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Featured Time is Art Artist - Issue #93


Photo Collage of Artist - Zenxienz (Cameron Williamson)

What is your artform and/or vision?

My art form takes its roots in many areas, from music to art to animation and more. They all link into a psychedelic landscape of surrealism and jazz. These are just the ways it manifests though. Each of my creations yield journeys for souls to take to open up and become inspired. My vision is a world of free thinkers where no one feels as though they lack creativity. It’s all there for us to grasp, so long as we allow ourselves to receive it.

Who are your main artistic inspirations/influences?

My main inspirations musically are Flying Lotus, Pink Floyd, Childish Gambino, and countless other artists.

What does the phrase "Time is Art" mean to you?

The phrase “time is art” means to me that the universe is one giant art piece expanded upon from some unknowable nothingness. The passage of time is an art form of itself, and how we choose to spend that time dictates the lines we draw and the notes we play in the masterpiece of our lives.

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