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13 Moon Calendar

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13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan

A Peace Plan and the Harmonic Convergence of 2012

The Foundation for the Law of Time was established precisely to assist in the biosphere-noosphere transition. This transition represents the passage from a time of materialism to a new time where mental/spiritual values are paramount.

As a vehicle for modeling the new standard of time, for contributing research into the potential of human evolution synchronized with the earth’s electromagnetic field, and for establishing a universal peace plan based upon the knowledge of the Law of Time, the mission of the Foundation for the Law of Time is as vast as it is unique. Beyond the threshold of 2012 - Teilhard de Chardin’s “Omega Point” - the Foundation's goal is nothing less than universal peace.

The program for applying this new calendar is called the 13 Moon calendar Change Peace Plan. A calendar change provides the perfect opportunity for the human race to take a much needed pause, lay down its arms, and rethink its priorities – while there is still time.

The Thirteen Moon calendar Change Peace Plan is a people’s initiative that recognizes the need to unify our species based on a new knowledge of time and a new vision of the cosmos. The cause of this peace plan is furthered by the promotion of the Banner of Peace and the principle of peace through culture

To this end the Foundation sponsors world wide the annual Day out of Time Planetary Peace through Culture Festival every July 25. The Foundation also supports the Planet Art Network as the organizers of the Day out of Time events and local nodes for the dissemination of the 13 Moon calendar and the Law of Time.

To advance the new time of harmony, the Foundation is actively promoting call for globally synchronized meditations to re-establish a sense of sacred order all around the planet.

The cosmic cycles are cycles of spiritual evolution. The only positive meaning the New Time can have is for the spiritualization of the Earth. We can join in this process now through meditations of unconditional love for the benefit of all humanity. We can intensify our own individual meditations as well as collective meditations synchronized world-wide.

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