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Law of Time

Exploring the Synchronic Order

Level 1


The following is a step-by-step guide for navigating your way through the synchronic order, the exciting realm of universal synchronicity.

You can start to experience the magic of the synchronic order by finding your galactic signature. Your galactic signature is your code name for your mythic or fourth-dimensional self.  Each galactic signature is a gateway or portal that can be used to discover different aspects of your being.

Your specific galactic signature corresponds with a number, color, Earth family, chakra, planet, and much more. Through the synchronic order, events and people in our lives can be viewed from a higher-dimensional vantage point revealing ever-deepening patterns of meaning.

Note: Your galactic signature occurs once every 260 days. Likewise, each day contains a specific galactic signature that can be “read” through the lens of the synchronic order.

1.      Use your galactic signature to find yourself in the Book of Kin.  Note that your particular signature correlates to an affirmation. This affirmation is meant to be meditated on. It is derived from a mathematical code representing a stage of galactic consciousness. Also note that your galactic signature in the Book of Kin occurs within a particular harmonic. A harmonic is always a color-coded set of four signatures that follows the sequence: red, white, blue, yellow.

2.      Find and note your solar seal on the planet holon and the human holon. A holon refers to the holographic essence of any given form: human, planet, star, galaxy.

Planet Holon

Human Holon

3.      Find your Earth Family. The four seals of your earth family recur every four years.  This creates a pattern that repeats 13 times in a 52-year cycle. There are five earth families: Polar, Cardinal, Core, Signal and Gateway. Each Earth family corresponds to a specific chakra. Note that the Earth families also code the planet holon in five horizontal rows.  

4.      Find your corresponding planetary orbit. In the synchronic order the purpose of a planet is to hold its orbit in relation to the other planetary orbits and altogether in relation to the Sun or stellar unit of the evolving star system. The frequencies of the planets in relationship to each other account for the creation of different stages or aspects of consciousness.

Interplanetary Holon

5.      Find your Destiny Oracle. Each galactic signature is defined by a five-part structure called the Destiny Oracle.

Oracle Board

On the graphic above, each five-part cross is a Destiny Oracle. To find your oracle, locate the cross which has your Solar Seal in the center. For example if you are a White Dog, find the cross with the White Dog solar seal in the center.

Then use the chart below to find your guide Solar Seal (the blank square at the top of the five-part cross). The graphic below also describes the powers of the individual pieces of the oracle.

Destiny Oracle

6.      Locate your kin number on the Tzolkin/Harmonic module. Note that the 52 shaded units are known as galactic activation portals. These are days of extra high frequency. On the Tzolkin locate your birth wavespell. A wavespell is a cycle of 13 days, moons, years, baktuns, etc.

Tzolkin/Harmonic Module 13:20 Matrix

7.      Chart your Destiny Castle. The Destiny castle defines the sequence of 52 annual signatures that occur from the time you are born up to your 52nd birthday. Beginning with your 52nd birthday, the cycle repeats. The basis of the Destiny Castle is the repeating pattern of four seals that constitute your Earth family.  Every year the galactic tones advance by one. Since there are 13 tones and 4 seals per Earth family, this creates the cycle of 52. The Destiny castle can be used to find different patterns in your life and to find higher meaning in our experiences, events and people in our lives. More information on the Destiny Castle coming soon ...

Destiny Castle

This completes Level I of Exploring the Synchronic Order (for now)!
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