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Cybersphere Apps to Activate the Noosphere

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TS-6 is advanced group work. It is dedicated to synchronous Galaxy Ride into the astral realms, to learn to harvest and navigate energy streams from the Center of the Galaxy and then project these streams into Specific Places and Times on the Earth that are in need of healing.

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Our everyday experience of the world is based on two factors:
Time and Space.

What if we could bring these two together on a collective, global scale to manifest a new model of reality? Now this is becoming possible!

The Foundation for the Law of Time announces the launch of the TimeSpace Navigator Program.

Today our world needs positive change and vision more than ever. It is up to us to Be the Change we want to see and then join our visions and actions with others to create a positive and inspiring future. This requires each of us to Return to our Essence, access our full memory, synchronize our highest visions and then take action. The TimeSpace Navigator Program is a training tool for this.

The basis of this program revolves around a series of 7 powerful TimeSpace “Rides” divided into three levels.

One Ride will be released each Moon (28 days), for a total of 7 Moons.

On the Day Out of Time 25 July, 2016, we launched TimeSpace One, our first Ride, a global synchronized meditation, that introduced us to the TimeSpace environment, to reawaken our ancient memory of the primal TimeSpace reality, our innate capacities for astral travel and to remind us that we are co-conductors of reality. This Ride set the frequency template for the Blue Spectral Storm year.

The fifth Ride of the 7 Moon TimeSpace Navigator Program is launching now!

The TimeSpace Five ride takes us on a synchronous journey to the center of the Milky Way galaxy (Hunab Ku) where we receive the intelligence and energy of the New Galactic Beam. On this Ride we are the TimeSpace conductors receiving and directing the regenerative capacities of the New Beam into the Earth. (Below is a full description of all 7 Rides of the 7 Moon TimeSpace Navigator Program).

The TimeSpace Rides are synchronized with other participants to draw energy and intelligence from the TimeSpace Center of the Universe in order to uplift and transform our consciousness and the Earth’s environment through synchronized memory retrieval. We will become awakened TimeSpace Navigators, returned to wholeness, with the ability to ‘turn on’ the noosphere (planetary mind) and help assist Earth to its next stage of positive evolution.

The keys to the healing of ourselves and our planet lie in the untapped regions of our collective minds.

Join us in this great experiment in time.

The Time is Now!

timespaceone-logoYou will see the links to the TimeSpace app on our website front page and on our friends’ websites. Just follow this Logo and click on it. When you download the App – you will find a detailed explanation of the technology and how to use it.

The 7 Moon TimeSpace Navigator Level

To be a TimeSpace Navigator is a natural, but forgotten human ability. The time is Now to reclaim our forgotten superhuman capacities, which includes:

  • Awakening dormant mind powers
  • Learning how to navigate our holon (etheric dream body)
  • Opening new channels of energy streams
  • Understanding transmission and reception of energy
  • Observing subtle energy fields (i.e.  auras )
  • Astral projection (teleportation)
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Telepathic resonance

The 7 Moon TimeSpace Navigator Level assists us in accessing energy transmission streams, and then directing those streams to the points in need of healing or regeneration. (“Stream” meaning core information that can be converted into energy, space or matter).

The 7 Moon TimeSpace Navigator Level is only first step.

The rides have a positive cumulative effect to raise our consciousness and are designed to give participants a direct experience of the many facets of the Law of Time, and can be utilized as the basis for in depth study (full educational website forthcoming).

Three rides or more per week are recommended for the best results.

Description of the 7 Rides

TimeSpace One Ride
Download the TimeSpace One app from the Apple Store now
Download the TimeSpace One app from the Google Play store now

TS-1 Ride introduces us to the TimeSpace environment, to reawaken our ancient memory of the primal TimeSpace reality, our innate capacities for astral travel and to remind us that we are co-conductors of reality. This Ride enters us into the frequency template for the New Year: Blue Spectral Storm.

TimeSpace Two Ride
Download the TimeSpace Two app from the Apple Store now
Download the TimeSpace Two app from the Google Play store now

TS-2 is is dedicated to developing the ability of entering fully into the Present moment and to learn to contact our essence, through deep body relaxation, and stabilization of mental clarity. This state is known as hypnagogic reverie—when body is “asleep” and mind is “awake.”

In this state we can reorient the mind to a new timeline and attain the ability of lucid dreaming. Through focalized mind training we cultivate the ability to refresh and recharge our mind quickly, by re-patterning our thought processes to create more meaning, happiness and joy in our daily lives.

TimeSpace Three Ride
Download the TimeSpace Three app from the Google Play store now

TS-3 is dedicated to clearing from our past through an Astral Projection technique to untangle from previous lifetimes. Through this ride we will begin to understand how planets are holders of different qualities of consciousness. We will also begin to cultivate the ability to project our mind into the Local reality, and into the Earth reality, and the ability to work in Group soul travel or teleportation.

TimeSpace Four Ride
Download the TimeSpace Four app from the Apple Store now
Download the TimeSpace Four app from the Google Play store now

TS-4 directly connects you to the Sun and our Solar System. This ride relaxes the body while enlivening Mind. It is from the open, empty condition of the Mind that new solutions are called forth.

TimeSpace Five Ride
Download the TimeSpace Five app from the Apple Store now
Download the TimeSpace Five app from the Google Play store now

TS-5 is more advanced group work. This Ride takes us on a synchronous journey to the center of the Milky Way galaxy where we receive the energy of the New Galactic Beam, a new intelligence. New Beam sent from the center of the galaxy (Hunab Ku) and then focalized through the sun as a type of radio program. As TimeSpace conductors our job is to receive this new galactic intelligence and energy and anchor it in the Earth.

TimeSpace Six Ride
Download the TimeSpace Six app from the Apple Store now
Download the TimeSpace Six app from the Google Play store now

TS-6 is also more advanced group work. It is dedicated to synchronous Galaxy Ride into the astral realms, to learn to harvest and navigate energy streams from the Center of the Galaxy and then project these streams into Specific Places and Times on the Earth that are in need of healing.

TimeSpace Seven Ride

TS-7 is the final and most advanced group work to become a Seven Moon Conductor member. It is dedicated to full brain activation of the two hemispheres and understanding of the telepathic grid that joins all minds as one. This will be experienced through a synchronous group ride as we teleport our mind to the TimeSpace Center of the Universe, connecting the energy stream from the TimeSpace Center of the Universe and projecting it into certain places on the Earth.

After the 7 Moon TimeSpace Navigator Level is finished, each participant will receive a TimeSpace Navigator certificate and access code to the Seven Moon forum website.

When going on the rides – don’t forget to push the “Ride Confirmation” button that appears on your screen at the end of each ride.

“Whole body time transport is the capacity to extend through the now into continuing and super conscious. This is achieved through total holographic projection whose quality is proportionate to the vividness and completeness of the alternative fourth dimensional personality to incorporate the third-dimensional internal body sensation usually referred to as ‘self’.’” 13.2 Dynamics of Time.

Supplemental teaching program and possible workshops to be developed alongside of this by Law of Time.

About the TimeSpace Program and human potential:

  1. There is nothing but information in Time, which is Existence itself.
  2. We are dealing with two primary principles of reality: Transmission (a Sending point) and Reception (a Receiving point).
  3. The Sending points are everywhere, both close and far away: Akasha, Aether, Pre-Matter or what we call the TimeSpace Center of Universe, etc — it is all the same. 
  4. The Receiving points are everywhere as well, including the Earth, Humankind and you!.
  5. Sending and Receiving points are linked by the zuvuya, the interdimensional thread that links all points in time: connecting past to future, and future to past through the present moment.
  6. What is actually transmitted from the Sending points to the Receiving points is Information in the form of Energy, Space and Matter.
  7. Because the core nature of the human is spirit (which is highly organized information) then the human is an information being – an information receiver, keeper, processor and sender (conductor).
  8. As a TimeSpace conductor, the Human system is connected with all Sending and Receiving points throughout the waves of the zuvuya. This is a natural but mostly dormant human ability
  9. The Foundation for the Law of Time’s TimeSpace Navigator Program is dedicated to unlocking and empowering such forgotten human abilities.
  10. Humanity acting as a collective, makes conscious the noosphere
  11. Noosphere is the planetary intelligence field that we can learn to make contact with. It responds according to our vibration.
  12. The TimeSpace Program has as its object the connecting of the human mind with the noosphere to bring the whole Earth to its next stage of evolution. 
  13. The TimeSpace program is also dedicated to Us, our remembrance and unification. 

Why do we need Synchronization NOW?

It is believed and has been observed multiple times, that when many people are synchronized in wishing for something - it can happen!

In consideration of the current lack of Peace in the world as well as the general confusion in human relations and the uncertainty and emotional instability that plague virtually every human on Earth today, there is no question that the number one problem affecting the planet is the human inability to control the mind. And where does war begin? In a thought the mind could not control. Can meditation really make a difference? If everyone on Earth truly practiced mindfulness, there would be no war.
José Argüelles/Valum Votan

All the thoughts, ideas, plans, decisions of how to live our lives are in our mind. As we change the thoughts in our mind, so our world changes.  Why would one need such super-exact group or interpersonal synchronization? Here are a few reasons:

First reason – it is common knowledge that throughout history, all cultures would share in synchronized, simultaneous expression – singing, dancing, marching, playing music, exercising and so on. Synchronous actions provide feelings of unity and harmony. Synchronous actions may help a person to achieve a Transcendental State. Synchronicity refers to the underlying cosmic intelligence that synchronizes people, places and events into a meaningful order. We experience synchronicity when an outer event corresponds to our inner thoughts, perceptions or feelings. Synchronized action connects the heart and mind.

Second reason – personal time perception is a very subjective thing. A sleeping person has almost no time perception. A deeply relaxed person has fragmented and very uncertain time perception. Awake and active people have more or less linear time perception. A person in the Gamma state experiences accelerated senses and slowed time. The highest frequency – Gamma – is about 40 Hz on average and the duration of each Gamma wave is about 25 milliseconds. The frequency synchronization through the TimeSpace app is even higher, reaching several milliseconds, and the map of the brainwaves of every TimeSpace session participant is not only synchronous; it is actually matched, aligned to each other.

Third reason – independent research data has proved that simultaneous mental action of groups of people can lead to certain changes in the surrounding environment:

  • The Harmonic Convergence of 1987, initiated by José Argüelles, marked the first globally synchronized meditation and was celebrated worldwide by thousands if not millions of people. This was the first manifestation of a networked thrust toward a unified moment of collective synchronization. Many people reported significant positive shifts in consciousness and a reorientation in their life patterns.
  • According to research at the Monroe Institute, groups of people are capable, by simultaneous collective intent, to influence the stability of random number generators.
  • Commonly known as the “Maharishi Effect”, groups of meditators with a collective intent have been shown to influence certain world events, such as significantly reducing violent crime rates.

We are aware of dozens of examples of such research studies conducted by different groups. According to those researchers’ data, highly coherent synchronous intent, when produced by large groups of participants, can directly influence the events of the surrounding area. Possibly, it is a manifestation of certain effects of the quantum world (observer effect) on the macro level (macroscopic quantum effects).

Our goal is not the development of theoretical models, but to engage these principles directly for practical needs, such as the establishment of world peace, the elimination of toxic waste, and the collective realization of unforeseen solutions to any and all global crises. In other words, TimeSpace  uses the effects of collective power of intent produced simultaneously and synchronously by large group of participants focusing on positive planetary change.

The Technology

There are so many time-streams playing out on our planet today, it can be quite difficult to track them all.

How do we make sense of it all as we enter further into the techno-dimensional realm where genetics, robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, nanotechnology and transhumanism migrate from the realm of science fiction to present day reality?

Many of today’s movies, music and artforms are reflecting the merging of human and machine. It is beyond a science fiction novel to consider uploading a soul from one avatar into another body, or to consider that by 2020 there are plans to have cybernetic armies wired to battlefield matrices.

What is going on? How do we fit all the puzzle pieces of our rapidly transforming world together and keep ourselves balanced in the process? It is up to each of us to resolve this schism and to put the puzzle pieces together accordingly.

Since everything ultimately comes from mind, our becoming conscious of world events actually effects the outcome.
Stephanie South, 13:20 : Frequency : Shift

TimeSpace is a globally synchronized meditation program introduced by the Foundation for the Law of Time. Consciousness changes reality, so through collective focus on a shared vision we can experience how the human mind is the most powerful technology. By utilizing the cybersphere as a vehicle of the noosphere (planetary sphere of mind) we can organize and synchronize ourselves to create Positive Change.

TimeSpace is an advanced network that will use smartphone apps for globally synchronized meditations with both individual and group focused intentions. This groundbreaking system, created by Humena, allows for perfect synchronization by using atomic clocks and GPS signals worldwide, to create a powerful positive impact on the planet by synchronizing brainwaves of unlimited groups of participants distributed over any distance on the planet.

Noosphere and Synchronization

Noosphere is the incipient planetary mind.

It is born of crisis in which the normal paranormality of the mind seeks to break out of its technospheric straitjacket.

Noosphere is the akashic medium precipitated by the interaction of the collective mental field of the human species and the electromagnetic field of the planet.

Since the electromagnetic field activated by solar emissions, paranormal activity is also solar activated, hence biosolar telepath …

Biosolar activation would be furthered by the establishment of a virtual noosphere: a cyberspheric network setting up countless points of noospheric convergence.
—José Argüelles/Valum Votan

  • Human brainwave frequency is strongly related to a person’s mental state.
  • Synchronized mental states are the foundation for synchronized minds.
  • Synchronized minds are the foundation for Synchronized Intents.
  • Synchronous Intents have more power than non-synchronous intents. It is the same way as coherent (synchronous) light – laser – is more efficient than non-coherent light.

TimeSpace uses NIST Atomic Clock and GPS signals to synchronize brainwaves during meditation for unlimited groups of participants distributed over any distance on the planet.

New Breakthrough for Synchronous Collective Meditation. HUMENA GROUP Introduced WAVE COUNTER – a Global Mind Fusion Device and Technology

The Experience

The TimeSpace RIDE

We are now entering into a powerful inner journey – A TimeSpace Ride 

On this ride you will synchronize your heart and mind force with other participants. It will also increase your ability for astral travel and memory retrieval. 

During these rides you will journey to many places including the TimeSpace Center of the Universe. 

You will become a skilled Navigator of Space and Time, and cultivate your stills as a conductor to provide energy from the TimeSpace Center to the Earth and Humankind. 

As a galactic Navigator, you will experience a gradual improvement of your personal health, life force and mind clarity with every TimeSpace Ride.

Before the TimeSpace Ride it will be good if you:

  • Find a comfortable and quite space where you can have a focused meditation.
  • Lie down in a comfortable position (it is not recommended to sit in typical meditation posture because during the TimeSpace Ride your body will experience a deep level of relaxation).
  • Wear loose-fitting, light clothing – your may find your body will be slightly warmer than normal.
  • Remove any jewelry or anything touching your skin that can disturb you.
  • Your headphones should be as comfortable as possible.
  • Be sure that your space is dark enough (or you can use an airplane eye mask if needed).
  • Arrange your space and become familiar and comfortable with it. It is your “Space Port”, for TimeSpace Rides.
  • It is beneficial to choose a specific space for all your TimeSpace Rides. If this is not possible, try to keep something the same – such as the same clothes, blanket, headphones, eye mask, etc.
  • This will create a mental continuity for your TimeSpace Rides.
  • You can go on a TimeSpace Rides anytime, but the most effective times are late evening right before going to bed or very early in the morning or right after an afternoon nap.

Starting July 24th 2016 (Red Solar Earth) you will be able to download the beta version of the TimeSpace app at Google Play Store (iOS version coming soon).

For more detailed information about the technology used by the TimeSpace app visit


One Earth • One People • One Time

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