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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #3
Principles of Telepathic Memorization

Within the context of cosmic supramental super sensory cognition

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Preliminary thoughts concerning the practice.

As I write these words, Galactic Moon 15, it has been exactly six moons since we began the seven-day Synchronotron seminar in Cisternino, Italy. When we first learn something new and are shown how to practice it, we are generally very enthusiastic, and plunge in, discovering various wonders along the way. But usually after some time, the practice becomes rote. We might even question why we are doing it? What relevance does it have, anyway? What does it have to do with every day life?  Or we may hanker after newer teachings to play with.

If this is happening to you it is understandable and a trait of so-called “human nature.”  If you are doing this practice alone, fine; but it is usually better if you have at least one or two others, if not more, to share the practice. In any case, if your practice is becoming rote, you might remember to always begin with a session of natural mind meditation so that you can cultivate an always-fresh beginners mind to enter into it.

Nonetheless, at this stage it doesn’t hurt to have a few reminders of why we are doing this practice and why it is wise to continue.

1. Remember: This is a collective practice done daily by numerous people around the planet. Through this practice we are creating a particular telepathic field. The intergalactic Synchronotron code language is being established on Earth. What matters is that you remember that you are one of many who, by doing the same practice, arriving at the same frequencies and meditating on them, are creating a single collective thought form rising into the noosphere as a simultaneous event-moment. From your limited individual perspective you may not be able to see this so well, but with certainty know that it is so. We are being watched from beyond to see if are getting this level of it.

2. This brings us to the second point: By creating a single, collective thought event, we are actually activating the noosphere.  Simply by knowing that you are engaged with a collective of others who are doing the exact same practices and finding the exact same results, you are simultaneously establishing a coherent reflection of the planetary mind. This is not about ego gratification but about developing collective consciousness. Because the 441 template is also an overlay upon the psi bank, you are activating the psi bank switchboard as well.

This is critical to what will occur 2012-2013. The activation of the noosphere, however slight and minute it may be at this point, is fully perceived by the galactic supervisors of this project. They are depending on your clarity and strength of mind to sustain the 441 telepathic field as a function of the noosphere so at the appropriate moment they may begin to send their communiqués and signals to us. So even if it doesn’t make sense altogether, know that by doing the practice properly as a mental-spiritual discipline, you are assisting in creating the invisible matrix of a system of communication that will facilitate this planet in getting the help it will need in 2012.  At the same time, you are preparing an entirely new mental field. Your four hundred per cent attention and devotion to the process helps immensely in creating a telepathic field program within the noosphere.

3. Remember: It is only by attaining familiarity with the key frequencies, finding recurring patterns, while noting the internal consistencies within the shifting matrix of possibilities, that you actually come to comprehend what you are doing and what is going on. This is an evolving process of acquiring a certain knowledge, while learning how to participate in an already existent higher dimensional consciousness.  If you start and stop and start and stop over and over again you will not attain the power and strength that comes from a persevering and undeviating daily practice. Keep in mind: The Galactic Federation is looking for heroes and heroines of higher mind control with the discipline of taming their lower selves!

There may also be numbers that are more personally meaningful to you, as well, and you may note their frequencies of recurrence and derive further significance. The possibilities are endless. In any case, it is important to bear in mind that the numbers create a structure of meaning, the key factors being products of 7, 9 and 13, and that the intervals of recombinant numbers are often factors or multiples of 9, the universal solvent.

A further point: Learning and practicing the Synchronotron 441 is in itself a method for establishing communication with the galactic star masters. If you practice diligently there will be feedback.

“When every thought is sincere
Every thought penetrates.
In silence responses are
Quietly received …” Master Hua

The practice of the Synchronotron 441 is akin to the method of mantra. The mantra recitation reaches into the invisible realms as a particular frequency of sound that, if recited purely and repeated without doubt and with perseverance, will generate a response that will be psychically perceived. As Master Hua says, “If you don’t make the call, who’s going to pick up the phone?” In the case of the Synchronotron, the call is returned through the synchronicity of particular numbers, such as the daily frequency and its constituent codes. The point is to stay pure of mind, simple and free of expectation, then the answers will come from anywhere in your environment. This is how you know you have been “heard.”

4. Finally, and most important, is the practice of resolving the daily frequencies into their positions within the holomind perceiver matrix and then locating that in your brain. The 441 matrix underlies the holomind perceiver and it is critical to memorize it and place that as a foundation on the brain. But then, to advance the evolutionary momentum of the species and the planet, the holomind perceiver must be telepathically projected and imprinted upon the 441 matrix on the brain. You must know physically where the different mental spheres are located, where the intergalactic channels might be, where the hyper-parton is located, etc.  We shall return to this theme at the conclusion to this Bulletin.

Principles of Telepathic Memorization
Within the context of cosmic supramental super sensory cognition

Synchronotron as example of a method.

Synchronotron 441, inclusive of all codes and systems derived from it, is a function of a method known as “mathematical celestial combinations.” (See Patrick Geryl, The Orion Prophecy). By this method, based on permutations and combinations of a finite set of whole numbers, in this case set within a wheel (13:7) and a matrix (441), mysteries and secrets of time, space and galactic-solar-planetary mechanics can be resolved on a plane of consciousness where all relations are expressed as elements of a universally comprehensible telepathic code language.

Time, the cycles of time, modes of perception, frequency shifts in the evolution of cosmic consciousness, the creation and destruction of the world systems, codes of enlightened behavior - all can be formulated by the method of mathematical celestial combinations of which the Synchronotron 441 is a supreme example. Some of these key celestial frequencies and their combinations are: 144, 441, 414, 108, 297, 216, 52, 28, 91, 260, 27, 37, 49, 63, 81, 121, 117, 171, 711, etc.

But this system must be learned and applied. This is done by telepathic memorization, a technique that imprints the codes as a template overlaying the brain in such manner that the brain becomes super-normally activated.

Synchronotron as a system of knowledge.

To embed the 441 Synchronotron in the brain through applying the principles of telepathic memorization is a further stage of the practice. But for it to mean anything, we must make sure we know what we are doing, and why we are doing it. Above all, we must know what the Synchronotron 441 actually is.

Synchronotron 441 is a system of knowledge and cognition. By cognition we mean the mental faculty or process of acquiring knowledge by the use of reasoning, intuition or perception, as well as the knowledge that is acquired through these processes.

The means of learning the Synchronotron 441 is by understanding and applying the principles of telepathic memorization. The purpose of telepathic memorization is to imprint as a focused mental act the entire system as a template or overlay upon the human brain. The act of imprinting is itself telepathically activating.

To enhance comprehension and to facilitate this process it is also important to understand the Synchronotron 441 within a context of meaning.

As the foundational matrix of the telepathic consciousness of the noosphere, the 441 Synchronotron takes its place within the context of a cosmic supramental system of supersensory cognition. This is the context of meaning.

It is cosmic because it is not specifically of this Earth nor even of this solar system, though its premises are inclusive of all earths and all solar systems.

It is supramental because its origin point is in a plane or dimension (the eleventh) beyond the mind. As something made cognizable, it belongs to a purely mental or supersensory domain of cognition.

In order to comprehend the place of the 441 Synchronotron within the spectrum of knowledge, a method based on the yogic-buddhist analysis and definition of knowledge – jnana yoga and abbidharma - is applied.  Jnana yoga is yoga of knowledge. Abbidharma is the buddhist system of psychophysical analysis of the cognitive elements of reality.

Ultimately deriving from the samkhya system of Kapila (sixth baktun), this approach proceeds most exactly and empirically from a perspective that begins with enumeration and analysis of sense data and the sensory system of the human organism culminating in the mental and supermental or paranormal functions and perceptions.

It is a given that the nature, content and limits of knowledge are determined and defined by the range of the sensory and mental (psychophysical) modalities with which a particular intelligent species is endowed.

It is also a given that in the evolutionary process new knowledge can only result from and/or be a function of an extension of the sensory limits and mental capacities of the organism. This is inclusive of expansion or modifications of the bio-chemical and electromagnetic fluctuations of the organism.

Also, whatever the given state of evolutionary capacity for a corresponding or concurrent level of intelligence, it is understood by logic, that there are always higher states not yet attained. These higher states are, relatively speaking, supermental and the knowledge inferring to them is supramental.

It is also a given that when there is a genuinely evolutionary shift in the nature and modalities of consciousness it is accompanied by a whole system structural template defining a new evolutionary plateau of intelligence. So now we may elucidate:

1. Synchronotron 441 is a template of supersensible cognition, and therefore belongs to the 11th type of “resultant form.”  “The eleven resultant forms are the five sense faculties and the five sense objects, together totaling ten. According to the Abbidharma Kosha the eleventh type is imperceptible forms. According to the Abbidharma Samucchaya the eleventh type is the forms that are mental objects.” ([1.5] Gateway to Knowledge, Volume I, Mipham Rinpoche, p.17)

2. Number and the dimension of number are purely mental objects, and hence are both imperceptible in terms of phenomenal reality and purely mental and supersensory in nature. They therefore are of the eleventh type of resultant form.

3. It is to be noted that all systems of knowledge and cognition based on the psychophysical method of cognitive analysis invariably rely to varying degrees on patterns of enumeration. Samkhya, the earliest known such system during the present cycle literally means “number or enumeration.”

4. The Synchronotron is concerned with the underlying patterns of enumeration as they exist within a larger field of comprehension, the 441-base matrix. By re-patterning the underlying psycho-sensory program from a bilateral to a radial modality, the Synchronotron establishes a new foundation matrix where the emphasis is on the supersensory modality of number and its perception through mind rather than on the sensory modalities of the present state of consciousness. The senses, too, are taken into account, but are radially reorganized. (See holomind perceiver matrix, radial sense cores).

5. With regard to the 11th category of forms that are mental objects, there are five types. Of these the dimension of number belongs to the fifth and highest category, that of mastered forms. “Mastered forms are forms appearing through the power of mastery in meditation, such as the totality of blue,” or, we might add, such as the base matrix 441, and Synchronotron in general. [1.17 point 5.]

 6. Principle of mastered form. It is important to grasp that mastered forms “ … appear solely due to the power of mind, and are not a conglomeration of particles. Their substance is therefore not the elements (earth, air fire or water), but is said to be substance in a physical form different from the four elements …” [1.18] 

7. As a mastered form, 441 is a design matrix appearing from the fifth element, akasha or space.  As purely mental forms, numbers do not physically exist in nature. Yet through systems of notation, numbers can be cognized in the purely mental realm that is co-extensive with infinite space or akasha.

8. As a construct, the 441 base matrix also has no physical dimension to it, but by means of a system of geometry and notation, it can be constructed to conform to a mental-optical perception occurring in the imaginal realm of mind.

9. The appearance of the Synchronotron 441 is also in the nature of a dharma. ”Although it is not a formation like a mental state, a dharma which must first belong to the category of formation and is not suitable for inclusion within either matter or mind is called a formation not concurrent with mind.” [1.103] It is not concurrent with one’s mind because it exists independently of it as a mental object from a higher plane or dimension of mind.

10. As a dharma conforming to the foundational matrix necessary to program the next evolutionary state of consciousness and its supermental reality, the 441 is an attribute “obtained anew without being there formerly, this possession now being continuously present is called acquisition. So, that which is an attribute belonging to one’s own being and which also is a conditioned thing is called a nonconcurrent formation.” [1.105]

11. A noncurrent formation simply refers to the temporally and spatially transcendent nature of the particular dharma, in this case the Synchronotron 441. It is a conditioned thing because its arising occurs at a stage specific to the need of a particular moment in the evolution of consciousness. This is the stage called noosphere, the beginning of the sphere of cosmic consciousness. This does not mean that the 441 has not always existed, only that its “physical” (visual) manifestation was called forth a by a particular evolutionary need. Once called forth it attains the status of a presentation now continuously present, or an acquisition, something hitherto not present acquired by the mind.

Such, in brief, is a description of the Synchronotron 441 within the cosmic context of the evolutionary necessity of a supramental super sensory system of cognition.

It is important to study and meditate upon these points so that you thoroughly understand the nature of the Synchronotron from the perspective of evolving systems of cognition, and the dynamic role you play in helping to ground this system on Earth at this specific time.

Mastered Form and the Principles of Telepathic memorization.

The template of bilateral linear sequentiality underlying the present knowledge base dominating the planet is to be replaced by a template of harmonic simultaneity appearing as a radial symmetry. This is done through the acquisition of the mastered form, the 441 matrix and Synchronotron codes. As a mastered form (also referred to as “revealed” form) its structure and contents are already self-perfect. Being self-perfect, by mastering it yourself you are incorporating a manifestation of an order of perfection and affecting your own perceptual cognitive faculties accordingly.

Memorization by principle of radial formation and comprehension of radial elements.

As a perceptible phenomenon, the Synchronotron consists of two mastered forms: the 13:7 wheel of the law of time, and the 441 matrix. The wheel is distinctly obvious and patently easier to imprint, even at a glance. It is the 441 matrix that constitutes the foundation or underlying system and telepathic template of the noospheric knowledge base that needs to be imprinted into the brain. Once this is mastered, the 13:7 wheel can then be imprinted as an overlay on the telepathic matrix.

Bear in mind that the 441 base matrix is but a representation of a supersensible, supermental, superconscious element of cognition. But to grasp and embody this supersensible element of cognition, it is necessary to completely memorize the form of the representation and imprint it into our mental capacitor, the brain.

At the outset the 441 base matrix appears to be ten circuits linked together by a sequence of numbers that begins with 1 at V21:H21.Then, moving upward in a spiral fashion, the sequence passes through each of the ten circuits until it arrives at the central unit, the compressed 11th circuit, V11:H11, locus of the 441.

However, there is an underlying radial structure. Since the purpose of the matrix is to facilitate the shift to radialized perception and a genuinely holistic (cosmic) consciousness, the method of the telepathic memorization is actually to first imprint the structure of radial consciousness and then to establish the lattice work of the various matrices over that. It is called telepathic memorization because by the very process of imprinting the particular sequences of number you are establishing the cosmo-telepathic network as a unifying medium connecting the mental spheres while integrating your cerebral hemispheres.

In the radial method there are four diagonal coordinates of unity and four paths of unity.  The latter define the eleventh vertical and eleventh horizontal rows as the transcendent lines of force that distinguish the 441 matrix from the matrix of 400, the square of totality. It is these 8 radially organized sets of numbers that are to be committed to memory and imprinted. Once these are established you will find it easy to take any number and locate it in your mind without necessary recourse to the two-dimensional representation. In each set of 8 there are 10 numbers. Adding the 441, means that there are 81 frequencies or master units.  441 - 81 = 360 auxiliary units. Ponder the numbers.

The four diagonals of the coordinates of unity.

The four diagonals of the coordinates of unity are defined by the numbers at each of the four corners of the matrix:

V21:H21 – 1, V21:H1 - 21, V1:H1 - 41 and V1:H21 - 61

The diagonals all run from the respective corner to the center of the matrix
At the center completing each of the diagonals is V11:H11 – 441.
In presenting the four diagonal sequences the last digit of each number is in boldface so you can see that each sequence has a pattern or rhythm to it.

1. Diagonal of the first coordinate of unity (1)

1 - 81 - 153 - 217 - 273 – 321 - 361 - 393 - 417 - 43+ 441

The pattern: 1-1-3-7-3     1-1-3-7-3    + 1

First seven frequencies fourth time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from just above left temple where it joins the eyebrow to the center of the skull, top of the head.

2. Diagonal of the second coordinate of unity (21)

21 – 99 - 169 – 231 – 285 – 331 - 369 - 399 - 421 - 435  + 441

The Pattern: 1-9-9-1-5     1-9-9-1- 5   + 1

First seven frequencies second time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from just behind left ear where the skull turns from the side to the back, running to the center of the skull, top of the head.

3. Diagonal of the third coordinate of unity (41)

41 – 117 - 185 – 245 – 297 – 341 – 377 - 405 - 425 - 437   + 441

The pattern: 1-7-5-5-7    1-7-5-5-7  + 1

First seven frequencies first time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from just behind right ear where the skull turns from the side to the back, running to the center of the skull, top of the head.

4. Diagonal of the fourth coordinate of unity (61)

61 – 135 – 201 – 259 – 309 – 351 – 385 – 411 – 429 - 439   + 441

The pattern: 1-5-1-9-9     1-5-1-9-9    + 1
(note: recombinant similarity between second and fourth coordinate diagonal patterns)

First seven frequencies third time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from just above right temple where it joins the eyebrow to the center of the skull, top of the head.

The four paths of unity, horizontal 11, vertical 11.

The one unifying pattern connecting the four paths of unity is that the last digit of the first number in each sequence ends in a 1, and the last digit of the sixth number in each sequence ends in 6. The 10 numbers in each set are referred to as gates of unity, running from first gate of unity to tenth gate of unity.

1. First path, left-hand path of unity, start at V21:H11 code 11

11 – 90 – 161 - 224 – 279 – 326 - 365 - 396 - 419 - 434    + 1 441

First seven frequencies sixth time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from midway between top of left ear and temple, running to the center of the skull.

2. Second path, path of descending unity, start V11:H1 code 31

31 - 108 – 177 - 238 – 291 – 336  - 373 - 402 - 423 - 436   + 441

First seven frequencies seventh time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from top of spine at base of skull, running up to the center of the skull

3. Third path, right-hand path of unity, start V1:H11, code 51

51 – 126 – 193 – 252 – 303 - 346 – 381 – 408 – 427 – 438   + 441

First seven frequencies fifth time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from midway between top of right ear and temple, running to the center of the skull.

4. Fourth path, path of ascending unity, start V11:H21, code 71

71 – 144 - 209 – 266 - 315 – 356 - 389 – 414 - 431 - 440   + 441

First seven frequencies eighth time dimension, last 3 +1 ninth time dimension.

Imprint from point between the brows running up to the center of the skull.

To facilitate memorization, take a 441 base matrix graphic and with a red pencil delineate the diagonals running from 1 at V21:H21 to 41 at VI:H1, and from 21 at V21:H1 to 61at V1:H21. Then with a blue pencil, do the same with the vertical 11th row from 31 top to 71 bottom, and the horizontal 11th row, from 11 right, to 51 left. Then you can easily see the eight sets of numbers in the sequences in which they need to be memorized.

Showing 441 Matrix with Diagonals, Vertical 11 and Horizontal 11 highlighted

Once you’ve got these 8 sets memorized and placed over the brain, then condense the pattern into a micro-chip and project it to the very center of the corpus callosum connecting the two hemispheres.

As you go through the process of memorization, test yourself from time to time on a blank piece of paper, without looking at the matrix, write the sequences in their pattern of radial order. Even when you think you have perfected the memorization, write the numbers. Then without looking at anything place the sequences in the corresponding patterns over your skull, mentally imprinting them on your brain - and keep imprinting. Do it when you are going to sleep or at any random time. The point is to keep up the mental imprinting. This is the essence of telepathic memorization.

You’ll know you are getting somewhere when you close your eyes and see the whole pattern, the reverse of what is on paper, floating in your brain. When you’ve attained this, then start randomly choosing other numbers and place them in their correct circuits and time dimensions.

Showing 441 Matrix overlaid on the Human Brain

As you are going about accomplishing the process of telepathic memorization, keep studying the Holomind perceiver graphic, and in particular, overlay its corresponding diagonals and paths of unity. Note that in the four diagonals of the HMP, only four numbers appear in each diagonal: 7,7, 6 and 16. Now add those. The sum is 36, multiplied by 4 and you’ve got your sacred number 144. Connect each of these numbers with their corresponding BMUs.

While the right and left hand paths of unity correspond respectively to the dum kuali thermic field (right side of brain, left side of graphic) and vice versa for the dum duar luminic force field, the vertical columns – corpus callosum – contain eight UR harmonics each:  upper vertical sequence Galactic Life Whole, and lower sequence, Galactic Art Whole. Eventually you will want to imprint the code structures of these as well as their numbers. The graphic on pp..204-205 of the Book of the Timespace, Volume V Cosmic History Chronicles is a good help.

Make sure you are also resolving the daily BMUs in the holomind perceiver and in your brain. You can facilitate this by creating a daily schematic map of the nine time dimensions – just like creating a tic-tac-to board. Indicate with an “x” the approximate locations of the daily BMUs, including: 1) heptad gate, 2) daily 13 moon BMU, 3) daily psi genetic kin (space) BMU, 4) daily synchronic matrix kin code BMU, 5) Master daily BMU, and 6) cumulative daily BMU (per heptad).

In the schematic, pay attention to which time dimension your “x’s” fall in. Note the following designations:
Three horizontal sequences
Top row across is the noospheric crown - time dimensions 1, 7 and 2
Middle row across is the heart horizon - time dimensions 5, 9 and 6
Bottom row across is the root horizon - time dimensions 3, 8, and 4

Three vertical sequences
Right, the 3rd dimensional temple body - time dimensions 2, 6, 4
Left, the 4th dimensional body of destiny - time dimensions 1, 5 and 3,
Center, the 5th dimensional body of radiance – time dimensions 7, 9 and 8
In this way you can see which aspects of your three bodies are being activated.

This brings up another cautionary note. You cannot learn the Synchronotron to the exclusion of the rest of your body or your life. In the system of cosmic science you have three bodies, as indicated. They all must work and learn together - especially the third dimensional body of the temple and the fourth dimensional body of destiny. The root has to be firmly planted, the heart must be heard, and all aspects of the noosphere must be cultivated, in a balanced holistic way.

This will help you to then translate the BMUs to their Holomind perceiver designations and place them in your brain. This how memnogenesis – birth of the new being through memory – occurs.

The nine principle coordinates of the 441 matrix.

One last note: To facilitate the memorization, for each of the diagonals and paths of unity within each of the outer time dimensions (diagonals) and radial time dimensions (horizontal/vertical), there is a coordinating BMU, located at the very center on either a 4, 11 or 18 vertical where it intersects a 4, 11, or 18 horizontal row. The master coordinating unit of all of the eight times is the central point in the inner or 9th time dimension – 441.

The nine coordinates of the nine seven squared (49-unit) time dimensions

1. BMU 217 establishes you in the unitary resonant power of 7 (x 31) as the root of the cosmic cube – mind element, beta beta radial sense matrix (4th time dimension, 3rd mental sphere) (First diagonal).

2. BMU 224 establishes you in the octave of the harmonic standard ( 8 x 28) through the crystalline power of 7 (x 32), now you are the celestial sound of subliminal consciousness – dum duar force field (6th time dimension, 6th mental sphere) (left-hand horizontal 11th).

3. BMU 231 establishes you as the supreme initiate (7 x 33) of the higher mind power of cosmic ascension – mind element, beta alpha radial sense matrix (2nd time dimension, 4th mental sphere) (Second diagonal).

4. BMU 238 establishes you as a channel of the descending high command (7 x 34) on behalf of the Council of the Intergalactic Federation – UR Harmonic 87 Time space unifies galactic life whole (7th time dimension, 7th mental sphere) (upper vertical 11th).

5. BMU 245 establishes you in fifth force power of the primal realm of cosmic creation (49 x 5) – mind element, alpha alpha radial sense matrix (1st time dimension, 1st mental sphere) (Third diagonal).

6. BMU 252 establishes you in the supernormal frequency of the root of the cube of divine creation (7 x 36, 9 x 28, 21 x 12), the all-creative mind of the cosmic superconscious - dum kuali force field 95th time dimension, 5th mental sphere (Right-hand horizontal 11th).

7. BMU 259 establishes you as a possessor of the power of number and cosmic synchronization (7 x 37) –mind element, alpha beta radial sense matrix (3rd time dimension, 2nd mental sphere) (Fourth diagonal).

8. BMU 266 establishes you as an artist of the divine high command (7 x 19 x 2) in its cosmic evolutionary ascent, now you are a messenger of the Intergalactic Federation –UR Harmonic 96 Galactic art whole gives form to cosmic consciousness (8th time dimension, 7th mental sphere) (lower vertical 11th).

9. BMU 441 establishes you in the supermental knowledge and power of the Supreme Council of the Unified Assemblies of the Intergalactic Federation, Order of Hunab Ku (7 x 63, 21 squared, 49 x 9) – Sirius 52B hyperplasma, element 113
(9th time dimension, 7th mental sphere) (core 11th dimension channel of the cube).

Locate these in your brain. Feel them there. Meditate on their meanings. The whole purpose of Synchronotron 441 is the establishment of the new supersensory cognitive foundation, the articulation of the universal telepathic language, the unification and spiritual-mental uplifting of all beings to their next evolutionary level.

In Universal Peace,

Valum Votan
Galactic Research Institute

Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror, 81st Galactic Spin anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan
Fifth Heptad Gate, Time Space of the Enlightened One, BMU 414
Galactic Hawk Moon, Alpha 19
Cube 13 Skywalker- Prophecy-Space
Sixth Ring Mystery of the Stone
Realm of the Sixth lha, Awesome Vast Blue Sky
Kin 4 Year Yellow Self-existing Seed

“Do not forget the origins nor neglect the completion"

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