441 kin equivalent of VV’s birth TFI is Kin 231 (4 Monkey), and RQ’s birth TFI kin equivalent is Kin 11 (11 Monkey). These kin numbers are the first and last Monkey magician signs in the harmonic module. They also code the 9-11 as the Twin Towers were dedicated on Kin 11 (1973) and destroyed 28 years later on Kin 231 (2001), symbolizing the destruction of artificial time and assertion of the 13:20 time.

 In Time and the Technosphere, JA/VV writes: “The collapse of the twin towers represents the limits of artificial time. So the new paradigm must rest on the redefinition of time altogether. The successful completion of the biosphere-noosphere transition is the triumph of the synchronic order, the conscious elevation of earth into a cosmic frequency of fourth-dimensional time.”

Also note 9-11-11, Kin 1, the TFI is 650; BMU 209; and kin equivalent is Kin 130, central of tzolkin. On this day, I was working out a few other dates and was astounded to discover that the exact same TFI 650 appeared on June 6, 2000, Kin 49, my first initiation to Palenque and the night that our group saw a fleet of UFOs and a huge Mothership. This powerful display occurred the day before I first visited the Temple of Inscriptions and Temple XIII (Tomb of Red Queen) on Kin 50, the ninth day of the Crystal Moon. 650 + 650 = 1300!

Synchronotron is a living transmission. We look at number and receive feedback . We are always operation in a higher system of telepathic frequency waves that are mathematically coded. Someone is trying to reach us and communicate. The noosphere is always being saturated with frequencies from higher councils. These frequencies are being consciously directed to our planet with different types of information which are actually instructions for preparation for 2012-2013.   -Valum Votan


... Real time synchronicity note! Lunar Moon 22.

No sooner did I write the above in the occult watch of Kin 3 than I heard VV’s voice in my mind say: “Go outside and look at the moon.”  So I went outside only to view what appeared as a fleet of ships above the house – white orbs zigzagging across the night sky. I was transfixed. Then seemingly out of nowhere appeared an etheric looking oval ship that materialized and dematerialized in different parts of the sky. It was beaming the unmistakable colors of blue and red! At one point it seemed very close, almost as if to land, though there was no place among all of the trees. My body became electrified, filled with energy and I was up all night.

The message received was: There is only unity. We are not alone. There is no such thing as an isolated number. We are parallel selves waiting to recognize each other and keeping each other informed on the telepathic plane of the real news of the universe.

I felt greatly comforted by this experience and it only gave me further confirmation of the large interplanetary program we are all a part of. The next day I “googled” to see if there had been any sightings in the area and sure enough there was a video posted of the exact orbs that I saw! And to think this sighting occurred right after working out those 441 number codes! The Gregorian date was 9-13: 9 x 13 = 117!

I hope this is an inspiration to everyone to keep practicing the Synchronotron and synchronic order! This was not just a message for me, but also a direct message to YOU who are reading these words so that YOU may feel the truth of this sacred path that leads to the stars!

Also on 9-11-11 the much talked about Comet Elenin reached perihelion (closest point to the sun). Comet Elenin was allegedly discovered by amateur Russian astronomer named Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010, 2 years and 11 days before 12-21-2012 and exactly 11 years to the date of the discovery of the Law of Time. Some people feel Leonid Elenin is just a code word and the comet Elenin has something to do with 9-11 as “Elenin” backwards reads: NIN(e)ELE(ven). It has been reported that Comet Elenin came out of the Constellation Leo (interesting to note that on the Day Out of Time, Kin 213, a star was officially named José Argüelles in the constellation Leo). Also in 2004 a movie called Deep Impact was released about a comet named ELE that was discovered by a boy named Leo that was about to hit the earth. But that is a whole other report.

The closest approach of Comet Elenin to Earth is October 16, 2011 – which is Electric Moon 27, Planetary Warrior, Kin 36.  36 = 62 and fourth power of time, sacred number of New Jerusalem.  The psi chrono unit for this day is Kin 218, opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan and this day marks the 207th day of the passing of VV. Kin 207 = 12-21-2012.

Timespace Perception

The 441 (212) master telepathic index is a language unto itself, one for which vocal chords are insufficient. This language is expressed as a visual geometry in which all relations are expressed as different whole number ratios, and proportions, as well as number squares and interval differences. (VV)

The UFO sighting was a confirmation of the visual geometry of interplanetary interpenetrating timespace matrices. Also remember when working with this system that number that exists on our planet pertaining to different standards and measures of time, space, mass, volume, etc. are timespace specific to your planet, but also are represented by telepathic frequency numbers in the 441 matrices. In studying these matrices it is important to suspend our planet specific timespace perceptions and tune into the matrices at their level (which they will inform us of if our mind is clear enough). This is why it is important to do a bit of meditation before working with these codes to touch in with your essence and clear out your mind. When we are centered it is easier to assume the radial power of telepathy.

These codes are universally applicable, that is why they are the demonstration of the principles of telepathic order and communication. Just making the effort to study and understand this system increases our brain energy and expands our level of continuing consciousness which activates telepathy and paranormal powers.

Supernova 2011

“The ejection of radiative thermic-luminic properties at supernova excitation is a correlate function of a higher meditational program of the Galactic Federation. This meditational program is coordinated by the pilot angel program of the intelligence originally evolved by the stellar mass on its trajectory toward becoming a supernova.” 18.1, Dynamics of Time

Supernova 2011 was discovered August 24, 2011, Kin 243, Blue Solar Night (also note that the recent large solar flare 1283, that kicked off the 500-day countdown to 12-21-2012 reduces down to kin equivalent 243!).  Supernova 2011 was reported to be more powerful than 2.6 billion suns! The title headline in the local paper was:  “Supernova dazzles scientists”. It begins: “California astronomers found the closest brightest supernova of its kind in 25 years ...”.   25 years! This means that the last one was supernova 1987A.

Valum Votan has written much about this supernova that he called “Quetzalcoatl supernova 1987A” as it occurred right before the Harmonic Convergence that concluded the prophecy of Quetzalcoatl opening the 26 year cycle to 2013. For this reason he felt it was a cosmic announcement saying “Pay attention.” The supernova manifested rings that were supposedly ejected 20,000 years before the explosion and were a light year in diameter. In 1987 right before the Harmonic Convergence the core of the supernova began exploding. By 1997 the explosions began to ignite the ring and in 2007 it appeared that the ring was virtually ignited – appearing like a ring of cosmic pearls!

Scientists say a supernova is the final stage of a star. This seems to be the destiny of every star. VV often used to experience that he called “opticals”, visual colored geometries that appeared to extend into other universes which he felt were a function both of the Vela Pulsar activated by 1987A and Sirius coordination strategies. He felt that the 441 cube is the information matrix coordinating the activity of 1987A supernova. He felt that our sun Kinich Ahau, Velatropa 24 is also on the path to becoming a supernova. From the fourth-dimensional point of view the supernova represents a state of profound attainment of enlightenment.

The recent supernova 2011 is located 21 million light years from earth (which is close), in the Pinwheel galaxy in the Ursa Major constellation or Big Dipper. It reached its peak sometime around September 9-12 and was said to be bluish in color just above the left of two stars in the Big Dipper handle. Out of billions of stars in the galaxy this one was said to outshine them all!  It is interesting that on Sept. 9 (Blue Crystal Storm with psi chrono Kin 31), California experienced its greatest power outage ever as well as parts of Arizona and Baja California, Mexico. Also note that supernova 2011 was discovered by Peter Nugent, senior scientists at the University of Berkeley (home to VV’s twin brother Ivan, Kin 11). Nugent said: “The blast of a supernova explodes like a thermonuclear bomb and hurls matter in all directions at nearly 1/10 the speed of light. A supernova forms the building blocks of other stars and planets.”

In The Arcturus Probe J. Arguelles describes a supernova in the following way:

A supernova you will recall is in reality a star master, an entire star system attaining higher-dimensional enlightenment. Because of the 1987 supernova with the countdown just 26 years to go, the notorious 12:60 time beam was eclipsed and is now being reabsorbed into the reactivated binary sixth beam. With the release of the hold of the 12:60 artificial time beam in 1987, luminous sixth-dimensional engrams of the dialogue between Memnosis and Lucifer began to flood the Timeship’s holon. This was the beginning of the second stage of interdimensional intervention.

If the 1987 supernova was the second stage of interdimensional intervention then we must be pretty close to the full on event!

Closer of the Cycle as a Code

In the radial telepathic frequencies no numbers exist in isolation, they are always in radiant relation with other numbers, which always establish harmonic frequencies of varying orders. This is the nature of telepathy. The 441 matrices will teach you to the degree that you understand this principle.   –Valum Votan

Through practicing the 441 cube matrix we are building a bridge and outstretching our hand to telepathic civilizations who already live in full awareness of this radial interplanetary telepathic program.

When we look at the date of VV’s passing March 23, 2011 (Solar 17) – TFI 1206, BMU 324, Kin 166. 1206 = 2 x 603, 603 is the birth of Pacal Votan. And most researchers agree that Pacal’s birthdate was March 24, 603. In the Quran sura 12 is titled “Joseph”, and sura 12:06 states: “Your Lord has thus blessed you and has given you good news through your dream. He has perfected his blessings upon you ... your Lord is Omniscient Most Wise.”

The fifth force oracle TFI for the Red Overtone Moon year is 627 -- 726 backwards = 13 Moon New Year: 7.26. The TFI of the fifth force oracle for Kin 11 is 541; BMU 100;  kin equivalent 21 sign of the Cube. 100 + 21 = 121 = Self existing Dragon. This is the galactic signature of both the self-realization of Valum Votan on his 58th birthday and also the discovery of law of time (1989). Dragon corresponds to Neptune that holds the power of memory, so 4 Dragon holds the power of self existing memory.

The 260-day galactic return of his passing, Kin 89 lands on 5.24 (December 8), 31st anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon who died on Kin 214, 6 Wizard, the year bearer this year! And of course VV was Kin 31 at the time of his passing. John Lennon was Planetary Wizard, Kin 114 (the number of suras in the Quran). Kin 114 was also the date that the movie 2012 was released in theaters on November 13, 2009. Wizard is the sign of solar prophetic Maldek, the destroyed planet that we are here to redeem. Also note the psi chrono of this day 5.24 is Kin 184. VV passed on in the 5124th year of the 5125-year historical cycle. The kin equivalent of 5124 is Kin 184!

 Of course 441 is 144 backwards. The 144th day of VV’s passing landed on 12 Skywalker, Kin 233, (another Martian sign). This was 1.20 (August 14) with psi chrono 2 Eagle (RQ 2011) and long count 3 Chicchan. Red Crystal Skywalker is also the galactic signature of the cremation date of his teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, as well as the death date of both John F. Kennedy (11.22.63) and Michael Jackson (6-25-2009). Note the last full year of his life VV was Kin 186 White Self-Existing Worldbridger (Martian). This is the same galactic signature  as Yoko One (wife of John Lennon) and Jackie Onassis (wife of John F. Kennedy).

Forty-five years after JFK’s assassination, on November 22, 2008, Overtone Mirror of the Overtone Moon, Michael Jackson (Blue Cosmic Night, Kin 143) converted to Islam including the formal confession of the shahada: “la illaha illa alla wa anna Muhammad-ur rasul-allah” (“God, there is no god but He and Muhammad is his prophet.”) Among those present was Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens). Also note that Overtone Mirror, Kin 18, is the same kin as the psi chrono unit of Michael Jackson’s birthday, August 29, Lunar Moon 7!

VV writes of Michael Jackson:

What does it mean that after professing his faith on the anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination, that by his death – 12 Skywalker – Michael Jackson called the same Martian round table together as did JFK by his death? The widely broadcast memorial service occurred 12 days later on 11 Serpent, the 7th clear sign of the Tomb of Pacal Votan, and the supreme sign of the dissolution of the lost planet Maldek. This synchronic coding indicates some replay of the interplanetary histories of Maldek (Serpent) and Mars (Skywalker). Who was Michael Jackson really?

Yet this supernatural, super human superstar, was judged, set up, and brought down by the most petty, vilifying and criminalizing human standards, and hounded to death by an unforgiving media. How could people expect the most phenomenal superstar of history to live by and be judged by ordinary human standards and conventions? King of Pop was no exaggeration. And his continuously changing physiognomy was nothing more than a reflection of our entire species now undergoing such a massive mutation. Listen again to “Man in the Mirror.” It’s about you and me as well as of him.

Now that he is gone, maybe humanity can learn from the example he set.

But in the end it is the fact of his final change, the conversion to Islam that is most telling. This is the culminating act of the man who recorded an album called “History.” Beyond history is his song “Give Thanks to Allah.” What does it mean that the King of Pop died a Muslim? If Michael Jackson was some kind of interplanetary drop in, reflecting back to humanity both its love and its fears, was his conversion, then, a sign of the triumph of Islam at the end of history?

So these synchronicities occurred on 12 Skywalker, same kin as the 144th day of VV’s passing. The following day 1.21 13 Wizard, Kin 234  (galactic signature of Carl Jung) marked the 139th solar birthday of Sri Aurobindo, Kin 199. Note that Mevlana/Bulent Corak on our Turkish channel (also kin 199) was born 1 spin and 52 years later, sos she was living the same cycle as Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo’a birth date was Aug. 15, 1872 (1872 is a fractal of the 1,872,000 historical cycle) and Mevlana birth date is Nov. 28, 1924 5.14 (see Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 4: Book of the Initiation).

Yogananda and Synchronicity

The Lord is whirling untold tons of universes thru space by His will – Divine Will. Don’t look on yourself as a weak mortal. Incredible amounts of energy are hidden in your brain – and you say you are tired!

The universe exists in mutual reciprocity with itself in all of its parts. Every part is in equal reciprocity with every other part. This is the supermental reality and nature of the universe. This mutual reciprocity is intrinsically radial in all of its aspects and is perceived in the form of the cube … The cube both encloses the universe as we know it, and is within each radiating component of the universal order. This is because the cube is beyond the material spiritual limits of evolution. – Valum Votan

This mental reciprocity of the radial universe can be demonstrated in many different ways. One example is in 2009 at the end of the Electric Storm year, VV and I were in between travels on a seven-day retreat in Venice Beach, Calif. We stayed at a small beach cottage where he did a practice run through of what he was to present at the seven day Synchronotron seminar in Cisternino Italy a few moons later. On Planetary Earth we went for a long beach walk in Santa Monica – here VV had a vision of Paramahansa Yogananda in that he actually saw his etheric body on the beach and received several telepathic messages.  The following day we went into a spiritual bookstore and saw the featured book was Yogananda’s The Second Coming of Christ. Yogananda’s galactic signature is White Spectral Wind (birthdate Rhythmic Moon 24, Jan. 5, 1893). We discovered that he passed away Solar Moon 1, 1952, Kin 18, precisely 100 days before the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan! In 2012, Yogananda’s birthdate lands on Kin 117!

Yogananda’s main Self-realization center was not too far from Santa Monica, this is where he lived and taught until his death. (The TFI of his passing is 1717). Valum Votan left this planet 59 years and 16 days after Yogananda. Kin 59 is Blue Resonant Storm, year bearer for 2012-2013. It will next appear on Self Existing 22/November 8, when there will be exactly one 260-day spin until the New 13 Moon year. 11 Chuen is the long count date that codes Self Existing 22/Nov. 8. 

The year anniversary of VV’s passing on Solar 17 lands on White Crystal Wizard, Kin 194, first of seven lost generations and code kin discovery tomb of Red Queen (1994). And this day Solar Moon 17 enters us into Vinal 13: MAC: Closing the equivocating part and entering a trance. The Tomb of Pacal Votan was sealed on the third day of the Resonant Moon, January 12, 2011, Kin 19. VV departed this earth 70 days later.

The number 70 is part of a prophecy in the Book of Daniel that states:  Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy Place. Daniel 9.24  (Note 924 reduces to BMU 42, and Kin equivalent 144!)  42 is a significant number in Bible and in the Book of Revelation there is a repeated reference to a specific 42-months (1,260 days or 3½ years) which will be a time of great turmoil in the world until the return of Christ. Magnetic Moon 16, kin 229, Red Galactic Moon marked 70 weeks until 12-21-2012, Psi chrono unit Kin 11 – Blue Spectral Monkey and day of large solar flare.

The telepathic communication VV had with Yogananda indicated and confirmed that we are in the gestation process of the birth of Christ consciousness. If we put Yogandans birthdate through the synchronotron we get TFI 1639; if you reverse these numbers it is 9361 = 9261 + 100.  9261 = (21 x 441), the plane of galactic totalities of the synchronotron.

Note that from the beginning of NS cycle 0.1 July 26, 1987 – December 21, 2012 completes twenty one 441 cubes + 13 days.

9261 (441 x 21) a key timing code

On July 26, 1987 to July 26, 2012 is 25 years

365 x 25 = 9,125   (not counting the seven 0.0 Hunab Ku/Leap Days)

From July 26, 2012 to Dec. 21, 2012 is 149 days

9125 + 149 = 9274 or 9261 + 13. On Kin 207 it will have been 9274 days since July 26, 1987, Kin 34... 13 days before that when it will be 9261 days will be

Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard!  (in adherence to 00 Hunab Ku)

(if you count the 7 leap years the day would land on Kin 201 – the Moon out of time – of which it will be!

This is an example of how the universe is self-consistent and self contained and can be grouped into all of its permutations into a matrix. We can approach this understanding and reflect on the total universal order within the order.  

Note: Every prime or any other frequency is a member of a sequence of 21 orders of 441 and every unit is situated in the 441 base matrix and extends as the telepathic line of force through the 21 orders – 441 base units – 8820 augmented units, each line of force a 21 unit collective of an entitization belonging to the original order of the matrix. (We will expand on this in later reports.)

We will conclude with the words of Valum Votan.

Remember in the studying of these codes to take note of the sums of radial pair and quadrant sums as well as cumulative sum numbers and interval differences. The numbers represent purely mental ranges and ratios. This is the angelic vocabulary.

When you merge with the cube you are synthesizing crystal symmetry and right-handed left-handed symmetry of the dynamic life expression into a supermental, superconscious, supernatural fusion – by attaining this fusion you become a god-like co-creator of the universe. This is because the creation is achieved by telepathic means, to become genuinely telepathic is to radialize your consciousness – to cube your brain power and elevate your sensibility into a purely holographic perception of reality. This is unlike anything you can imagine and requires first of all that you purge yourself of lower programs and keep striving to overcome all of your perceived limitations of consciousness.

441 is the tool that simulates the cube of creation by which you can assume the telepathic matrix of the timespace totality as your own base of superconscious. The command is to cease to be identified with your ego and radialize your perceptions into a compassionate wholeness. The cube awaits the elevation of your spirit into a full consciousness of its operating order. Through the compression of the mathematical overlays of the 441 cube timespace matrix you are boosting your brain energy and truly attuning supermental supernatural consciousness. This is a responsibility from which there is no return.

Red Queen
Lunar Moon, Gamma 24, Kin 5
White Rhythmic Wizard Year

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