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Featured Time is Art Artist - Issue #46
Boris Petrovic - Noosphere Art

Boris Petrovic Red Planetary Serpent - Digital Noosphere Art

1. What is your artform and/or vision?

The vision of a Cosmic Earth, represented in art – the seeking of unity of art, science and spirituality in all thought and action. The vision of the Noosphere manifesting in reality – the unity of all existence represented in colors of magnetism and electricity. The forms of infinity descending into matter and ourselves ascending to the cosmic source – the shining pure light at the immovable galactic center.

2. What other artists inspire you?

Jose Arguelles, Alex Gray, William Blake, Pablo Amaringo, Amanda Sage, Jean Michel Jarre

3. What does the phrase "Time is Art" mean to you?

from the holy grail
i've been drinking

transmuted to gold
serpent behold

through the crown chakra
to heaven i've grown

senses, lost
mind, conquered
dreams i have become

vibrating in resonance
wisdom and compassion in balance

out of many, ONE

anima MUNDI
the Soul of the world
i have become

Visions of the Noosphere
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"Earth Ascending"
"Galactic Network"
"Earth Brain"
"Earth Core"
"Noosphere Manifesto"
"Rose of the World"
"Star Gate"

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