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Cosmic History Chronicles: Glossary of Key Terms
(work in progress)

AA Midway Station – Arcturus/Antares Midway station, located interdimensionally above the planetary midpoint between Jupiter and Maldek (Asteroid Belt). Also known as “the Mother Ship” the AA Midway station is the location of the particular unit of the Galactic Federation assigned to monitoring the star system Velatropa 24.3, scene of the final dramas of the Free Will experiment.

Absolute – Higher dimensional realm of perfection beyond time space; source of programs and prototypes for all lower dimensional realms and cycles of unfoldment.

AC Aboriginal Continuity – Refers to one of two psychogenetic strands animating evolutionary intelligence. AC is primary and establishes the total motif and pattern for both the secondary CA (Cosmic Awareness) strand as well as the composite of the two strands together.

Act of imagination – Conscious manipulation of analphs for particular effects, logical or illogical.

Actinio – One of two primary elements at center of sole atom or quantinomio citiobarico, functions as colloidal reactor on second element, animio.

Alpha rays – One of two primary plasmic rays generated from galactic core; also forms one of seven radial plasmas;  highest frequency brain wave corresponding to meditation/concentration and hypnotic states of consciousness

Akashic Register – Located in seventh mental sphere of the fifth dimensional higher self, is the record of all the life programs, thoughts and adventures of all entities; divided into the Book of Self and the Book of Nature, some times known as the Book of Clear Records or the Mother of the Book.

Alpha Meson, Mesons – In solar radiation, arranged as two sets, 72 protons (mesons) and  72 positrons (alpha meson), establishing strang rays or thermic solar radiation

Analpha, Analphs Alpha whose form has been activated by electrical fluid, solen, providing virgin material for analphic engravings – external or imaginally conceived impressions, otherwise known as thoughts or thought forms; stored in various parts of the brain.

Animio gas – Second of two primary elements at center of sole atom, in concert with liquefied actinio, increases pressures within atomic core to be released as Perihelios or Quon rays.

Anthropic perspectivePositivist point of view that the entire universe was evolved for the sole purpose of human scientists being able to study, understand and formulate its underlying laws and principles.

Atomic physics – Study of the behavior of atomic and subatomic dynamics and structures, inclusive of their participation in and constitution of the human as an interactive cosmic force field, as well as in the formation of planetary bodies.

Avatar – Incarnation (descent into matter) of a divine principle as an entity who thereby embodies and enacts this principle at a given point in a particular cosmic cycle in order to establish a new standard of behavior and perception of universal order.

Avatar’s Wheel of Time – Synthesis of mathematical functions of law of time and harmonic order in a symbolic structure that organizes patterns of 13,20 and 8 into their minimum program of 520 permutations arranged as two cycles of 260 units each, a wheel of cycle of becoming and of return.

Belief System – The configuration of consciousness which predisposes the entity who holds to this configuration to its corresponding model or structure of reality.

Beta rays – One of two primary plasmic radiations released from galactic core; as a superplasma, establishes mental frequencies; as a brain wave corresponds to waking consciousness and mediumship.

Big Bang Theory – Widely accepted modernist theory that the universe began with an inexplicable explosion of a primal ball of matter 13.7 billion years ago and has been expanding ever since. In cosmic science, this “explosion” iss referred to as RANG.

Biogenic Migration of Atoms – Refers to the tendency of all cellular organic, molecular structures within the biosphere to undergo virtually infinite numbers of transformations, accounting for evolutionary mutations, as well as every day transformations of organic matter such as occurs through the digestive process.

Biological Engineer – Sixth stage of intelligent evolvement; entities equipped with capacity to create new stellar and galactic types in accord with divine plan.

Biology – Refers to the science or the study of life understood as an interval in a sequence of cosmic evolutionary possibilities.

Black hole – In modern astrophysics, a point in time space (or stellar mass) where the gravitational pull is greater than the mass, thus sucking everything nearby  into an interdimensional “void”.

Bodhicitta – In Buddhist teachings, the aspiration toward enlightment, which is believed to be a characteristic of all sentient beings, and even of matter itself.

Buddhadharma – What the Buddha taught, literally the law or truth according to the Buddha, the “enlightened one.”

Bultico rays – Luminic rays emitted by solar radiation in alternation with strang or thermic radiation; consists of paired arrangements of 72 photons (electron) and 72 phitons (megatron).

CA Civilizational Advance/Cosmic Awareness – Refers to the secondary strand of the psychogenetic circuit of evolutionary intelligence; in its historic dynamic also referred to as Civilizational Advance, because it refers to a tendency for decision making based on acquired intelligence, rather than on innate (AC) intelligence; as Cosmic Awareness, this strand refers to the evolution of consciousness.

Carpin – Cubic, Spherical and Megacarpins – Primary sub-sub-atomic phenomena generated from etheric Cesna points, which are arranged into spherical and cubic groupings; 500,000 of each grouping create the megacarpin.

Cartio – In atomic structure refers to space between nucleus and outer shell of electrons and which produces alternating strang and bultico rays.

Cavernicola – Literally “cave-dweller” second evolutionary stage between humanoid and homo sapiens; intelligent evolution within the womb of nature, developing tribal life, art and culture; characterized by “reactive (receptive) mind,” absorbing nature’s lessons.

Celestial Harmonics – The intelligent, purposive connections we make between different points in time or time vector points.

Cesna Points – Most primary micro condensations of interactive resonances within ether resulting from effects of RANG.

Chakras (generators) – Radioplasmic generators usually thought of as points of biospsychic activation of etheric body aligned to central axis of the physical body; analogous to and participating in similar cosmic functions as sole atom (quantinomio citiobarico).

Cicloquom (see also Quon rays) – Force field of three luminic rings produced by first radiations from nucleus of quantinomio citiobarico. Also known as Quombio.

Citelio, Cito Helio – Nucleus and permeable membrane of sole atom through which pass cicloquon or quombio.

Compressors – The 12 units of each of three rings (36 units total) constituting the force field (cicloquon) in orbit around the nucleus of the sole atom or quantinomio citiobarico, and which condense cicloquom into quon rays.

Consciousness – Attribute of matter as reflection of Absolute; permeates all cosmic phenomena and is distinguished by different levels corresponding to stages of evolutionary (involutionary) development; inseparable from mind, medium of universal thinking layers of intelligence.

Continuing Consciousness – Stage of conscious awareness beyond “normal” everyday consciousness, which is absolutely discontinuous. Object of practices of the Law of Time and study of Cosmic History.

Cosmic Consciousness – Stage in the unfoldment of Cosmic History when the evolution of matter has been exhausted and the primary, all-pervading consciousness permeates sentiency with panoramic and omniscient awareness.

Cosmic Electricity – Primary property of cosmos once force and energy have acquired status of possessing different charges and kinetic capacity; characterized by different varieties, summarized as parton, establishing fundamental plasmic nature of all cosmic phenomena.

Cosmic Engineer – Sixth evolutive plane, endowed with capacity to create new stellar and galactic types in accord with divine plan.

Cosmic History – Core of the universal field of intelligence. Template or superior overlay of a comprehensive understanding intended to replace the entire world construct as it exists today. Comprehensively creative interaction of Absolute (cosmos) and relative (history).

Cosmic Science – Extra-terrestrial, cosmocentric, higher-dimensional science of advanced evolutionary knowledge; title of text received through medium of Enrique Castillo Rincon, 1971.

Cosmic Universal Law – Higher, universally constant law that pervades entire creational universe, usually formulated as three fundamental principles: Law of Unity, Law of Polarity-Resonance, and Law of Action/Reaction.

Cosmocentric perspective – Refers to non-local, non-topographic, higher dimensional view where it is assumed mind Is the principle cosmic medium whose center is everywhere there is self-reflective consciousness; capacity for knowing through direct intuitive insight.

Cosmology – Study of cosmos as evolutionary system for advancing intelligence into pure consciousness.

Cosmosis – Analogous to osmosis, refers to the process of the absorption of cosmic energy and information through the membranes of advanced life forms for the production of higher states of mind and forms of energy.

Cosmotic – Refers to capacity for cosmosis, characterizing advanced life operating at supermental hyperorganic consciousness.

Cybersphere – The intermediate global information sheathe between the technosphere and the noosphere. Consists of Internet, television and other global electronic information technologies. Last evolutionary stop before universal telepathy.

Cycle of Becoming – This refers to the great stage of the involution of the soul into matter.

Cycle of Return – This refers to the great stage of the evolution of the soul out of matter.
With the Cycle of Becoming, defines the basis of the philosophy of Cosmic History.

Crystal Transfer of Consciousness – Method for learning to experience consciousness out of the body by projecting it into a crystal.

Cycles of Becoming and Return – Two major stages of cosmic history, where 13.7 billion year cycle of becoming evolves matter to point of cosmic consciousness, engendering equal length return cycle where consciousness evolves back to source (pure consciousness); description of two phases of any cosmic process. See Wheel of Becoming and Return.

Dar – One of two types of plasmatic seed forms attracted by Darka pole of Kar Dual galaxy type.

Dario, Dario Duarico, Dario Kualico – Plasmatic substances that form and unite in kar vidico zone or causal field of galaxy to create electrplasmatic nuclei of seventh dimension – source of “spirit” or spirit energies; 9 negative nucei form the dario duarico, and 6 positive nuclei form the dario kualico.

Darka pole – Lower pole of galactic axis in kar dual type galaxy toward which dar and kar seed plasma are attracted.

Darka seals – 32 of these are formed at the dharma pole of the mauri tube of of a planetary supernova, constituting one of two dharma belts.

Days of creation – Allegorical description of six stages as six days of cosmic creation; six days of creation define the 13.7 billion year cycle of becoming (Wavespell of Cosmic History); seventh day defines return cycle, where cosmic consciousness is in evolutive ascendance.

Decimal system – Count by ten where a positional zero indicates increase in increments of the power of 10, i.e., 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,0, 1,000,000, 10,000,000 etc.

Dharma – Sanskrit word for law, truth or rule; what the Buddha taught; in Cosmic Science, dharma is a universal principle of effect that is fundamentally positive in nature and tends towards equilibration of situations as opposed to karma which is essentially negative in nature; results in six types of postive discharges; in planetary supernovas, dharma is the lower pole of the mauri tube of the supernova.

Dharma Art – “Art as Everyday Life.” Based on principle of dharma, understood as the universal norm, law or principle by which everything conforms to its own intrinsic aesthetic, abiding by Law of Time T (E) = Art. Means that anything and everything that you do has the potential for being elegant.

Dharma belt, Dharma seals – In planetary supernovae, term for the lower pole of the mauri tube from which 32 electrical lines of force called duar are emitted; these result in the creation of darka seals which form one of two dharma belts, 32 seals in a northern and 32 in a southern belt; for each belt, of these dharma seals, 28 with electrical coverings form the 2340 (260 x9) planetoid types, the other 4 form the 96 types of moon.

Dharmakaya – Body of truth, object of Buddhist enlightenment practice, forms highest of triple body teaching or trikaya (the other two bodies are the samboghakaya – body of radiance or communication – and nirmanakaya – body of transformation, the actual physical body you take on at birth.

Dimensions (parallel worlds of coexistence) – Represent the eighteen orders of reality of the eight universes, accommodating the numerous parallel worlds of coexistence accessed through paranormality.

Dion – In a neutrino, counterpart to ions, holding the structure of the neutrino in place; there are 72 of each of these particles to a neutrino.

Displacement – Advanced paranormal technique for projecting self in at least two different places simultaneously.

Duar, Dum Duar – Describes the luminic type of cosmic electricity, one of six types constituting the parton or primal cubic parton; duar gives rise to the blue electro energetic line of force called dum duar.

Dyan – Describes second grade planetary system with 24 planets.

Dzogchen – Literally “Great Perfection” (Tibetan), galactic mind practice brought to Earth by Pramodavajra, incorporated into historical Buddhism (Tibetan) which teaches realization and recognition of the nature of the Absolute as being no different than your present awareness.

Earth Wizard – Evolved human type operating with noospheric consciousness, living according to program and codes of fourth-dimensional synchronic order, actively involved in establishing telepathic fields of resonance and exploration, sustained by elementary self sustaining garden economy and advanced forms of super efficient nonpolluting technologies.

Electro-conductive (Behavioral Pattern) – Engraved template located in the upper part of the corpus callosum consisting of 64 “runes; control board of behavioral life patterns in increments of 8-year cycles; also act as corrective filter for extrasensory stimulation; basis of 64 UR Runes in association with 64 Codons, 20 Tablets of the Law of Time.

Electromegatron – Name given to composite of Photons, Phtions and trapped duar quanta constituting the luminic or bultico rays of solar radiation.

Electron – One of six primary types of cosmic electricity constituting the primal (cubic) parton; establishes kinetic electrical force.

Electronic lines of force – Resultant effect of final stages of quantified parton; 12 types are defined, of which six also correspond to negative (karmic) mental states and the other six to positive (dharmic) mental states

Electronic Mertanica – Defines electronic quanta (liquen) as interaction of of 4 partons; occurs in third stage of quantified parton.  

Electrostatic or Electronic covers – In planet formation, the different caps radiating out from the core as layers of geological atomization or from the planetary surface as atmospheric covers.

Entities of Control – Refers to the fifth dimensional entities supervising the unfolding of life patterns of the third dimensional Self and fourth dimensional Other.

Equinoctial, Solsticial lines – In planet formation, defines the two moments of balance, and the limit of tilt on the planetary axis before returning to balance.

Eschatology; eschatological – Area of research studying prophecies dealing with the end times or end of time; pertaining to the end times.

Ether – Constant of inert force in the cosmos extending from micro to macro cosmos and infinitely extensive; discounted by modern physics, replaced by present-day theory of “dark matter”.

Etheric Body – The subtle body or the light body, also called the holon, which is within the dense body. Vehicle for evolution beyond the physical plane.

Evalidation – “Acquisition of values,” refers to process by which fifth-dimensional electronic entities acquire electronic charges by passing their hands over energy fields of various phenomena; occurring over millions of years, means by which fifth-dimensionals acquire cosmic wisdom.

Evolutive Planes – Refers to the different stages by which intelligence incarnating in humanoid types passes through different layers of learning.  

Fastenic or Auric LineRadioplasmic lines of force generated by the chakra system constituting what is usually referred to as the aura; consists of sets of quantified partons, liquen and marsines.

Fifth Dimension – Realm of pure electronic entities; abode of “guardian angels,” “guiding spirits;” realm of hierarchy and place where higher commands are sorted out and stepped down into fourth and third dimensional functions.

Fifth Force – Dynamic of time as the agent of synchronization, which actually unifies the other four forces, the strong, the weak, the electromagnetic and the gravitational.

Fifth Force Oracle – Refers to the five-part dynamic that mathematically characterizes any of the 260 kin, which constitute the fourth dimensional 13:20 timing matrix; also an analog intelligence to the fifth force coordination of the four physical forces.

Food Sheathe – Refers to the physical/biological body, which is the carrier of consciousness, but must be maintained by some type of continuous organic input called food, hence food sheathe.

441 Cube Matrix – Grammar of telepathy condensed into a 21 x 21 mathematical matrix with different overlays: Time matrix, Space matrix, Synchronic Matrix, Base Matrix and Holomind Perceiver. All possibilites of thought and knowledge are condensed into this cube cosmology and reformulated as fundamental numerical frequencies (also see Synchronotron)

Fourth Dimension – One of two accompanying dimensions of life; the etheric dimension where dreams and the imaginal realm occur.

Galactic Meditation – System of meditation based on classic techniques of Zen and Dzogchen, used as a means to deepen comprehension of the synchronic order as the manifestation of galactic mind.

Galactic Synchronization – Refers to precise date Yellow Galactic Seed (July 26, 2013) which defines the great evolutionary shift point – the entrance into the New Solar Age or Psychozoic Era.

Galaxy, galactic order – Base unit of cosmic order; of two types: kar dual, supporting life; and mars gamma, without life; means of organizing Cosmic History as pattern of evolution into cycles of becoming and return; source of all data pertaining to principles of cosmic science.

Geomancy – Literally “Earth divination.” From the Cosmic History perspective, defines a branch of Cosmic Science that understands the planet body as a living organism and hence, articulates its various “sense organs” for better cosmic operation. 

Genetic pattern – Refers to effect of quantified parton as lines of force (mertanica vidica) wrapped around a quanta of energy (gene), that, when affected by spermatazoid, becomes distended and within 48 hours gives rise to pattern of new entity.

GM108X – Refers to a coded Galactic Mayan system of higher mind transmission specifically channeled to our star system from Arcturus and principally transmitted through the lineage of the Votans.

Gospels – Literally, “good news,” the teachings of Jesus the Anointed One, as compiled by his followers, principally Matthew, Mark, Luke and John constituting core of “New Testament;” any revelatory teaching.

Haaq – Quranic expression for the truth or Absolute reality, corresponding somewhat to the Buddhist dharmakaya.

Hadith – Any secondary commentary to a primary text. In Islamic tradition, Hadith refers to the tradition based, not on the Quran, but on the commentaries of the sayings of Muhammad.

Harmonic Convergence – 25+ year Mayan eschatological cycle, 1987-2012-13; commenced August 16-17, 1987, as conclusion to 1144-year prophecy cycle of Quetzalcoatl, “Thirteen heavens and nine hells.”

Harrowing of Hell – Refers to a four-year cycle between the conclusion of seven years of prophecy and commencement of seven years of Mystery of the Stone, AD 2000-04, where the seven years of prophecy are the descent into Hell and the seven years of the Mystery of the Stone are the ascent into the resurrection.

Heptad Gates – Refers to seven nodes of consciousness situated along the corpus callosum that establishes the seven portals of the holomind perceiver. One heptad gate is opened per day. Each of the heptad gates is coded by one of the seven radial plasmas, the 6 + 1 mental spheres, the seven hyperplasmas and the seven solar mantras.

Heptagonon of Mind – Imaginal structure consisting of seven radial plasmas, one for each of six sides of a cube, and the seventh, the center point holding the cube together; defines multidimensional structure of universal time space.

Heptocubic Plasmatic Quantos – Exploded form of heptagonon of mind, fourth-dimensional electronic construct, six cubes emitted from each of six sides, the seventh being the base cube; outward form of each of the six (plus one) mental spheres.

Higher Self – Refers to indestructible, eternal fifth dimension entity forming the third part of the triadic being, along with Self (third dimensional) and Other (fourth dimensional entity.

Holographic Yoga – Application of Synchrogalactic Yoga rooted in a veneration of Earth as a hologram of total galactic consciousness.

Holomind perceiver – Literally, perceiving with the whole mind; seventh mental sphere characterizing superhuman stage of evolution; incorporating electroconductive and metabolic patterns, a mathematically structured circuit meant to be imprinted telepathically upon the corpus callosum, giving rise to radialized sensory perceptions and experience.

Holonomic Equation – Within the law of whole systems, the description of the balancing of energy and information, such that, in the end, prehistoric equals post historic.

Holonomics, holonomic consistency – Study of the law governing whole systems; defining quality of organic wholeness perceptible in all elements of any given phenomenon.

Homo noosphericus – Replacement for homo sapiens; next evolved model of human, the superhuman, characterized by cosmic consciousness and radialized sense perceptions.

Human – Intentional thinking element in the universe; third evolutive plane; in Cosmic History pivot or fulcrum of shift from universal cycle of becoming to universal cycle of return.

Humanoid – First evolutive plane of intelligence; lacking in sustained thinking capacity, evolution occurs through discharges of insulin and adrenalin which engage and enlarge the dormant mental spheres.

Hunab Ku – Mayan term for Supreme Being, literally, “one giver of movement and measure;” also identified with galactic core as source of unceasing streams of creative lines of plasmic and telepathic force.

Hunab Ku 21 – Synthesis of codes and messages of the 441 Cube Matrix constructed as a 21-unit archetypal “galactic tree of life.”

Hyperorganic Consciousness – Stage of development of consciousness, which represents the preliminary phase of extending beyond bodily form, in which, through highly developed telepathic capacities, feedback to the natural world is sent through the sense organs in etheric fibers that become the basis of the creations of new forms of nature referred to as hyperorganic.

Hybrid Human – Another term for the planetary human and refers to the species “homo sapiens” during the final generations of the entire 26,000 years cycle and in which the human type is no longer bound by any particular culture, tradition or creed and hence is a hybrid of often superfluous beliefs.

Inferior Triad – Refers to third-dimensional Self and “I” (ego function), and fourth-dimensional Other; distinct from triadic unity of third- fourth- and fifth-dimensional entities; when the inferior triad is integrated, the essence can manifest, which occurs in stage of superhuman.

Intelligence – Quality of consciousness which discriminates; distributed in thinking layers of greater or lesser degrees throughout universe through all-pervading medium of consciousness.

Integral Yoga – Yoga that assumes whole body, whole system integration within its own context and with the larger macro environment, both of the terrestrial nature and the cosmos. Basis of Cosmic History foundation practices. Term first coined by Sri Aurobindo, and also utilized by Swami Satchinanda.

Ion – Electrically charged particle with equal positive and negative charges.

Islam – Universal religion of cosmic nature, literally “bowing in submission to God,” meaning there is nothing that is not obedient to the supreme law that governs it.

Jnana Yoga – Yoga of knowledge or wisdom. Unification with the divine through exercise of higher reason, logic, analytical and analogical thought, discriminating truth from falsehood.

Kab’ah – Literally “cube”, the shrine at Mecca originally constructed by Abraham and Ishmael to house the “stone of Adam” fallen from heaven (Maldek)”; rededicated by Muhammad, provides qibla, magnetic point toward which Muslims bow in prayer five times per day.

Kalachakra, Mandala and Wheel – Literally, “wheel of time,” complex Tibetan Buddhist sadhana (spiritual practice), exemplified by sand painting ceremony of kalachakra mandala, often performed by the Dalai Lama; also refers to 60 year cycles begun in AD1027; 17th cycle began in1987.

Kalpa – In both Hindu and Buddhist cosmology, a great age or cycle of time; comprised of 1000 yugas, or sequences of the “four ages.”

Kalki – Name of final avatar of time in Hindu tradition; intended to bring about the destruction of the yuga, he is also associated with future king who will bring Shambhala back to Earth.

Kappa lines – Formed by the 32 kappa seals emitted by the Marden pole of the planetary supernova, the lines become warped and then unite with the dar seals emitted by the dharma pole to form the dharmic belts that define equinoctial and solsticial lines of future planetary formations.

Kar – One of two plasmatic seed forms attracted by both poles (Darka and Marka) of the mauri tubes; in combination with kar creates kar dual galaxies; in combination with mars, creates mars gamma galaxie.

Kar Dual, Kar Dual galaxies – Life-containing galaxies in all of their manifestations.

Kar Vidico – Area in causal field of kar dual galaxy types where spirit entities are in formation.

Karma – Literally meaning cause (action), is both positive and negative but refers most often to actions with negative effects; both karma and dharma (intentionality at creating positive effects) form discharges that function as electronic lines of force; there are six negative discharges.

Karma Dharma, Law of – Same as Law of Action/Reaction, third universal law where karma is cause and dharma is effect.

Kemio – One of six types of cosmic electricity, refers to static distension or catalytic electrical force.

Kor – Pulsating field around hyperdimensional fifth force spin factor at core of nucleus; factor maintaining spin of all phenomena, micro to macro, in which there is a type of nucleus and orbiting particles of some kind (electrons, planets, etc).

Kuali, Dum Kuali – One of six types of cosmic electricity, refers to thermic quality; as red energetic positive line of force, establishes alternating solar heat radiation or strang rays.

Kum – One of six types of cosmic electricity; establishes magnetic, pacifying electrical force.

Kwan – Refers to first magnitude star with system of 48 planets.

Law of Action/reaction – Same as law of karma dharma, third universal law, especially applies to field where intentional thinking operates (human level of evolution).

Law of Karma – Law of cause and effect – for every action there is a reaction, applies to thought, word and deed – in the human realm, comprehension of this law is mandatory basis of moral/spiritual awakening.

Law of Polarity-Resonance – Second universal law summarized as: All polarity is resolved as resonance; basis of music as system of cosmic harmonics.

Law of Time – T(E)=Art, energy factored by time equals art, where T equals 13:20 frequency constant, energy equals any manifest phenomenal plane form process and art is the resultant effect which harmonically establishes the world of appearances. Secondary principle: The velocity of time is instantaneously infinite, establishing time as the medium of telepathy.

Law of Unity – First universal law: In the circle of perfection the dimensions of being are inseparably united.

Leptons – In quantum physics, type of subatomic particles, along with quarks, considered building blocks of matter; of six types, only two are involved in the phsycical universe, the neutrino and the electron, the others are “unobservable;” compare with six types of cosmic electricity constituting parton.

Life – A secondary cosmic phenomenon representing the realm of possibilities between the crystal realm and the hyperorganic realms of pure consciousness.

Liquen – Third stage of quantified parton – electronic quanta, result of interaction of four partons in motion in one space.

Maldek – Fifth planet from the sun destroyed by supernatural events involving planets Jupiter and Saturn in remote past. Its destruction resulted in the formation of the Asteroid Belt discovered on Jan. 1, 1801 (White Rhythmic Mirror). Basis of interplanetary psychocosmology, otherwise known as the “Fall of Man.”

Mantra – Primordial sound vibration that when chanted or recited tunes us into the sound of the universe. Some forms of yoga are also “sound yoga,” such as sabdayoga, that focuses on liberating the mind by tuning into the inner cosmic sound. Synchrogalactic yoga focuses on the seven solar mantras to attune the biopsychic apparatus to the solar frequencies of the coming solar age.

Manvantara – In system of kalpas, 14 per kalpa; at end of seventh manvantara, comes stage of mahapralaya the great seed time, the arrival of the final avatar, Kalki, followed by the commencement of a new cycle or “second creation.”

Marden ­ Upper, northern pole of mauri tube of planetary supernova, emitting Alpha, Beta and 32 kappa mars seals; analog of marka pole in galactic formation.

Marka pole – In formation of galaxies, upper end of mauri tube toward  which plasmatic seed forms mars and kar are attracted.

Mars – One of two plasmatic seed form attracted by marka pole; base material for galactic and stellar formations; base of mars gamma galaxy type and name of one of two “lost planets’ in star system V.24

Mars gamma (galaxies) – One of two galaxies types; no life evolves on this type.

Marsines – Final stage In process of quantified parton, in which 8 partons incessantly occupy the same time space, establishing material for the radial plasmas.

Matrix – Refers to the resultant stage of information process which establishes feedback loop with projecting entity. Also defines the entire web of the collective hallucination of the technosphere.

Mauri tubes – Dephased and depolarized energy lines resulting from shock waves of encounters of quantars and quasars giving rise to two extreme polarities, which go on to attract seed-forms of contrary polarity; basis of formation of nebulas and galaxies

Mayan Great Cycle – Name commonly given to current 13-baktun cycle running from August 13, BC 3113 to December 21, Ad 2012.

Memories – Activation of stored analphs due to stimulus of any variety of psychosensory impressions.

Mental frequencies – Refers to alpha, beta, theta and delta brain waves defining different states or types of consciousness emitted by the mental spheres.

Mental Ratios (Brain waves) – Proportionate range of brain waves to each other; meant to be enlarged or expanded by means of profound meditation and other telepathic practices.

Mental Spheres – Of six types, the mental spheres are coincident with different parts of the brain and correspond to different levels of consciousness: preconscious, subconscious, conscious, continuing conscious, superconscious, and subliminal conscious. A seventh mental sphere exists in the higher self, opening to the seventh-dimensional akashic register, inclusive of the now evolving holomind perceiver.

Mentation Wave – A configuration of telepathic potentialities, indeptendent of language, and based on whole orders of supermental precepts, intrinsic to non-egoic knowing. Mentation waves are a function of the Holomind Perceiver and operate at the central core, radiating out to the different mental spheres. This is how the noosphere is established.

Mertanica – Two electronic partons (liquen) in interaction.

Mertanica Vidica – Refers to the stage of the quantified parton that is wrapped around a gene at the moment of conception and the devopment of a new genetic life pattern.

Metabolic pattern – Situated in lower part of corpus callosum of each of the third and fourth dimensional selves, governing the ‘vegetative” instinctual life and controlling the parton with its six types of cosmic electricity in units of +5 or -5; incorporated into holomind perceiver for purpose of radialzing the five sensory functions.

Micra – Description of primary size of a quanta, in whose interior are spiraling 12 billion partons; cubed micra is one trillionth part of a cubic  meter.

Miriads – Unobservable energetically charged networks of megacarpins which initiate polarity and are found in three groupings: neutral (3 megacarpins), positive (6 megacarpins), and negative (9 megacarpins).

Moral/Imaginal/Phenomenal – Refers to the triple universe model, which is the reality that we are programmed to go through, which includes simultaneous sensory phenomenal input, imaginal perceptual interpretation and some level of moral decision-making.

Morphogenetic Field – These define the telepathic sub fields of a given species as well as sub fields evolved by higher species, which correspond to different aspects of the evolutionary cycle; any telepathic field established by either some or all the members of any group or different complexes of groups or a whole planetary aggregate.

Mudras – Hand gestures used in meditation that align one’s being with cosmic forces.

Mystery of the Stone – Second great cycle of the Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan, AD 2004-2011. Time of the perfection of the human soul, resurrection and the awakening of the Seven Lords of the Ring, first seven of the nine Bolontiku, also known as Middle Time, the bridge between the dying 12:60 world and the dawning 13:20 Heaven on Earth.

Natural mind, natural mind meditation – Unconditioned nature of universal mind dispersed equally in everything everywhere; technique for reacquainting oneself with this universal state, inseparable from normal everyday awareness. See Dzogchen.

Neutron – One of six types of cosmic electricity constituting the parton, characterized by neutrality or ambivalence in opposition to alternating current; in atomic physics neutrally charged particle is complementary to electron; combined with proton creates atomic nucleus..

Neutrino – Subatomic counterpart to the neutron in which ions and dions create a closed form rather than open (neutron).

Neutronio – Consists of four neutrons wrapped around a chakra that generates fastenic or auric lines of force; cause of release of radiance in the auric field of healthy, hyper-charged individuals.

Nicea, Council of – Held in AD 325, determined dogma of Christianity, i.e., Christ was declared the Son of God, the third in a trinity, and that he died in a cross to redeem mankind of its sins.

Noogenesis – Giving birth by mind; means of bringing about next evolutionary stage of humankind.

Noosphere – Earth’s mental envelope or thinking layer. Storage and regulation unit of the sum of mental interactions past, present, and future of all terrestrial life, both in the phenomenal and imaginal realms. Next stage of human evolution, scene of supermental activation and supramental descent.

Orbital negatrons – Atomic particle counterpart to electron.

Om – Primal mantric sound of totality of beginning (open labial sound “O”) and end (closed labial sound “M”); associated with sonorous resonance of sun; definition of third magnitude system with 12 planets.

Pacal Votan – Chief galactic Mayan agent self produced from his samadhi GM108X to incarnate during 80-year cycle AD 603-683 at Nah Chan (Palenque), first 28 years preparation for the 52-year cycle of power 631-683, during which time all of the galactic codes of time and prophecy were synchronized for the advent of UR in 2012.

Parihelio Quon rays – Primordial type of radiation produced from combination of actinio and animio gas at the center of the quantinomio citiobarico, and through cellular pressure, released through the membraneous pores of its nucleus.

Parapsychology – Refers to the study of states of being, consciousness and action that transcend the normal everyday psychological concerns, considering instead, analysis and definition of evolutionary upgrade of psychic abilities and capacities.

Parton, Cubic parton – Refers to arrangement of six primal types of cosmic electricity, usually into cubic (hexagonal) structure or template; the parton is the trillionth part of 10 to the 18th power of a micra.

Phiton – Subatomic particle counterpart to photon; in combination with photon produces luminic or bultico rays.

Photon – With phiton, both grouped duodecimally create the electron and its counterpart the megatron, cause of release of bultico or luminic rays.

Planetary Human – Refers to final stage of homo sapiens as a global techno-cultural hybrid characterized by machine dependency, confused moral standards and primitively dawning global consciousness; prerequisite entity to be redeemed by Cosmic History.

Planet Holon – Refers to the etheric structure of the planet as defined by the 20 solar seals that code the cosmic timing frequency; so structured in their super imposition over the planet body as to recreate the sequences of the five Earth families; knowledge of the planet holon is indispensable for the Cosmic Science of geomancy and advanced practices of the synchronic order. 

Planetary Logos – The guiding interdimensional intelligence core of the noosphere, located within the octahedral iron crystal core within the center of the Earth.

Planetary Manitou – Fifth dimensional twin higher self of planets with evolved life; underlying structure of noosphere, otherwise known as the psi bank, with mirror AC and CA halves. Can also be thought of as the single collective mind of the noosphere.

Planetary Supernova – Type of supernova from which planets are formed.

Planet Holon – Fourth-dimensional etheric protective grid around planet earth. This grid has 20 zones that are coded by one of twenty solar seals.  This is also known as the Arcturus Protectorate Zone.

Planeto-cosmic – Term which refers to principal that within the whole planetary system is also contained the entire system of cosmic order, giving rise to new evolutionary synthesis of spiritual and mental aspirations.

Planetophysical – Refers to the entire realm of matter, organic and inorganic, which constitutes a sum total and which is hence governed by unitive and unifying principles.

Plasmas – Reference points for telepathic knowing, all pervading primary energy resonances of cosmic electricity.

Plasma Universe Model (PUM) – Description of universe as being built up by plasmas and plasmic compounds, as distinct from nuclear or atomic description of the universe; basic premise of Cosmic Science.

Plasmatic Involution – Seventh-dimensional process by which radial plasmas are transformed into spiritual entities or “soul matter.”

Positivism – Contemporary Earth civilization based on premise that scientific method based on hypotheses (consisting solely of observations of physical, third-dimensional plane of reality) and testing for results is the highest achievement of human endeavor, and that universe exists solely for positivists to determine all of its underlying laws and principles.

Positron – Atomic counterpart to proton consisting of alpha mesons; arranged duodecimally with proton mesons traps quanta of duar for release of thermic energy or strang rays.

Prana – Traditional Hindu-Buddhist term for “vital energy” obtained mostly through breathing excercises but also through inlets in the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet; according to cosmic science prana is actually electrically charged alternating energetic lines of force.

Propositron – Name given to combination of proton and positron in balance with a valence of 144 (72 fourth-dimensional body) which produces strang rays for thermic action.

Proton – Atomic counterpart of positron, consisting of mesons, which duodeciammly arranged in balance with positron, releases strang rays from trapped duar particle

Psi bank regulator – Control panel or “nervous system” of the noosphere. Located between the two Van Allen radiation belts, the psi bank is instrumented to the fourth-dimensional timing factor, which regulates the DNA. Psi bank serves as a 2080-unit filing cabinet where all registrations of fourth-dimensional time are deposited.

Psychoatmospheric density – Refers to exponential increase in electromagnetic static and unconscious, unexamined thought forms that haphazardly intensify in the mental field (unconscious noosphere) of a civilization that forsakes fundamental multidimensionality of the universe solely for the exploitation of the physical plane (third dimension) of reality; crisis engendering condition leading to either planetary collapse or transformation to new evolutionary type – superhuman.

Psychocosmic electrodynamics – Description of conscious engagement of living, intelligent forms with cosmic processes of an electrically dynamic nature resulting in interactive universal co-creation.

Psychocybernetics – Literally, mind in relation to the automatic control system of the human organism; term in Cosmic Science given to describe study of the mind, its functions, capacities and states of consciousness.

Psychogenetic Feedback Loop – Refers to the self-fulfilling environment of consciousness established by an entity for its fundamental survival needs.

Psychophysics – Study of the inseparable nature of the sense organs and what they perceive; the perception that all sensory experience constitutes psychic data.

Pulsar Cosmology – Fourth-dimensional mental cosmology based on the 13-unit wavespell. Key tool for learning to apply fourth-dimensional time science.

Quantar, quantars – Electric nuclei within quon rays released by 36 compressors arranged in three rings around the sole atom; the quantars limit the number of rotating transductive compressors around the sphere to 36 – the limiting number defining all spherical forms in the cosmos.

Quanta, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum physics – Smallest observable unit; study and theory of the nature (physics) and behavior (mechanics) of quanta define the most advanced forms of positivist science and scientific thought.

Quantinomio Citiobarico (also Volume I) – Refers both to the sole atom, a primary quantum in which “cellular pressure” (citelio) generates cosmically originating electrical charges, and to the chakra as a generator within the body which, as a system produces electroplasmic energy and whose over-all structure is the human aura.

Quark – In Quantum physics, primary subatomic particle considered one of two building blocks of matter; of the six types, only the up and down quarks are observable.

Quasars – “Quasi-stellar radio objects,” name derived from contemporary astrophysics; according to Cosmic Science defined as four gigantic pulsar stars rotating around and fusing with the electrothermic field of quantars creating a shock wave of massive acceleration, which to radiotelescopes, appear to be one gigantic indeterminate mass.

Quombio or Cicloquom – From the quon rays released from the cell wall nucleus of the sole atom (quantinomio citiobarico), quombio or cicloquom is released as the three external rings of 12 compressers each.

Quran – Literally “ the recitation,” is the last complete, divinely revealed text given to humankind detailing requirements of conduct according to the principles of a pure monotheism and the unitive nature of the universe, in preparation for the last days – “the Hour;” so-called because it was recited by the Angel Gabriel to Muhammad, over a period of 23 years, AD 609- 632.

RA – The “sun god” (Egyptian); refers to name of higher dimensional entity under whose charge is the entire solar system; name of Egyptian pyramid in whose numerous secret chambers were stored various terma of Cosmic Science.

Radial plasmas – Result from combinations of different electronic lines of force; primary plasmas of universal electro – or radioplasmic creation; seven types of which are also stored in bodily chakra (generator system), one per each of seven principle chakras.

Radiosonics, radiosonic soul extension – Refers to supreme science of synchronization in which cosmic radioplasmatic energies are transduced and released through evolved human type; capacity of superhuman type to extend or project radiantly etheric structures for purpose of evolving material nature into spectral weightlessness.

Rang (also RANG) – Primal “sound” (big bang) originating creation; dissonance of seventh tone of first octave simultaneously sounding with do’ – first tone of the next octave; micro version occurs in the moment of conception of any new life.

Radiogenesis, Radiogenetic Time Ark – Process of transmitting life codes through electroplasmic means across great distances of space time; vehicle for conveyance of life codes intended for release at particular times in a target planet’s evolutionary cycle.

Red Queen – Feminine principle of cyclic regeneration.

Relativism – Contemporary Earth civilization belief system which denies existence of Absolute (God) and which, thereby, renders all values as relative.

Samadhi – Prolonged state of meditation in which no thought occurs, and the mind is in its natural non-conceptual state; useful for experiencing sublime nature of divine mind and eliminating neurosis.

Second Creation – Refers to multiple levels of fulfillment of cosmic historical codes, including the Mystery of the Stone, that occur at the closing of the cycle and which are a function of the fulfillment of the Law of Time. Corresponds to traditional prophecies found in the biblical and Quranic texts.

Sem Kar Dual – All-unifying cosmic formulation for the self-regulating, disciplined process of the way of higher evolution into the dimensions of cosmic consciousness.

Septum – Originating point in seventh dimension of mertanica vidica lines which result in the generation of the two fifth dimensional entities of control – one thermic positively charged and one luminic negatively charged – as well as for the generation of any genetic entity.

SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) ­ Term used by contemporary astrophyscists in its efforts to contact cosmic civilization; also related to CETI (Communication with Extra-terrestrial Intelligence.

Seven Years of Prophecy – First cycle of the Telektonon of Pacal Votan, AD 1993-2000. Time of the spread of the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar as the instrument of the Second Creation.

Siddha – One who attains the power of the siddhis.

Siddhis – Refers to the paranormal powers developed by yogis and high avataric beings, such as Christ, which display capacities that transcend the normal laws governing the physical plane reality.

Solar radiation – Of two alternating types, thermic and luminic, which affect the electrostatic coverture of the planetary system; the convergence at the poles of electrical covers creates distended electrostatic charge that repels mesonic (thermic) series in the thermic rays resulting in little heat at the poles; divergence of covertures at the equator accounts for attraction of mesonic series resulting in strong heat.

Sole Atom – Name of quantinomio citiobarico as the primary “atom” of the universe; accounts for generation all electrodynamic phenomena governing the cosmos in all of its evolutionary stages from proto-matter through galaxies and cosmic consciousness.

Sole Curve of Resonance – Result of two energetic lines of force of same polarity but different frequency uniting to form a single electrical line, otherwise known as conversion by attraction.

Solen – In the second stage of the quantified parton, the resultant electrical fluid brought about by the interaction of two partons.

Sorcerer’s Whole Body Perception – Refers to the capacity to experience the whole of reality through consciously integrated sense fields, resulting from highly focused yogic/meditative techniques. Necessary multisensory faculty for comprehending and being further evolved by Cosmic History.

Space-time, NET time and Cosmic time – In cosmic science, defined by the number of spaces occupied by a mass in movement; NET (Noospheric Earth Time) is measure based on rotation of the four phases (daily and seasonal) of the Earth on its axis in the space defined by one orbit around the sun (local star); cosmic time is an absolute measure based on sexagismal mathematics – 6,12, 24, 36, 216, 360, etc. functioning as equivalent standards; all time standards are ultimately functions of the 13:20 frequency of the Law of Time.

Spin, spin mechanism – Means by which every spherical body, from micro micro to macro macro, of the entire cosmos keeps gyrating in time space; spin mechanism is defined by the kor at any spherical nucleus, combining the four fields of physics – weak, strong, electric and magnetic, and time as the fifth force holding the other four together; result of RANG as resonance and perpetual mobilum of God’s first thought.

SUM Fields – Primordial fields created created by cesna points following disassociation of the etheric field, restricting the cesna points from returning to the ether

Sunna – In Islam, Sunna, histories of the prophet, is related to the tradition of the Hadith, resulting in an elaborate system of highly restrictive laws not necessarily implied or contained in the primary text of the Quran, and which became the basis of historic Islamic society.

Superconsciousness – Refers to the evolved state of mind and consciousness, which is characterized by a telepathic omniscience and omnidirectionality.

Superman, Superhuman – Fourth evolutive plane of cosmic intelligence, characterized by advent into cosmic consciousness, development of holomind perceiver, capacity to spectralize material reality through application of radiosonics, operating in shared telepathic field, noosphere, twin soul encounter, and working in conscious, constant manner with the fifth dimensional higher self

Supermental – Next stage of evolution (noosphere) transcending primitive current dualistic and separatist “mind.”

Supernova – End state of stellar evolution; in kar dual galaxy types, final ejection of plasmatic energy is accompanied by directed beams of tekepathic intelligence meant to active targeted world and or alternative systems with new levels of thought. See also planetary supernova.

Supraman – Fifth evolutive plane characterized by highly enlarged mental ratios, complete integration of the triadic being, no longer subject to reincarnations; fundamentally attainment of immortality.

Supramental Descent – Refers to revelation of knowledge or information from beyond human mental capacity.

Supramental Evolution – Refers to the stage of evolution when consciousness is no longer dependent on mind, understood as a consciousness feature needing a physical plane host body. Also principle of descent of divine revelatory information.

Supraphysical – Refers to extraordinary physical prowess beyond natural capacity, which can only be explained by mind operating according to “Paranormal laws.”

Suprasensible – Refers to paranormal or telepathic levels of sensitivity. For example, Votan had a suprasensible experience when he first looked at photo of the Face on Mars.

Stages of Quantified parton – Description of four phases parton undergoes when it combines with different numbers of itself in the same space giving rise to different electronic fluids, electronic lines of force and the radial plasmas.

Strang Rays – Thermic action of solar radiaton.

Synchrogalactic Yoga – a system of self-research that unites traditional yoga with the synchronic order. It aims to purify the physical/emotional body by integrating the third-, fourth- and fifth-dimensional bodies. Most closely aligned with the systems of Jnana, Raja and Kundalini yoga.

Synchronic Order – Refers to operating of fourth-dimensional realm of reality, knowable through 13:20 codes of the Law of Time.

Synchronotron – As an advanced practice of the Synchronic Order, the Synchronotron refers to the entire practice of the 441 cube matrix system. Synchronotron can be thought of as the Mothership of all code frequencies.

Syntropy – The process of turning together in ever greater arrangements and harmonic permutations of life. Syntropic functioning occurs when we have realigned our DNA with the universal harmonic order of natural time.

Technosphere – Earth’s artificial industrial/technological sheathe that negates natural time and higher consciousness. Global sphere of an artificial construct based on machine consciousness and marketing gimmicks.

Telektonon – Literally, “Earth spirit speaking tube,” final prophecy of Galactic Maya (Pacal Votan) meant to enlighten about the nature of time and preparation for the advent to the fourth evolutive plane at the end of the Mayan Great Cycle, AD 2012.

Terma, Terton – Literally “hidden teachings”, Tibetan term for mind teachings stored for later times to be discovered at the time meant for their disclosure; finders of these teachings are referred to as terton, hidden treasure finders.

Thinking Layers – Dispersal of forms of intelligence throughout cosmic mind space in different coatings or deposits meant to be accessed by the corresponding evolutive stages and planes of development.

Thirteenth Baktun – This is the final Baktun – sequence of 144,000 days – concluding the Great Cycle of the Mayan calendar, the duration of which is from 1618 to 2012. This Baktun represents the peak of historical materialism and is defined as the Baktun of the Transformation of Matter. The exponential acceleration of matter and human biomass during the final 26 years of this cycle induces the biosphere-noosphere transition and the descent of Cosmic History.

13:20 – Refers to natural universal frequency of synchronization, basis of the Law of Time. As a mathematical ratio based on 13 galactic tones of creation and 20 solar frequencies, the universal frequency of synchronization is a harmonic constant and activating through its application of the 13 moon/28 day calendar is the basis of the reformulation of the human mind.

Trikaya doctrine – Term for triadic being in Buddhist teachings: nirmanakaya (body of transformation, physical body), sambhogakaya (radiant body, fourth dimensional etgheric body), and dharmakaya (body of truth or dharma, fifth dimensional electronic body).

12:60 – Refers to artificial timing frequency based on the combination of an irregular 12 month Gregorian calendar and mechanistic 60 minute, 60 second clock. Creates unconscious programs resulting in present day world construct, which Cosmic History is intended to erase and replace.

28:7 code – Refers to the 64 units of the Harmonic Module/tzolkin grid between the third through the sixth and the eighth through eleventh columns and between the Hand code seven and Wizard code 14. This central grid consists of many symbolic overlays, but is referred to as 28:7 because of its structural formulation of the 28 GAPs, which constitute seven occult quartets, each quartet having a total sum of 28, hence 28:7; this also refers to a type of mathematical cosmology which is the basis of, among other things, the DNA and the Telektonon grid.

Twin Soul – In stage of superhuman, other evolutive vehicle of opposite sex intended to further the next stage of evolution; corresponds to original twin fifth-dimensional entities released from seventh-dimensional septum; union of primordial twin souls reincarnate results in noogenesis.

Tzolkin – Literally sacred count. The Mayan 260-day cycle which also establishes a base matrix 13:20, the fourth-dimensional 13:20 frequency standard.

UR – Universal Recollection, Universal Reality, Universal Religion -stage of unified planetary spirituality characterizing fourth, superhuman evolutive plane.

UR runes – The 64 UR runes (see Electro-conductive (Behavioral Pattern). The 48 UR runes of the Hexameride of the Octave are fourth-dimensional resonant structures that serve as a corrective radial strengthening of the 64 UR runes. Their appearance is a function of the quantum frequency shift that closes the cycle.

Vela, vela pulsar – Name of pulsar star six thousand light years from Solar system coordinating telepathic information beams in timed stages.

Velatropa, Velatropa sector – Name given by advanced intelligence to galactic sector where Earth’s star and its solar system are located; specifically, quarantined zone of the “free will experiment.”

Vigesimal system – Count by 20s which uses positional zero: basis of universal 13:20 frequency of synchronization; originally expressed by Maya on Earth as dot-bar notational system or 0-19 code.

Virus – Refers to an inharmonic relation of different types of electronic fluids or cosmic electricity which produce a rhythmic pulsing movement in the surrounding field, thus depolarizing itself to place a shock in the surrounding elctromagnetic field; surges and abnormal reaction wherein exist deficient or excessive correlative charges.

Votan, Pacal and Valum – Avataric type, “time messenger”; Pacal Votan special agent incarnated as Mayan to leave final time prophecies; Valum: terton of Pacal’s terma.

Vulom Magnetic Attraction Force Field – A particular electro telepathic strcutre by which one is able to project or beam thoughts, or beings, to any place within the universe. This force field is a function of the 441 mathematical matrix.

Wave Harmonic of History – This refers to the cycle of thirteen baktuns in their holonomic identity with the 13:20 matrix or Harmonic Module, demonstrating that what we think of as human history is actually the function of a higher dimensional harmonic imprint, which has a finite radius in time BC 3113-AD 2012.

Wavespell of Cosmic Creation – Map of 13.7 billion year cycle of becoming intended to facilitate cosmic perspective and paranormal comprehension.

Wheel of Becoming and Return (Avatar’s Wheel of Time) – The two stages of cosmic history, characterizing the evolution of matter and the involution of spirit (wheel of becoming) and the evolution of spirit and the spectralization of matter (wheel of return); derived from Avatar’s Wheel of Time, based on minimum permutation frequency of 8, 13, and 20 – 520 (8 x 65 =13 x 40 = 20 x 26).

Wisdom Cycles – Avatar’s Wheel of Time standardized as two sequences of the 260-kin harmonic module, in which the second sequence runs the kin in reverse order, i.e., cycle of becoming, kin 1-260; cycle of return, kin 260-1; also distinguished within the harmonic module itself as kin 1-130, Becoming, and kin 131-260 Return.

Yoga – Practice, art and science of unification of self and of self and divine reality. Basis of Cosmic History as knowledge and as reformulation of the human mind.

Yogi, Yogini (female) – A mystical transcendentalist who practices life as a process of unification with the divine. Basis of normal human type in age of the noosphere.

Yugas – Hindu term for the ages, Satya, dvarpa, treta and krta or kali; can be of varying lengths but always according to the ratio standard: 4:3:2:1.