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Year of the Blue Spectral Storm
(26 July 2016 - 25 July 2017)

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Books and Articles

  • Synchrogalactic Yoga - Excerpt from Book of the Transcendence - free download
    Download Now: EnglishEspañolFrançais

  • 13:20 Planetary Geomancy - Excerpt from Book of the Transcendence - free download
    Download Now: English

  • The Galactic Times - An Illusory eZine from Other Worlds - Vol. 0

  • Earth Shaman: The Voyage Beyond History (eBook)Master Synchronic Code Book • Download Now

    The Master Synchronic Code Book is a collective creation, with designers participating from 13 different countries. It is the definitive Noospheric Earth Wizard's guide book - One Book containing a massive exposition of the codes of the synchronic order, in a comprehensive form in order to be used and studied daily.

  • [Galactic Handbook Cover]Galactic Handbook & Synchronized Meditations 2012-2013Español

    This Handbook, the result of a 7-day event, gives an overview of the Galactic Mayan mission based on the prophecy of Pacal Votan as brought through by Valum Votan (Jose Argüelles). The main themes revolve around creating a telepathic network through synchronized meditations and self-sustaining communities (CREST13) in accordance with the Galactic Mayan mission.

    To change with the Earth we have to unify and come together as one mind in harmony with the Higher or Universal Mind. This is the meaning of entering the noosphere.

    This Handbook serves as a call for unity to participate in the alliance of the noosphere, the consolidation of all groups working toward the goal of a collective unification and transformation of humanity.

  • [Book Cover]Principia Mathematica of the Fourth Dimension

    Being greater than the third dimension, the only proper cosmology for the thid dimension is the fourth-dimensional mathematical cosmology expressed as the 0-19 cosmological order of fourth-dimensional mathematics. ... The purpose of the Principia Mathematica is to demonstrate the mathematical cosmology of the fourth dimension as the cosmological mathematics of the 0-19 code.

  • From Distant Tulan
    Click here to read.
    Not without profound concern do I expose to you this strange story, taken textually from a Mayan document unknown until this time. ...As much as the painter-scribes of such an exotic, complex and sufficiently unknown pre-Columbian civilization have written, only three of their painted books have come down to us, written in hieroglyphics of a beautiful symbology: the Dresden manuscript, that of Paris and that of Madrid, existing in these European capitols without it being by whom nor how nor when they were taken to these places. Also by the same unknown manner has arrived in our hands a fourth original book: The Testimony of the Ancient One, Chac-Le. Continue reading.

  • Living through the Closing of the Cycle
    A Survival Guide for the Road to 2012
    Click here to download.

    Mention 2012 and almost everyone stops in their tracks and says, “You mean the end of the Mayan Calendar?” The cycle is closing and people know it. But what to do about it so that we are not left feeling disempowered - that is another matter. That is why this little book will have such a significant impact on your life!

    Living through the Closing of the Cycle is really a spiritual survival guide. The purpose of this little book is to open your eyes to a new spiritual reality, one that is predicated on the prophetic truth that we are all living at the Closing of the Cycle. How are we to avoid the worst of the prophecies? That is a question that often comes to mind in pondering the end times. In terms of established thought, there may be little or nothing that can be done to protect yourself from what is already ordained. But with the Law of Time, certain options become available. Living through the Closing of the Cycle makes those options clear and immediate: Change your time, change your destiny, explore your mind, create an alternative future! 28 pages.

  • 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time
    and the Evolution of Time as Consciousness
    Click here to download. Also available in Paperback.

    This is a volume of meditation on the nature of celestial harmonics, time travel, and the higher levels of organization of 4th-dimensional time. Divided into 20 chapters of 13 postulates, each postulate correlates to one of the 260 kin of the Tzolkin. An excellent tool for daily synchronization with deeper layers of the Tzolkin, as well as a philosophical reference on the Law of Time.

  • The Workbook to Book of the Throne: Cosmic History Chronicles Volume I.


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"This Dreamspell software is so beautiful and artistic. I enjoy it everyday on my PC!"
Haruko Inoue Yellow Resonant Seed, Cosmic PAN, Japan

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