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Law of Time


Intergalactic Bulletin #4
441, Law of Time and the Descent of the Supermind (noosphere)

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The progressive revelation of a great, a transcendent, a luminous Reality with the multitudinous relativities of this world that we see and those other worlds that we do not see as means and material, condition and field, this would seem then to be the meaning of the universe – since meaning and aim it has and is neither a purposeless illusion nor a fortuitous accident.
Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, “Man in the Universe,” p.42

Where did the 441 come from and what human need did it respond to?

The 441 matrix defines an imaginal domain, a configuration of frequencies representing a transcendent and luminous reality that must be participated in, in order to be activated. The need for the proof of a higher reality beyond our present mental horizons justified the revelation of the 441 Synchronotron.

This 441 matrix does not pertain to ordinary consciousness, so there is no point to try to compress or make it fit into the mundane. If you do not make the effort to impress the matrix as a memory code into your brain, then you are not exerting sufficiently. To go from conscious to superconscious, from mind to Supermind you must make an effort that may well bewilder your ordinary “pragmatic consciousness.” Through this effort to experience 441 at its level we are participating in the quantum shift, the transformation of consciousness necessary to go beyond the limitations of the dying world.

When we fully grasp the 441 numbers in all of their interrelationships and multiple possibilities, at their own dimensional level (beyond verbalization), then we have taken hold of the language or “script” by which the second creation is formulated: Creation by telepathy.

It is not useful to expect anything more until you have mastered what has already been given. As a special feature of the Law of Time, the 441 Synchronotron is a spiritual regimen that is far more than an intellectual exercise or advanced sudoku. The 441matrix is nothing less than the psychotopography of the Supermind, the universal structure from which the noosphere is derived.

To really grasp the 441 you must, as with any genuine spiritual discipline, submit your mind, your whole self, to the Higher Law. You cannot compartmentalize your life and have a little Synchronotron corner in this part of your mind, with its little door, so that when you leave it you go back to ordinary mind and life as usual. This is meaningless. You must let it bother you and let it intrude in your everyday affairs. You must integrate it into your daily life and synchronic law of time practices. You must use it as a basis for questioning how you are living your life.

For instance, you might be asking yourself: If the 441 matrix is the basis of cosmic communication and consciousness and it is the way of the entire next stage of my spiritual evolution, shouldn’t I make more room for it in my mind? What is there in my present way of thinking about things that, by comparison with the nature and implications of the Synchronotron, is actually useless? Who is thinking my thoughts, anyway?

To operate the 441 matrix implies that a higher level of consciousness is already at work. If you want to participate in it, then you cannot have your little mind always there waiting to see “what’s in it for me?” But you must open yourself to see and feel all the subtle nuances and internal consistencies of the daily patterns of synchronicity and then allow yourself to be carried by the gift waves of the higher mind. Only when you attain the experience that something else is doing the thinking, and feel the force of a supermental intelligence moving your mind can you say that you are starting to comprehend the 441 Synchronotron.

The mind – the Supermind - behind the Synchronotron is looking for spiritual athletes and not a tea club of mathematical gossipers. If you can master the program, imprint the codes in your brain, correlate all of the matrices to the Holomind perceiver and readily comprehend the master codes of the numbers 13, 7, 9, 21 and 27, etc, as they define a new structure of consciousness, such that when the number 252, for instance, suddenly appears, you immediately know you are experiencing the coordinating frequency of the fifth mental sphere, the superconsious mind – if you can accomplish all of this by 2012, then you will also see that you are a changed being. You will then be one of the transfer mediums that is now being sought by the galactic masters. By transfer medium is meant a biopsychic cell of the Earth nature capable of having transferred to it the full potential of the Supermind. Is this not your desitiny?

Self-cultivation and the Descent of the Supermind

As of the first day of the Overtone Moon Year, July 26, 2010, there will be only 879 days until December 21, 2012. And the time and its crises are accelerating. For that reason, at the beginning of the next solar galactic year, we (Kin 185 and myself) are required to enter into a prolonged phase of self-cultivation for the duration of the closing of the cycle. Our all-consuming assignment is to perfect the methods for activating the noosphere - noogenesis – in order to co-precipitate the descent of the Supermind. This is precisely what is called for to complete Noosphere II, the Great Experiment of the Law of Time.

The duty defined by this assignment is to arouse the transformation of the present earthly nature of the human personality into the divine nature of cosmic consciousness. This is no easy task. But in accomplishing this mission we will transmit to those who are prepared the methods and essence of this experience.

To realize this goal it is necessary to minimize our participation in the present realm of human discourse – conferences, seminars, interviews, etc. However, during this time, in addition to our contemplative practices, we will issue reports regarding the Synchronotron, complete Volume 7 of the Cosmic History Chronicles and communicate any and all other information of value for the general spiritual evolvement prior to 2012. Above all, we will continue to promote the development of the CREST13, inclusive of the coordination of the necessary synchronization practices to create the planetary telepathic network.

The decision to focus exclusively on the methods of the Supermind has been long foreseen, and was just a matter of time before we entered into it fully. We are now in that other time, the final days, the collapse of the old order, the maximization of the Earth changes. Referred to in the Qur’an as the “days of Allah,” the Book of Daniel has a number of references about this time:

Daniel 2:9, “There will be corrupt words until the time is changed …”
Daniel 1:21, “And He changeth the time and the seasons …”
Daniel 7:25 (of the Antichrist) “ And he shall speak great words against the Most High … until a time and time and the dividing of time (21-12- 2012) …”
Also take special note of the moment at which there will be but, “ … 70 weeks to finish the transgression …” (Daniel 9:24) That point in time will be 4 Mirror, Magnetic Moon Kali 25, 6 Wizard year.

We have all been preparing for this time. It is why we all incarnated on this planet. Now we need to return to our homes, wherever they may be, and take the time to study, to see what we have learned and to prepare for the final changes to our Earth nature. Do not take for granted what you have been given, but study, cultivate and practice it as if your life depended on it – for it does!

Synchronotron 13:7 Special Daily Practice

This practice is based on the Synchronotron 13:7 Wheel of the Law of Time. It establishes a recurring cycle of 91 sets of permutations based on the reciprocals of 7, 13 and 91, and demonstrates the recombinant power of 27 as the unifying medium and constant, and 9 as the universal solvent. Consider this practice preparatory to the rest of the 441-synchronic order practices.

The 13:7 code formula: 91 sets of permutations based on the daily combinations of the 13 wavespell tones and the 7 weekly heptad gates in sequence, where the tones are represented by the perfect reciprocal factors of 13 (076923, 153846, 230769, etc.) and the heptad gates by the perfect reciprocal factors of 7 (142857, 285714 etc.) (see below for table of reciprocals).

In this practice, each day there are two different 441 BMUs derived from the combinations of these two frequencies.

1. Interval frequency is the difference between the tonal reciprocal and the heptad gate reciprocal, derived from subtracting whatever is the smaller factor for the day from the larger factor. The interval will always be a perfect factor of the reciprocal of 91 (10989), and when divided by the nearest multiple of 9261, will always yield a difference ( value) from the interval factor that is invariably a multiple of 27, hence 27 constant. The BMU of that 27 constant will always be a multiple of 9, hence universal solvent.

Example. 13 Human, Heptad Gate 1, First heptad Crystal Moon, 4 Seed Year
Tone 13 = 999999 (076923 X 13)
- Heptad gate 1 = 142857
=  Interval 857142 = 1/91 (10989) x 78
- 9261 x 92 = 852012 (= closest multiple of 9261)
= value, 5130 = 27 x 190 (27 constant)
(5130 – 4851, nearest 9261 factor)
= interval BMU 279 (9 x 31) (9 universal solvent)

2. Sum frequency derived from adding the daily tonal and heptad reciprocals. The sum frequency is always also a perfect multiple of the reciprocal of 91, and when divided by the closest multiple of 9261, will always yield a difference ( value) from the interval factor that is invariably a multiple of 27, 27 constant. The BMU of 27 constant will always be a multiple of 9.

Example 13 Human Heptad gate 1
Tone 13 = 999999
+ Heptad gate 1=  142857
= sum frequency 1142856
- (9261 x 123) = 1139103 (= closest multiple of 9261)
= value 3753 = 27 x 139 (27 constant)
(3753 – 3528, nearest 9261 factor)
= sum BMU 225 - 9 x 25 (15 squared) (9 universal solvent)

Finally, you may add the two BMU’s to get a composite TFI, which, if necessary, is then reduced to a composite BMU
279 interval BMU + 225 composite TFI = 504 (7 x 72, etc) = BMU 63 (1/7 of 441)

This formula, actually in the nature of an equation of the law of time, demonstrates the integrated relation between the numbers 13, 7, 27 and 9 in establishing a core code language of the eternal reality of the Supermind. If you follow this practice daily for the course of the 91 possible sets of permutations you will note the recurrence of certain compound frequencies. It is these recurring frequencies that constitute the core code language of the Supermind. Study these so that you can begin to feel the communication within these various sum and interval frequencies.

From these base values - 13, 7, 9, 27 and 3 - are derived the compound factors of 20 (13 +7, 4 x 5), 21 (7 x 3), 441 and all other key values, inclusive of 11 which is derived from the reciprocal for 9 (.111111) as 9 is the reciprocal of 11 (.090909), as well as 37, the reciprocal of 27.

“These are God’s revelations. We recite them to you in truth, and God wills not any wrong to the people.” Qur’an 3: 108

Synchronotron thought of the day: Forget about driving a BMW – just concern yourself with driving a BMU!

Thank you all and great glad tidings for every success in establishing the Earth’ s telepathic safety net!

Valum Votan
Crystal Moon Alpha 5, Kin 56 (2.16)
Day 313 4 Seed year
2012 - 932

Appendix Intergalactic Bulletin # 4

Synchronotron Factors of 13 and 7
For the purposes of achieving the 13:7 practices, herein is the catalogue of the
13 Tones/ factors of the reciprocal of 13, and 7 Heptad Gates/factors of the reciprocal of 7.

These two cycles correspond to the 20 positions of the Synchronotron Wheel of the Law of Time. The wheel is easy to construct, each position being 18 degrees (18 x 20 = 360). The thirteen tones begin at the top and continue down counterclockwise on the left hand side. The seven Heptad Gate frequencies complete the cycle on the right hand side. Note these are perfect cyclic number sets. The reciprocal of 13 works with two frequencies but both are completely cyclic. Study the patterns.

13:7 Wheel - showing reciprocal numbers of 7 and 13The 13 tones/ factors of the reciprocal of 13 (.076923)
Tone 1 = 76923
Tine 2 = 153846
Tone 3 = 230769
Tone 4 = 307692
Tone 5 = 384615
Tone 6 = 461538
Tone 7 = 538461
Tone 8 = 615384
Tone 9 = 692307
Tone 10 = 769230
Tone 11 = 846153
Tone 12  = 923076
Tone 13 = 999999

The 7 Heptad gates/factors of the reciprocal of 7 (.142857)
Heptad gate 1 = 142857
Heptad gate 2 = 285714
Heptad gate 3 = 428571
Heptad gate 4 = 571428
Heptad gate 5 = 714285
Heptad gate 6 = 857142
Heptad gate 7 = 999999

Reciprocal factor of 91 (1/91)  = 10989 (= value 1728, 12 cubed = BMU 405 = 27 x 15)

See you in the Telepathic matrix!!

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