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The Galactic Compass

The Galactic Compass accounts for 18,980 kin permutation possibilities. These 18,980 kin constitute the galactic cycle of 52 solar years. In other words, it takes the galactic calendar precisely 52 years before one of the 260 galactic signatures falls again on the same day of the 365-day solar cycle. This is demonstrated on the ephemeris on the back of the Galactic Compass. (The Galactic Compass is the chief instrument included with the Dreamspell kit)

Galactic Compass - Front and Back

From center outward, the Galactic Compass is arranged:

  1. The green center point of the compass represents an infinitesimal point of resonance, the seventh dimension; ratio 1:260 (=0)
  2. Emanating in four points from the center is the primal spectral quartering of light or luminosity, the sixth dimension; ratio 1:65.
  3. The next circle is a band of five colors - the castle ring - representing the fifth dimension; ratio 1:52.
  4. Next is the wavespell ring showing 20 solar seals in the 20-wavespell sequence of fourth-dimensional time; ratio 1-13.
  5. The next ring out is the day ring, showing the daily sequence of 20 solar seals which create the kin equivalences of the third-dimensional time; ratio 1:1.
  6. Then comes the 13-tone ring which creates the daily wavespell sequence, and which represents the second electric sense dimension; ratio 1:1.
  7. The yellow ring next shows the first-dimensional tonal sequence as a solar periodicity wave; ratio 1:20.
  8. Finally, the outermost green ring translates the solar periodicity wave into 19 sequences: 18 of 20 days each and one of five days, which correlate the cycle of the Earth with its annual orbit around the sun, according to both the Gregorian and the 13 Moon Calendars.

Since the Galactic Compass is calibrated to the 13:20 timing frequency, it is divided into 20 arcs of 18 degrees each. Since the smallest unit of the 13:20 timing frequency is the 260-kin spin, and since this spin consists of only thirteen, 20-day sequences, the outermost Green ring runs 13 sequences, then continues its final six sequences of correlate dating directly beneath the compass entry point, 07.26 (July 26 Gregorian = 01.01, first day of the first of the 13 Moons). This means that 260 days later is the spin return point, 04.12 (April 12 Gregorian = 10.09, ninth day of the tenth of the 13 Moons). As of this day, the galactic spin repeats itself, and the kin equivalents of the final six correlate dates match the first six.

On the back of the Galactic Compass is the ephemeris. On the outermost edge of the ephemeris are the numbers 1-13 (representing the 13 galactic tones) combined with one of four names, representing the four of 20 solar seals which constitute the Gateway Earth Family. This demonstrates the cycle of 52 galactic gateways (tone and seal) which all annually on the Gregorian date July 26, or 13 Moon calendar date Magnetic Moon, day one. The ephemeris also demonstrates this 52-year periodicity principle for a set of five cycles (AD 1754-2013), the 260-year of biospheric transformation.

Click here to download a template for creating your own Galactic Compass.

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