13 Moon Pilot Program

Change the Calendar!
Declaring the End of (false) Time and Shifting from Fear to Love.

To accept the 13 moon calendar is a positive, concrete act demonstrating the move from fear to love, from chaos to harmony , from war to peace. The end of time is the end of the old time of violence and separation encoded in an irregular and chaotic calendar.

Only harmony can unify. The Gregorian calendar is not a unifying harmonic standard. Lack of a unifying global standard exacerbates all current conflicts. The 13 Moon Time of Peace and harmony emerges as light embedded in a perpetual calendar that is a reflection of Nature’s cycles.

The Earth goes around the Sun and makes a solar ring with each orbit. With the accurate measure of the 13 moons each with 28 days the solar ring can be made conscious. If we make this simple adjustment of following the 13 Moon calendar, then in one year our consciousness will bring the orbital solar frequencies into proper alignment with the human mind. This precipitates heightened awareness or consciousness that has not previously been known.

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