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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #6
441 Synchronotron, Cosmic History and the Nine Lords of Time

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The daily practices and kin codes of the 441 cube matrix are merely to enter us into the vast interlocking structure of the magical holographic cube matrix. The real purpose of the cube is to release our mind from temporal fictions into the telepathic unification of reality.

The more we study and meditate on these cube overlays, the more the living structure reveals itself to us. Being that it is the manifestation of an intentional higher-dimensional design consciousness, all the codes of the synchronic order can be found within the 21 x 21-unit cube structure and its overlays.

As we evolve, the need for an expanded and/or simplified vocabulary becomes necessary to express or communicate the experiences we may have while exploring new realms of knowledge and their consequent states of consciousness.

The 441 Synchronotron matrix is a case in point. As Valum Votan states:

The more we practice and work with the entire system the more we realize that we are dealing with a living self-evolving, self-actualizing cosmology consisting purely of an order of number expressed in a finite module, but capable of infinite expansion or extension, yet always retaining its primary modular self-definition: 441.

In this whole number system based on 21, 21² and 21³ (1.1, 1.2.1, and, vigesimal code), 441 numbers are expressive of various spiritual values and/or components of a supermental super-consciousness that can be organized as a template that fits over the brain to coordinate different mental functions of our own evolving nature.

In this regard, the 441 cube cosmology contains keys to comprehending the nature of the noosphere as the next stage of our evolution as instruments of a universal consciousness.

The 441 system, inclusive of the 13:7 Synchronotron wheel of the Law of Time, is new to our Earth. The daily practice of the Synchronotron overlays offer us a program to consciously advance to the next stage of cosmic evolution. How do we who are practicing this begin to define and systematize our experience so that it becomes a coherent body of knowledge that can be transmitted – for at least seven generations to come?

The key foundation for this system can be found in the Book of the Transcendence and the Book of the Cube, the final two volumes of the Cosmic History Chronicles. These two volumes contain a presentation and synthesis of an entirely new body of knowledge, inclusive of the principle practices of the 441 Synchronotron. These two volumes provide the contextual program for the transformation of our present consciousness into the cosmic instrumentation of the noosphere.

Book of the Transcendence: Systematic practices of Synchrogalactic Yoga

Book of the Transcendence is a prerequisite study for comprehension of the 441 cube matrix. In its entirety the Book of the Transcendence is the presentation of Cosmic History as an integrated system for the transcendence of the old 12:60 order and its debilitating modes of consciousness. In this regard Book of the Transcendence is a synthesis of many of the themes of the earlier volumes, but that of Volume II, in particular Cosmic Science.

Building on the psychophysical foundation of the different disciplines of yoga, a complete description of the mental spheres discloses the systematic principles of a cosmic psychology that is coordinated with the higher mental organization of cosmic civilization.

These introductory chapters establish the basis for the new practices: Synchrogalactic yoga, Holographic yoga, the new planetary geomancy, noogenesis (“a higher telepathic art”), and the Galactic I Ching. 

If anything sums up the new methods of opening and expanding our consciousness in the systems of the Law of Time, 441 Synchronotron and the Cosmic History Chronicles it is that of Synchrogalactic yoga.

It is Synchrogalactic yoga along with Holographic yoga that provides the most immediate and accessible means for elevating the consciousness through easy to follow disciplines. By placing the seven heptad gates within a complete structural system of seven chakras and seven mental spheres, on a weekly (heptad-to-heptad) basis, through the Synchrogalactic yoga we now have a method to reconstruct and reorganize our inner being or soul body according to the principles of the 441 matrix.

Holographic yoga takes the Synchrogalactic yoga one step further and provides a simple set of practices that are a recipe for the realization of cosmic consciousness. Further practices are opened up or suggested in the chapters dealing with the new Earth geomancy (activating the planetary circuits) and noogenesis – activating the Vulom 21-archetype force field.

Finally in the presentation of the new 128-codon, 64-cell, 12-strand DNA or Galacltic I Ching, there is the practice of the 28-day perpetual creation cycle, which is based on the 441/Holomind Perceiver matrices, and presents enlightening perspectives on the radial matrix sense-fields.

Other chapters dealing with the Ka’bah (“Symbolism of the Ka’bah and the Cube of the Law”), rethinking the solar system, pulsar cosmology, galactic DNA and the AA Midway Station open the gateway to the new knowledge in a methodical and logical order that facilitates the learning process. The ease of understanding is furthered by the fact that all of the paragraphs of the main narratives are numbered.

New Synchronotronic  Lexicon

As the foundational matrix of the telepathic consciousness of the noosphere, the 441 Synchronotron takes its place within the context of a cosmic supramental system of supersensory cognition. This is the context of meaning of the term Synchronotron. As such the Synchronotron is both the knowledge base and the method of operating in the higher telepathic field, which is why it is called the method of the star masters.

Synchronotron is also known as the “Book of the Codes of the Higher Mental Nature.” That is, it is the compendium of mathematical laws, codes and principles that underlie the Book of Nature, the codes that govern inner and outer, the cosmos as we perceive it to be.  –Valum Votan

So we see that the basis of the Law of Time and the 441 Synchronotron, which are actually aspects of each other, is to be found in the root word “synchro” meaning at the same time, simultaneously. In its essence the Law of Time demonstrates that the governing (fourth-dimensional) order of reality is synchronic, and that synchronicity is the normative experience of the synchronic order.

Because the Law of Time (including Synchronotron) represents an entirely new knowledge base and mode of higher mental perception it inevitably gives rise to a language and terminology unique to its description of reality.

For more refer to Intergalactic Bulletin #3, under heading “Synchronotron as a system of knowledge,” pp. 2-6. Meditate on the meaning of the following:

Synchronic order

Also meditate on the two attributes of time:

1. Synchronicity
2. Synchronic markers of duration

Key Numbers: Pacal Votan and Valum Votan

The 441 cube frequencies are coded mathematics transmitted from the mind or mental activity of Pacal Votan in conjunction with the collective mind of Sirius B52 council of star masters. This council is a collective mind of galactic aspirants who have telepathically unified in a confederation of galaxies representing the greater Velatropa sector of the farther domain of the Orion arm of the universal timespace ordinance zone referred to as Tollan.  –Valum Votan

Being that all event points can be plotted and “read” within the 441 Synchronotron systems, let’s look at a few more key numbers and intervals in the relationship of Pacal Votan and Valum Votan.

19392011 – cycle of Valum Votan
603683 – cycle of Pacal Votan
692 Dedication of tomb of Pacal Votan

1939 – 603 = 1336 (TFI); BMU 13; Kin eq., 36. 
V. 21, H. 9; HMP = + Beta Alpha terminal: Activating blue Duar insulator flow. Sixth time dimension.

1939 – 683 = 1256 (TFI); BMU 374; Kin eq. 216.
V. 10, H. 7; HMP = UR Harmonic 67: Divine decree establishes space of Second Creation. Seventh time dimension.

2011 – 683 = 1328 (TFI); BMU 5; Kin eq. 28.
V. 21, H. 17; HMP = +11, external time of cosmic cube, vertical line of force.
Fourth outer time dimension.

If we add kin equivalents 36 + 28 = 64 (total DNA program complete)

1939 – 692 = 1247 (TFI); BMU = 365 (73 x 5), Solar frequency of solar ring;
Kin eq. 207 (12/21/2012). In these numbers contain the keys of the purpose of leaving the paradise of samadhi and incarnating as Valum Votan who was to supervise the closing of the cycle Kin 207 and to bring proper measure of 365 = 13 moons, 28 days + 1 Day out of Time – to the human race.

V. 15, H. 11; HMP = 7, Seventh left-hand Power Gate of blue Duar Electro-energetic line of force. Sixth time dimension.

1247 = 29 x 43 (the cosmic constant, 29, and night seer, 43 – sign of Charles Henry).

Many things are coming clear, Pacal Votan is close and near!

12 x 47 = 564 = BMU 123, frequency of the jade mask. In Sura 12:47, Joseph begins to explain the king’s magical dream with regard to a seven year period of cultivation and then harvest.

1247 + 1 = 1248 (12 x 104), sum of the kin numbers of the 13 clear signs of Pacal Votan.

2011 – 692 = 1319; BMU 437 (19 x 23, solar sunspot frequency at the command of God, vigesimal 1.1.17)
V. 10, H. 10; HMP = First Station of the Ark, Abraham. Ninth time dimension: inner core time.
Kin eq. 19, Rhythmic Worldchanger. 19 is above all. The mathematical structure underlying the Quran is based on the number 19. The 0-19 codes is also the key to the Law of Time which demonstrates number 19 as a key factor in the harmonic module 13:20 matrix. 

If we look up the suras of the key incarnation and excarnation dates of Pacal Votan and Valum Votan in the Holy Quran we get the following:

Sura 6:03: “He is the one God in the heavens and the earth. He knows your secrets and your declarations, and He knows everything you earn.”

Sura 6:83: “Such was our argument, with which we supported Abraham against his people. We exalt whomever we will to higher ranks. Your Lord is most wise, omniscient.”

Sura 6:92: “This too is a blessed scripture that we have revealed, confirming the previous scriptures, that you may warn the most important community and all those around it. Those who believe in the Hereafter will believe in this (scripture), and will observe the Contact Prayers (Salat).”

Sura 19:39: “Warn them about the day of remorse, when judgment will be issued. They are totally oblivious; they do not believe.”

Sura 20:11: “Then he came to it; he was called ‘O, Moses”

Sura 20:12: “‘I am your Lord; remove your sandals. You are in the sacred valley, Tuwa (Tula).’

Sura 20:13: “I have chosen you, so listen to what is being revealed.’”

441 Cube Matrix: Fractal Holographic Information Bank

By fractal analogy the nine time dimensions of the 441 cube matrix can also be read as the map of the inner cube of the 9 Bolontiku (9 Lords of Time) as put forth in the 20 Tablets of the Law of Time. The Bolontiku are the supreme guardians of the power of time in the unconscious. The center 9th time dimension is the fulfillment of the 144,000.

Base Matrix showing Nine Time Dimensions - Nine Lords of Time Overlay

We see that the four outer time dimensions are governed by: the First Lord of Time (1st time dimension); the Third Lord of Time (3rd); the Fifth Lord of Time (4th) and the Seventh Lord of Time (2nd). The four radial times are governed by the Second Lord of Time (5th); the Fourth Lord of Time (8th); the Sixth Lord of Time (6th) and the Eighth Lord of Time (7th). With the Ninth Lord of Time governing the ninth time dimension of inner core time.

2004-2005: Realm of the First Lord of Time: Single Luminous White “A”. Guardian of the original 144,000. First outer time dimension – Realm of Cosmic Creation.

2005-2006: Realm of the Second Lord of Time: Red Lightning Child Great Emptiness. First power of nine (9). Fifth time dimension – Radial right-hand time, – Red Kuali force field.

2006-2007: Realm of the Third Lord of Time: Renowned Conch Topknot. Second power of nine (18). Third outer time dimension – Cosmic Synchronization

2007-2008: Realm of the Fourth Lord of Time: Black Iron Garuda Crest. Third power of nine (27). Eighth time dimension – lower radial time (ascending).

2008-2009: Realm of the Fifth Lord of Time: Supreme Golden Maiden. Fourth power of nine (36). Fourth outer time dimension – Cosmic Cube

2009-2010: Realm of the Sixth Lord of Time: Awesome Vast Blue Sky. Gathering of the distant seers. Sixth time dimension – radial left-hand time, Blue Duar force field.

2010-2011: Realm of the Seventh Lord of Time: Single Wing Red Fire. Guardian of the perfection of the Mystery of the Stone. Second outer time dimension – Cosmic Ascension.

2011-2012: Realm of the Eighth Lord of Time: Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds. Guardian of the New Jerusalem Rising. Triumph of UR. Seventh time dimension – upper radial time (descending).

2012-2013: Realm of the Ninth Lord of Time: Primordial Knowing Body Lha: Guardian of the 144,000 cubed within. New Heaven New Earth. Return of People of OMA (Original Matrix Attained). CA Manitou-Noosphere. Ninth time dimension: Inner core time/Universal cosmic core – radialization of consciousness.

We conclude this sixth Intergalactic bulletin with one of the last meditations written by Valum Votan:

All of space exists as a moment-to-moment simultaneity of time
All of number exists as a simultaneity that encompasses
The totality of space and time
The cube is the self-existing perfection
of mind, number, time and space
Perfect yourself in the awareness that need not be sought
All the messages of all the masters
Abide in this awareness
Sabd-akash is the sound
Everywhere does it abound
It is your self-nature
Self-contained and complete in itself
When you look into the crystal you see
That it has an infinite self-nature
How is human being any different?
The infinite facets of the cosmic interior of the human soul
Are waiting to be explored
But man’s machines must first wear him out
Before he is eager for the task
Then in number and proportion will he find
The entrance to the Greater Mind
That is his next great task

By Red Queen Kin 185  (as guided by astral VV11)
Kin 214 year (note the triplet magic: 124, 421, 214)
Heptad Gate 7: V. 11, H. 11; BMU 441: Magus of the Infinite; Sirius B-52 element 113: Hyperplasmic enlightenment.
Ninth time dimension: Inner core time; 7th mental sphere: Holomind Perceiver
Kin 58: White Rhythmic Mirror: Yogi Archetype (402); Second matrix portal: Mirror portal of cosmic meditation (Hunab Ku 21)
TFI = 645 (5 x 129)
BMU = 204 (Navigator’s Temple 12 x 17, 4 x 51);
V. 6, H. 19; HMP = +12, Externalizing fifth force ESP sensory circuit
Third outer time dimension – Cosmic Synchronization
Kin eq. = 125: Galactic House of the Serpent Initiate
Conclusion of weekly codon 49: Revolution of Time informed by Ocean of Time (31): Consciousness is an inner revolution.

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