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Rainbow Bridge


Rainbow Science Primer - How to Make a Rainbow Bridge

(Excerpt from Living Through the Closing of the Cycle by José Argüelles/Valum Votan)

When you stop to ponder the situation, you might ask yourself: How can we really change the world with this calendar and our little synchronic communities? Will it really happen? The onslaught of terror and change is unceasing. So much of the world is so absorbed in this that it pays little attention to or heeds what is really NEW. It thinks the really new is at best a diversionary sideline activity.

…What might turn the world right side up once again, and change the perceptions of humanity forever? Would you believe that it might be a rainbow bridge around the Earth? A circumpolar rainbow bridge to be exact. How could that be?

First of all you have to believe in the power of the imagination. Someone, for instance, imagined the atomic bomb, and within a few years it happened. How? Well, it started with a simple assumption that you could “split” an atom, and channel the released energy into a bomb. OK, if you can imagine a barbaric weapon like an atomic bomb into existence, then why can’t you imagine a rainbow bridge around the Earth? You have to imagine what that would look like.

Then you must imagine that there is a rainbow science that could accomplish that, a science which had in it some principle akin to splitting the atom. We’ve already got the splitting of the worlds, which might actually be the end result of splitting the atom. But a rainbow bridge? That seems like it would have something to do with putting the worlds – and the atom – back together. What could that principle be?

If the old science of the artificial time is expert at taking things apart, even at destroying them, is there a rainbow science that is expert at putting things back together? And what is a rainbow anyway? It is real and unreal, and by its full spectrum display, it is a symbol of wholeness and integration. And what if that rainbow science were not elitist but a participatory one, a science in which you could be one of countless millions of other synchronic rainbow scientists accomplishing this great mission – much more spectacular than an atomic bomb?

The results of this mission would positively last for as long as there was an Earth going around the sun. To participate in this project on a simple daily basis would not only help Earth attain a new look – rainbow rings – but would also give you something positively constructive and worthwhile to do with your time. Let’s look at what this putting-things-back-together rainbow science might be like.

According to the Law of Time, everything is synchronized by a common universal frequency. There is nothing that cannot be synchronized, understood and worked with by the Law of Time.

To say that everything can be synchronized by the Law of Time means that things you might not have thought of as being synchronized actually are. Let us take for example your brain and the Earth. They can actually be synchronized. How?

Both your brain and the Earth have an electromagnetic field, and pulse with electromagnetism. So why not synchronize your brain waves with the Earth’s “brain waves?” And then put very focused intention into that and make the synchronized electromagnetism bring out the rainbow around the Earth that might already be there but not yet visible?!

This a very mind-blowing thought. It is the basis of an active cosmic consciousness and the source of a cosmic accomplishment, as well, one that could result in rainbow rings around the Earth. They are just a heartbeat away once you start to follow and understand the synchronizing power of the 13:20 codes of time.

If time synchronizes everything, that means there are frequencies common to you and me that synchronize, for instance, with the Earth and her magnetic field. The point is doing that in time.

This is the key: The resonance between your fourth-dimensional human holon – the fourth-dimensional etheric structure of your soul-body – and the planet holon – the fourth-dimensional etheric structure of the planet.

Both the human holon and the planet holon are bound by time in a common frequency pattern – that of the Earth families. Recall that the Earth families repeat in a daily sequence every five days. This pattern is mapped out over the Earth and creates the planet holon, a mapping of the 20 positions of the five Earth families over the Earth’s surface. (See graphic: Rainbow Science Primer)

In the human holon each Earth family corresponds to one of the five principle chakras – crown (polar) throat (cardinal), heart (core), solar plexus (signal) and root (gateway). On the planet holon the five chakras correspond to the North Pole (polar); North temperate zone (cardinal); equatorial (core), South temperate (signal), and South Pole (gateway).

This means that each day a chakra as well as a geographic zone of the planet is emphasized. This sets up a fundamental resonance that is always connecting the human holon with the planet holon in a sequence that is also always connecting the Earth’s magnetic poles. It is the connection with the Earth’s magnetic poles in a circumpolar movement that is the synchronizing basis of the rainbow bridge.

[Rainbow Science Primer]

Since the July 26 “new years” is always coded to the gateway Earth family, the five-day movement pattern recapitulates the circumpolar form, with four circumpolar sequences occurring every 20 days. Each five-day motion, called a chromatic run, can be seen as a stitching together of the planet holon zones. Now your Earth family can participate in the rainbow science. Here is the general pattern of the holon stitching according to Earth family:

  1. Begin: Gateway family (Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm, Yellow Seed). Root chakra, South Pole; circumpolar stitch to

  2. Polar family (Red Serpent, White Dog, Blue Eagle or Yellow Sun), Crown chakra, North Pole, stitch to

  3. Cardinal family (Red Dragon, White Worldbridger, Blue Monkey or Yellow Warrior), Throat chakra, North temperate zone, stitch to

  4. Core family (Red Earth, White Wind, Blue Hand or Yellow Human), Heart chakra, equatorial zone, stitch to
  5. Signal family (Red Skywalker, White Mirror, Blue Night or Yellow Star), Solar plexus, South temperate, stitch back to gateway family, 73 chromatic runs per year (73 x 5 = 365).

Each five day cycle is called an Overtone Chromatic. These are the Yellow Seed-Star, Red Moon-Skywalker, White Wizard-Mirror and Blue Storm-Night Overtone Chromatics. When you activate this chromatic sequence, and place your holon in resonance with the planet holon, you are activating electromagnetic thought waves in your auric field to resonate with the Earth’s electromagnetic field. You are practicing sympathetic resonance. Let’s now understand what is actually going on.

In our beginners rainbow science primer concerning what it takes to put a rainbow around the Earth, we’ve established the fundamental principle of sympathetic resonance and electromagnetic attraction. Remember the medicine man affecting weather by making a rain dance? Well we are dealing with the same principle here, only on a planetary scale and with a different intended result – a circumpolar rainbow bridge.

Now the medicine man couldn’t make the rain come if there weren’t also the principle of electromagnetic brain waves and natural electricity and electromagnetism in the clouds which creates the lightning and thunder of the rain producing thunder storm. Likewise there are certain ingredients that are galvanized through the sympathetic resonance and magic of: Earth family, human holon and planet holon; and human brain and aura and the earth’s electromagnetic field.

The activation of the chakras from root to crown establishes the armature of the human aura, the etheric electromagnetic field thrown off by any body. Likewise, the Earth’s electromagnetic field has its aura. The human aura in resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic field or aura in a sequence of four overtone chromatics every 20 days is the way we are going to make the rainbow bridge. But we need to know a little bit more about how the Earth’s aura works for our project to get off the ground, as it were!

The Earth “breathes” in tandem with the Sun. This breathing occurs through the resonance of the Earth’s electromagnetic field with the solar sun spot cycles. The sun spot cycles represent the movement of the vital intelligence of the sun in regular cycles of almost 23 years duration.

Each 23 year cycle is divided into two parts of 11.3 years each. The sun spots pulse from 30 degrees North and South latitude toward the sun’s equator. When the spots meet, the first half of the cycle is completed, there is an alternation in the polarity of the spots, and the process repeats again.

During the cycles there is an increase in intensity of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which directly affect Earth’s aura, amping it with increased plasmas and electromagnetism. The excess plasmas flow into the magnetic poles and create what are known as the auroras – australis (south) and borealis (north). In 1989 the last 23 year cycle began.

It ends in 2012/2013. It is the excess plasmic flow that creates the aurora borealis and australis that is at the heart of the experiment to create the rainbow bridge. You will notice that already in 2003 there was a great solar flare activity during the Self-Existing Moon (late October – early November). This unprecedented activity greatly animated the auroras – and what else, the old science can hardly tell you! But if the Earth is being soaked with plasmas, so must we be soaking up a plasmic bath.

Plasmas are the electrically charged subatomic particles that are discharged by the solar flares and CMEs. Plasmas are actually the bonding fluids of the universe. They are also the renewing agents that keep the universe electromagnetically fresh! Plasmas are continuously being generated from close to the center of the galaxy. They are also released by supernova and pulsars in massive streams.

Now when there is a solar flare or CME these plasmas actually drench the terrestrial atmosphere. Of course, they activate the electromagnetic field; they pour into the poles and animate the auroras; they enter the poles and reach the crystal core at the center of the Earth where they are then stored. When lots of these plasmas get together in the atmosphere they create electrically colored lights (spectrals) in the clouds or sky – similar in color to the aurora borealis, or northern lights as they are called.

But in entering the atmosphere, they also are entering your own auric field and brain. What do they do to you? By the Law of Time you are also in resonance with these plasmas. Can you telepathically direct them? By telepathic extension you can direct the plasmas back to Earth’s magnetic field, or create a plasmic resonance with the Earth’s magnetic field as it arcs out of the poles.

Actually, when you look at the structure of the electromagnetic field there is a break above the poles where the electromagnetic field comes into meet the earth at the poles. So from any view of the Earth observed from its ecliptic (equatorial zone) it appears that the electromagnetic field comes out of both poles in two halves, as it were.

The recent solar flares have been so intense that the aurora borealis could be seen as far South as Oklahoma and Arkansas. That is pretty far away from the North Pole. What if the appearance of the auroras, both borealis and australis, north and south, were able to be stretched to the equator and meet?

What if through the combined power of visualization – a rainbow bridge springing from the poles along the lines of the Earth’s magnetic field – and telepathic projection and coordination of the plasmas, the auroras could be coordinated into a permanent arc in two halves, each half arching out of both the North and South poles, 180 degrees apart?

Well, that is precisely what we are talking about – circumpolar rainbow bridge. First we imagined it. Then we defined the principle – sympathetic resonance; then we described the scientific components and structure of Earth’s auric field. Then we could see exactly how it could be done – assuming you believe in the power of the imagination.

The five-day polar chromatic cycles create the constant telepathic stitching of bringing the auroras from the poles to create two arcs around the planet corresponding to the arcs in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Each day one of the five Earth families has the job of doing the telepathic stitching.

First a big stitch that goes from the South Pole to the North Pole, then four smaller stitches: Polar to Cardinal, Cardinal to Core, Core to Signal and finally Signal takes it back to the Gateway family. These progressive stitchings, done while visualizing the telepathic plasmic resonance between the human auric field and the Earth’s electromagnetic field, are the essence of making the rainbow bridge.

We are just describing the principles of how this is to be done. There are other practices involved that make this even more participatory and exciting, such as creating plasmic telepathic time atoms. These are created every week in cubic forms and along with the imaginal time atom are discharged into the center of the Earth.

The techniques and details of these practices are for your synchronic community to cultivate through the educational programs offered by the Foundation for the Law of Time.

The point is, as almost everybody knows, that the Earth is in transition – Earth changes. But if we actually know the nature of these changes – increased plasma, massive changes in our local star, the sun, and the technospheric disruption of our environment, the biosphere – then we can do something about it.

We can amplify the positive and effect a super change that ultimately has the impact of turning the negative changes all the way around. Unless, of course, the solar changes augur a pole shift – for which the Earth is long overdue. If that occurs, it will most certainly be the end of the 12:60 world, and a rainbow round the Earth would be even more in order, signaling the triumph of the new.